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  1. The female cranium in fact has a straighter forehead than the male and the orbital arches are absolutely wanting, while the entire surface of the cranium is smoother and more rounded.

  2. The greater frequency of prominent superciliary arches in adult peasants and labourers may also be considered in relation to a defective cerebral development, connected, perhaps, with illiteracy, etc.

  3. The forehead is very low and receding and the orbital arches are enormously developed; while the cerebral capacity calculated from the cranial dimensions is inferior to that of modern man.

  4. In the Proteus anguinus, three parts only of branchial and vascular arches are developed, corresponding with the number of external gills.

  5. The principal vascular arches are converted into the pulmonary artery, and the blood is diverted from the largest of the branchiae to the lungs.

  6. The interior of the mosque is a succession of arches supported by nearly a thousand pillars and these pillars, the traveler is told, were brought from Carthage, France and Italy.

  7. Such were the legends mounted upon the arches under which William Jennings Bryan passed from the railroad station to Malolos on the occasion of his provincial excursion yesterday.

  8. The bridge with its massive arches and ponderous piers is interesting for other than historic reasons, as it gives evidence of the fact that the Moors were quick to appreciate and to follow the example of their predecessors.

  9. The statues, columns and arches that adorn the parks and boulevards bespeak the skill of the artists and the appreciation of the public which pays for their maintenance.

  10. What must it be to look up overhead and see several great hoops or arches extending from one horizon to another, reflecting light in different degrees of intensity?

  11. These support the fine semi-circular arches of the edifice.

  12. The Aisles are about 12 feet wide, having arched or vaulted roofs; on one side are pilasters, with the arches springing from them and joining the massive Norman pillars of the Choir.

  13. Only the arches which supported the vaulted roof of the chapel had resisted the corroding influence of time.

  14. The pageant came in sight--winding its way through the multitudes under the beflagged arches of greenery, while a rain of flowers descended from windows and balconies overhead.

  15. He had walked across the park with slow steps and come to the narrow bridge of five Roman arches which spanned the shallow river--shallow, save for one deep pool over which many a fisherman must have thrown a skilful fly.

  16. Everywhere along our route the houses were gayly decorated and arches of flowers had been erected.

  17. Every eye is fixed on the stage, waiting to see what will appear from behind the dark arches of the proscenium.

  18. A dim perspective of tremendous trees whose great branches interlocked, forming arches for the roof of somber green very far above, lured her on.

  19. Glancing aloft he watched the great arches of the half-sheeted topsails swell blackly out and then collapse again with a thunderous flap.

  20. The main house has thirteen arches along its broad veranda and micro-chapel.

  21. It is a two-story building with twenty rooms and spans or arches across the front.

  22. Sometimes we went for a half mile under arches of cocoanut palms and a straight broad leafed palm called the manaca that rises in separate leaves sixty feet from the ground.

  23. Then we go through forests of manaca palms that spread out on a single stem sideways and form arches over our heads with the leaves hanging in front of us like portiers or we cross great plains of grass and cactus and rock.

  24. She stood with an attendant, and almost concealed beneath one of the gothic arches of the building, and wore (as was indeed not uncommon at that period) a sort of masking costume.

  25. There are two timber arches to each truss, and the truss is supported on them by connecting them to the verticals by short cross pieces notched into the posts, and resting on the upper surface of the arches.

  26. It had arches all round except against the hill behind the statue, and it was cool and restful.

  27. If you don't know what these are, ask your uncle who collects brasses, and he will explain, or perhaps Mr. Millar will draw the different kinds of arches for you.

  28. And through these arches one could see many things--oh!

  29. Many other pictures there were that these arches framed.

  30. Of the four superb arches which once supported the great central tower, two are the half-circle and two are slightly pointed.

  31. St. Mary le Bow is on the site of a Norman church of the Conqueror's time, and so named because it was built on arches or "bows" of stone.

  32. The chapel, of Perpendicular Gothic, built by Inigo Jones, is raised on arches which leave a kind of open crypt below, where Pepys tells us he used to walk.

  33. The mosques of Tunis are less numerous than those of Fez, but do not differ greatly from them except in the inferior quality of the tile-work, and in the greater use of stone for the arches and towers.

  34. A great many more flying arches are thrown across the streets than we are accustomed to further west, but upper storeys are rare.

  35. The Moorish designs in the remarkable circular arches of La Magdalena are worthy of note.

  36. The court is surrounded by the usual tiled verandah, supported by one hundred and twenty-two light and elegant white marble pillars, the arches between which show some eleven different forms.

  37. There is a curious mosque in the Calle del Cristo de la Luz, the roof is supported by four low square pillars, each having a different capital, from which spring double arches like those at Córdova.

  38. And later when that Jake Horwitz from the United shop comes around sportin' his instalment Liberty bond button, but backin' his fallen arches to keep him exempt, I gives him the cold eye.

  39. For a second Mirabelle arches her plucked eyebrows and puckers her lips coy as if she was lettin' on to be shocked.

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