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Example sentences for "blackly"

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  1. His thin puny figure was shivering from head to foot, and his ardent eyes had never before blazed so blackly in his ravaged, yellow face.

  2. And at last, on either hand of Pierre and Prada, the Via Giulia stretched away in a long line white with moonlight, and the priest emerged as if from a dream at sight of the Palazzo Boccanera rising blackly under the silver sky.

  3. And all that could be seen above the left-hand wall was a superb, gigantic fig-tree, whose big leaves showed blackly against the clear sky.

  4. They still huddled there in the partial protection of the wady, while all the evil jinnee of the sand-storm shrieked blackly overhead.

  5. Soon he saw a huge mass of rocks loom blackly between him and the rising moon.

  6. And from the middle of the yellow, her sunken eyes glared blackly in the hollows of her head.

  7. The Hillmen are the natives that live up there in the hills," Stedman said, nodding his head toward the three high mountains at the other end of the island, that stood out blackly against the purple, moonlit sky.

  8. There was an instant's vision before her eyes of this one flapping blackly athwart the fields of East Prussia, turned out, desolate and oppressed, and with perhaps some cackling trail of curses stridulously marking her course.

  9. In the strange, sharp lights and shadows cast by the round moon overhead, the great crags of the promontory jutted out like the turrets of some ancient fortress--blackly etched against the tender, irresolute blue of the evening sky.

  10. I thought he would have run me through for my interference, so blackly did he glare at me; but the next instant he sheathed his sword and laughed.

  11. Guided by the clamor and by the great column of smoke that was stamped blackly against the driving snow, we soon reached the scene of the explosion, which was the northeast watch-tower.

  12. Then the shadow of a tragic error had fallen blackly across his path.

  13. His letter lies before me; a sentence pencilled more blackly than the rest stands out upon the yellowish paper: "If this be accident it is incredible.

  14. Then Barnabas picked up the broken fan, very tenderly, and put it into his bosom, and so sank down into the chair, his chin propped upon his fist, frowning blackly at the glory of the afternoon.

  15. Yet while he spoke, he frowned blackly at the finger-post, as though it had been his worst enemy.

  16. Not long after Robin had so gone to his rest a great cloud peeped blackly over the hills to the westward.

  17. At this the Tinker and the Peddler and the Beggar nudged one another, and all grinned, and the friars scowled blackly at Little John; but they could think of nothing further to say, so they turned to their horses.

  18. The Hillmen are the natives that live up there in the hills," Stedman said, nodding his head towards the three high mountains at the other end of the island, that stood out blackly against the purple, moonlit sky.

  19. Kicking at pebbles in the road, or staring up at the dominating height rising blackly on the other side of the river, would not help him, and for the moment there seemed nothing else.

  20. He stood watching them, and, for a time, as long as they looked back, they saw him blackly silhouetted against the clear sky.

  21. He could only see two dark, prostrate forms outlined blackly against the grey of the doorway.

  22. He led the way for some distance through the darkness, his feet rustling harshly through the wiry, sedgy grass, and by and by Jack made out the dim outline of the wooden hut looming blackly against the starry sky.

  23. After all the old man's kindness it would be blackly ungrateful to flout his hospitality.

  24. They finally met at the head of the cove, where the giant stood, with folded arms, scowling blackly at them.

  25. He fell back a step, lifting the weapon in a suggestive manner, and Half Hand halted, scowling blackly and smiling craftily by turns.

  26. Beyond Caerleon a mysterious gloom of trees rolled blackly against the chaos of the decline.

  27. It was hid away behind high walls, and hedged so blackly with yews and hollies that it seemed to stand in the gloom of a perpetual twilight.

  28. A fine glow had leapt through her body like wine, and the mere seemed to sway and sing as she swam for the main bank, where the willows stood blackly in a mist of phosphor glory.

  29. The belfry of the chapel rose blackly from a circlet of fire, and gilded smoke rolled away nebulously into the night.

  30. A man with a face of marble and eyes like an eternal night was chaired before him, with his long, lean, restless fingers continually touching the cloud of hair that fell blackly over his ears.

  31. The uniform concavity of black cloud was lifting bodily like the lid of a pot, letting in at the earth's edge the coming day, against which the towering monoliths and trilithons began to be blackly defined.

  32. The eastward pillars and their architraves stood up blackly against the light, and the great flame-shaped Sun-stone beyond them; and the Stone of Sacrifice midway.

  33. She laughed softly and jumped up and went to her desk to take out the insurance policy which was such a bugbear to her now and which was to be such a comfort to the old age that always had loomed so blackly before her.

  34. It rose higher, cutting more blackly against the sky, and Winston recognized with a curious little quiver the birch bluff that sheltered Silverdale Grange.

  35. By and by, a straggling birch bluff rose blackly across their way, but nobody swung wide.

  36. Opposite the gaunt skeleton of a building operation rose blackly against the pale stars.

  37. And suddenly he perceived dimly, in a mind unused to such abstractions, the veil of ugliness, of degradation, that hung so blackly about the thoughts of men.

  38. Overhead soared a rocket from the German lines, and as the light made everything grotesquely visible, the outline of a building showed blackly fifty yards from the trench end.

  39. And of sovereign state His surcoat robe of honor white and black Of satin, red-silk needled front and back Then blackly bordered.

  40. Verrian frowned blackly in his disgust, so blackly that Miss Macroyd laughed aloud.

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