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Example sentences for "hackneyed"

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hackling; hackman; hackmatack; hackmen; hackney; hackneys; hacknied; hacks; hactenus; had
  1. And here we may allude, en passant, to the prospect of one novelty that ought to interest our opera-lovers who are weary of the usual hackneyed répertoire.

  2. No cant, no hypocritical affectation of Christian forgiveness, none of that hackneyed advice that you dole out to your devotees; speak freely, and like a man of the world.

  3. Mechanically, however, I went through the hackneyed formulae of professional questions.

  4. Seasonable articles about these too trite festivals the editor must have (though he would much prefer to dispense with them), and he accepts the least hackneyed suggestions which offer themselves.

  5. The work of some writers is chiefly made up of these hackneyed locutions.

  6. Yet when these same hackneyed phrases are brought in naturally by a woman who "feels just that way" about the garment she is describing, they will take hold of the reader in a way that is beyond the understanding of the masculine mind.

  7. To get attention and arouse interest, avoid long-spun introductions and hackneyed expressions.

  8. The final paragraph is as hackneyed as the first, and fails to impress the reader Dear Sir: Here you are!

  9. The first paragraph is hackneyed and written from the standpoint of the writer rather than that of the reader.

  10. The close is hackneyed and the entire letter is rathsr an advertisement of the writer's inability rather than of his ability Do not deceive.

  11. There are no hackneyed expressions, no involved phrases, no unfamiliar words, no selfish motives.

  12. Signature: Edward Brown] This letter starts out with a hackneyed opening and not enough emphasis is put on the samples.

  13. That saying can never be so hackneyed as to lose its force.

  14. Once more she made a feeble effort to tread the old hackneyed pathway, which she had toiled upon with such weary feet; but she could not,--she could not.

  15. In relating any thing, keep clear of repetitions, or very hackneyed expressions, such as, says he, or says she.

  16. The theme has now become so hackneyed that, as the list given in Chapter XVI shows, it is no longer serviceable for photoplay purposes.

  17. And do not forget this most important point: It is not so much the time-worn theme that makes a story hackneyed as it is the threadbare development of the theme.

  18. A new "twist," a fresh surprise, coming as the climax to an old situation, may redeem its hackneyed character.

  19. Hackneyed Themes Here is a list of subjects no longer wanted by the editors--unless the theme is given a decidedly new twist--because they have become hackneyed from being done so often.

  20. To dismiss the subject, I wish (without cant, and not in any hackneyed sense) that both you and I could always say in this matter, the will of God be done.

  21. Seriously, you cannot expect a man of taste to lend himself to so hackneyed a situation?

  22. You should beware of hackneyed situations.

  23. I detest jargon of every kind; and sometimes I have kept my feelings to myself, because I could find no language to describe them in but what was worn and hackneyed out of all sense and meaning.

  24. These are the hackneyed rascals of every country.

  25. Hands wet with a brother's blood for the Right, a slavery of intolerance, the hackneyed cant of men or the bloodthirstiness of women, utter no prophecy to us of the great To-Morrow of content and right that holds the world.

  26. One's palate gets so tired of the old hackneyed things: here was a dish with a new flavour, with a taste like nothing else on earth.

  27. I resolved, when I began to write this book, that I would be strictly truthful in all things; and so I will be, even if I have to employ hackneyed phrases for the purpose.

  28. Then, having gazed their fill on the Bavarian throne's wrecker and finding she could not dance, they stayed away; and Lola ended her engagement at the Broadway to the hackneyed "beggarly array of empty benches.

  29. And the answer to that conundrum is the same that serves for the question concerning the hackneyed snowball in the Inferno.

  30. The gift of writing comes nearer to being their one common trait than do beauty and all the other hackneyed siren charms.

  31. All familiar joints and hackneyed interpretations are absent.

  32. The transition from a hackneyed theme to a modern one was the result of the artist's desire to pass beyond the methods of the day to more vigorous ones.

  33. It is this same desire to do away with the hackneyed forms of art that has driven the modern poets away from classic metres and caused them to seek a more plastic and adaptable medium in vers libre.

  34. And after all, it is a hackneyed remark, that the best instructed girl will have less learning than a school-boy; and why should vanity operate in her case more than in his?

  35. The conversation afterward happened to turn on the value of human opinion, and Sir John Belfield made the hackneyed observation, that the desire of obtaining it should never be discouraged, it being highly useful as a motive of action.

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