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archeological; archeologique; archeologist; archeologists; archeology; archers; archery; arches; archetypal; archetype
  1. Our mysterious archer has many questions to answer!

  2. A mysterious archer has been annoying us a bit by shooting arrows during our rehearsals," Mr. Hatfield explained.

  3. I figure the one who plays Robin Hood should be the best archer in the Pack.

  4. Then it follows that you're the mysterious archer who shot that arrow near Mr. Kain's automobile," Dan resumed.

  5. He was the famous archer who lived with his men in the green glades of Sherwood Forest near Nottingham Town.

  6. No archer ever lived that could speed a gray goose shaft with more skill than he.

  7. Even if he didn't, he may know who the archer is," Dan said, slipping the shaft into his pocket.

  8. We do have an archer in our family, I believe?

  9. The archer who had sent the arrows winging had drawn his bow from a long distance away.

  10. I've been wondering too, who that mysterious archer may be.

  11. It was indeed a ransom which was paid to Jean of Luxembourg with a share to the first captor, the archer who had secured her; but it was simple blood-money as everybody knew.

  12. The archer or whoever it was who secured this prize, took Jeanne back, along the bloody road with its relics of the fight, to Margny, the Burgundian camp, where the leaders crowded together to see so important a prisoner.

  13. Archer knew nothing, and all that Miss Harris could say was that an old allusion her grandfather, Dutee Harris, had heard of might have shed a little light.

  14. Neither he nor his son Archer knew of the shunned house as other than a nuisance almost impossible to rent--perhaps on account of the mustiness and sickly odor of unkempt old age.

  15. At this thoughtful period, Archer was thirty-one years of age, a man of medium size, and belonged to the two leading branches of southern humanity, i.

  16. True, the doctor had been good enough to allow him to hire his time, for which he required Archer to pay the moderate sum of $120 per annum.

  17. Archer declared that he had been "very badly treated" by the Doctor, which he urged as his reason for leaving.

  18. Sam Archer was to "become free at thirty-five years of age.

  19. According to one story, some ragged English archer shot him down; and some diligent English Pistol, hunting ransoms on the field of battle, extracted him from under a heap of bodies and retailed him to our King Henry.

  20. And this bold archer soon shall shoot no more.

  21. Then, all united, strive The bold invader from his post to drive: The city roused shall to our rescue haste, And this mad archer soon have shot his last.

  22. Archer falls in love with Mrs. Sullen, the wife of squire Sullen, who had been married fourteen months but agreed to a divorce on the score of incompatibility of tastes and temper.

  23. BEND-THE-BOW, an English archer at Dickson's cottage.

  24. He and Archer are the two beaux of The Beaux' Stratagem, a comedy by George Farquhar (1705).

  25. AN'THONY, an English archer in the cottage of farmer Dickson, of Douglasdale.

  26. Archer hands the deeds and property taken from the highwaymen to sir Charles Freeman, who takes his sister, Mrs. Sullen, under his charge again.

  27. Uncle Archer will be here to-morrow," said Mrs. Arlington to her husband, as soon as she met him after receiving her letter.

  28. The fact is, as I think of it more and more, the better pleased am I that Uncle Archer is coming just at this time.

  29. She was gentle and affectionate in disposition, and drew to the side of Uncle Archer in a way that touched the old man's feelings.

  30. And there was such a light of goodness in her eyes, as she looked up into his face, that Mr. Archer felt, for a moment or two, as if the countenance of an angel was before him.

  31. Uncle Archer hasn't been present at a gay party nor seen dancing for almost half a century.

  32. The Archer was the image of Hercules, for whom the Egyptians had great veneration.

  33. Among the constellations, the Ram, the Lion, and the Archer were hot, dry and vehement.

  34. The Story of Archer Alexander from Slavery to Freedom.

  35. The two associates failed shortly after having published, without success, the famous romance of Lucien de Rubempre, "The Archer of Charles IX.

