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Example sentences for "affirmed"

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affirmations; affirmative; affirmatively; affirmatives; affirme; affirmeth; affirming; affirms; affix; affixed
  1. He scoffed at what he termed your Holiness's absurd position, and affirmed that the world had seldom beheld, or would soon behold again, so ridiculous a spectacle as a Pope besieged by rats.

  2. Had it been indeed written on the bones of a camel, he might have affirmed what pleased him.

  3. How else should François Rabelais have affirmed it?

  4. Blake on the occasion showed greater sagacity than Paine, whom, indeed, Fuseli affirmed to be more ignorant of the common affairs of life than himself even.

  5. Georgia") the Supreme Court affirmed every contention of Paine's pamphlet, using his ideas and sometimes his very phrases.

  6. Without attempting to determine whether this was the self-reliance of humility or egoism, it may be safely affirmed that it was that which made Paine's strokes so effective.

  7. It was "On the Love of our Country," and affirmed the constitutional right of the English people to frame their own government, to choose their own governors, and to cashier them for misconduct.

  8. It contains some remarkable pages on religion, “the profession of faith of a Savoyard vicar,” in which the author’s deistic faith is strongly affirmed and revelation and theology rejected.

  9. Accordingly the Church was separated from the State by the Constitution of 1795, which affirmed the liberty of all worship and withdrew from the Catholic clergy the salaries which the State had hitherto paid.

  10. Elspeth's is an awful place," she affirmed solemnly.

  11. We then spoke on a resolution which had been handed us by the Secretary, and which affirmed "that the increasing and acknowledged usefulness of Christian missions was a subject of congratulation.

  12. The law, by creating slavery, not only affirmed its existence to be within the sphere and under the control of legislation, but also, the conditions and terms of its existence, and the question whether or not it should exist.

  13. The missionaries affirmed that the negroes were an affectionate people--remarkably so.

  14. This doctrine, self-evident in the light of reason, is affirmed on divine authority.

  15. It is affirmed by the opponents of emancipation in the United States, that if the slaves were liberated, they could not take care of themselves.

  16. It is explicitly affirmed that the grosser forms of immorality, which in every country attend upon slavery, have in Antigua either shrunk into concealment or become extinct.

  17. It is quite unnecessary to add, that the most distinguished northern statesmen of both political parties, have always affirmed the power of Congress to abolish slavery in the District.

  18. It was affirmed that the island was never in so prosperous a condition as at present.

  19. Angels and Bird Women don't count in the common run, sir," he affirmed shamelessly.

  20. It's altogether right you are, sir," affirmed Freckles heartily.

  21. The Bishop of London spoke, and the Archbishop of York, and then Sampson (the Dean of the Chapel Royal), who affirmed bluntly that the Pope had no inherent rights over England.

  22. It is affirmed by many that it was his famous 7th of March speech which killed him, which disappointed his friends and alienated his constituents.

  23. In the Charter of 1830, Louis Philippe had re-affirmed this abolition.

  24. Let this be affirmed and presented,' said M.

  25. Amagat calls him, rose in his place and, without a blush, affirmed that the budget for 1889 showed an excess of receipts over expenditure of 'forty millions of francs!

  26. The instrument used for mutilating the body may furnish a suggestion of identity, to be dispelled or affirmed upon further investigation.

  27. This evidence was held to be inadmissible by the General Term of the Supreme Court, and this decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeals.

  28. A prisoner affirmed that the witnesses who appeared against him were not entitled to credit.

  29. In general it may be safely affirmed that the father of a large family would rather be bereaved of all his children by accident or by disease than lose one of them by the hands of the hangman.

  30. It may be confidently affirmed that of the squires whose names were then in the Commissions of Peace and Lieutenancy not one in twenty went to town once in five years, or had ever in his life wandered so far as Paris.

  31. It was confidently affirmed that the eldest natural son of the King had been born in wedlock, and was lawful heir to the crown.

  32. Some affirmed that he had been educated at St. Omers, and others that he had been ordained at Rome.

  33. In that instrument the most startling of the Calvinistic doctrines are affirmed with a distinctness which would shock many who, in our age, are reputed Calvinists.

  34. He affirmed that, when he promised his cousins at the Hague not to raise troubles in England, he had fully meant to keep his word.

  35. And immediately upon sight of Augustus, who had been sent for by his uncle Caesar to the sacrifice, and was as yet perfectly unknown to most of the company, he affirmed that it was the very boy he had seen in his dream.

  36. A man of pretorian rank affirmed upon oath, that he saw his spirit ascend from the funeral pile to heaven.

  37. The proposition affirmed is that to this end the conclusions of argument must be tested by experience.

  38. All advices are not safe" does not mean that safeness is denied of all advices, but that safeness cannot be affirmed of all, i.

  39. If so, then it cannot long be popular, long popularity being an attribute that cannot be affirmed of any of that class.

  40. But what is denied of every Not-S is not necessarily affirmed of every S.

  41. Concerning individual subjects an attribute must be either affirmed or denied simply: there is no middle course.

  42. As others have affirmed oaks to have sense of hearing; and so the ‭ship of Argos was said to have a mast made of Dodonean oak, that ‭was vocal, and could speak.

  43. He affirmed that presently after the booke was printed, Woolfe the printer thereof caried the same to the Erle of Essex, and about a moneth after the epistle was taken out.

  44. And further he affirmed expresslie, that the booke was a good booke and lawfull, and declared as he had before done, howe the same was allowed, &c.

  45. On the memorable night in last July when the news reached London that France had declared war against Prussia, Mr. Cardwell affirmed that that meant the occupation of Berlin by the French within a month.

  46. Thou hast saved me telling what I did, and affirmed the logic of our human nature," he said.

  47. Some very wise man long ago affirmed that every question, in the long run, was a question of finance; and there is a good deal to be said for that view.

  48. Is it reasonable to consider two propositions as analogous, when the thing affirmed in the one is in dimension many million times as great as the thing affirmed in the other?

  49. The exterior appearance of the scull is affirmed to correspond with the structure of the brain beneath.

  50. The same thing may be affirmed of the poet.

  51. It is affirmed in the received books of elementary geography, that the Andes are the highest mountains in the world.

  52. He does not, as the poet may be affirmed by his censurers to do, travel for ever in a circle, but continues to hasten towards a goal, while at every interval we may mark how much further he has proceeded from the point at which his race began.

  53. But this is, strictly speaking, an inference; and, if the cause of a sensation is not like the sensation, it cannot precisely be affirmed that our senses deceive us.

  54. That which gives us a sensation of colour is not itself coloured: and the same may be affirmed of the sensations of hot and cold, of sweet and bitter, and of odours offensive or otherwise.

  55. It is proverbially affirmed that power has a tendency to corrupt the best dispositions.

  56. As to a great degree we may subscribe to the saying of the wise man, that "there is nothing new under the sun," so in a certain sense it may also be affirmed that nothing is old.

  57. Aye, and wrastling, too," affirmed Glaze with a peculiar smile.

  58. It was also affirmed on the bench by the latter as Lord Hardwicke.

  59. The superiority of Sienkiewicz's talent is then affirmed by this fact of translation, and I would dare say that he is superior to the father of this kind of novels, on account of his historical coloring, so much emphasized in Walter Scott.

  60. There was just enough of truth in it to make the tale plausible; and the falsehood related to points which, as they were affirmed upon hearsay, he could not repel by proof.

  61. Herr Egon von Ernau, whose body it was affirmed was found in the Spree, has returned from quite a long journey, and is now here in Berlin!

  62. One of the men affirmed that he had seen the gentleman get out of a first-class carriage when the train arrived at the railway-station.

  63. Such things, we are told, are signs of an infantile state of civilization and superstition; but they may be boldly affirmed to be, in fact, infallible signs of the divinity of the human soul.

  64. All those beliefs prevalent in the days of Luther are affirmed at this hour, with the addition of the doctrine of papal infallibility and the immaculate conception.

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    Other words:
    accepted; accessible; acknowledged; admitted; affirmed; alleged; allowed; approved; attested; authenticated; avowed; broadcast; certified; confessed; confirmed; current; declared; disseminated; distributed; enunciated; given; granted; open; pledged; predicated; professed; pronounced; public; published; purposeful; ratified; received; recognized; reported; sealed; signed; spread; stamped; stated; sworn; telecast; validated; warranted