  36. Moreover, with a truly remarkable disinterestedness d'Arthez corrected and revised "The Archer of Charles IX.

  37. Lucien de Rubempre offered him his romance, "The Archer of Charles IX.

  38. The archer was in truth a most truculent-looking knave--one who, if his visage did not strangely belie him, might have been the perpetrator of any given atrocity.

  39. Then one and all turned to the brave archer and congratulated him on his wonderful feat, his courage and his marksmanship.

  40. The Ministers must seek for some brave samurai well known for his daring and his skill as an archer and put him on night-duty, charging him to kill the monster as soon as it should appear.

  41. Nothing daunted by the fury of the elements, the brave archer waited and waited.

  42. Such is the pretty legend of the earthly end of the brave archer Tametomo, one of the most interesting figures in Japanese history, who conquered the trials and misfortunes of his youth, and won through to bright days of prosperity.

  43. I am Chinsei Hachiro Tametomo, the Archer of great Japan.

  44. Mr. Archer took up Matthew Arnold's idea, and carried it a step further.

  45. The business of criticism, Mr. Archer holds, was to raise it to the dignity of a department of literature, to reconcile it with literature.

  46. Scott was the critic of the Robertsonian era; Archer is the critic of the drama of to-day, and to a certain point of the drama of to-morrow.

  47. Mr. Archer has remarked that Tennyson, so fortunate in his life as a poet, was inopportune in his career as a dramatist.

  48. Mr. Archer has put the objections to realism in the form of a dilemma.

  49. Mr. Archer has been followed, and perhaps outrun, in his apostolate by other writers full of ardour and talent.

  50. When this episode was reached on the night of the first performance of The Master Builder, a critic turned to Mr. Archer and said, "Will you explain that symbol to us?

  51. Clement Scott and William Archer had only a difference of a few years between them, but they represented in their profession two periods, schools, temperaments, that were absolutely opposed.

  52. Just as Mr. Gosse had revealed Ibsen to the literary world fifteen years before, Mr. Archer introduced him now into the world of the theatre.

  53. Mr. Archer will not allow that the Robertsonian comedy had this realistic character; or he maintains, at least, that if it ever had it, it very soon lost it.

  54. I am not sure," Mr. Archer replied quietly, "that it is a symbol.

  55. No sooner had he vanished than Beatrice Mertoun, standing below, called up in her most bewitching tones to the archer who had shot the quarrel.

  56. My lady," exclaimed Beatrice Mertoun, "the archer hath struck some knight below, for I see the townsfolk carrying off a wounded man clad in armour.

  57. Here Bayard came to a stand and cried to his companions: "My friends, we can hold this bridge for an hour, and I will send an archer to tell my lord of La Palisse that we have checked the enemy and this is the place to attack them.

  58. An archer had already been sent on to tell Captain Sucker to make ready for the fight.

  59. He made the archer a superman, pushing his way forward by force, and by the dominance of personality.

  60. Now in that design MacNeil celebrated the Adventurous Archer in a way that was distinctly old-fashioned.

  61. Now, McMillon and Archer are detectives, you know, but he is not.

  62. Archer said to him as he got up in the jail, "I believe he is going to die, Jack.

  63. I talked with him there and I put Archer on the next morning and McMillon on, who stayed all day.

  64. The defense cross-examined McMillon--you see McMillon and Archer stayed with Ruby until 4 o'clock that afternoon when he was turned over to Captain Fritz or roughly.

  65. Lucien de Rubempre had an opportunity to judge of their method of doing business, when his "Archer of Charles IX.

  66. As an archer who wounds all, so is he who hires a fool or he who hires those who pass by.

  67. The archer had had his order, and walked with his bow strung and an arrow ready.

  68. The man in black and the page rode side by side, the archer and the guide some twenty paces ahead of them, Knollys and Cavendish the same distance behind.

  69. Some fifty yards beyond the gate Knollys called the guide and an archer to him.

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