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Example sentences for "blackmailing"

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  1. But when its advances are rejected it abandons its typewriter and calmly prints a scant edition of a dirty little rag calling itself The Voice of Justice and telling the blackmailing story.

  2. Alone with that insensate malignity which he had himself encountered, had she now tried to break some blackmailing game and--lost?

  3. A publisher--betrothed to Christina Hope--receives blackmailing letters from the Arm of Justice, and is murdered.

  4. Christina spread out Herrick's copies of the two blackmailing letters upon the table and studied them, propping her chin on her hands.

  5. Well, it gave me the cue to come up here and dig for some three-cornered mystery, blackmailing if procurable, in Deutch's life.

  6. It was she who had been blackmailing her daughter.

  7. I have an idea he has found out the truth and is blackmailing my wife.

  8. Does it not mean that you are blackmailing me?

  9. Yet he could not help being aware that others less kindly than he would have shrugged sarcastic shoulders and said, "probably another blackmailing errand has detained him.

  10. But certain it is that he is either blackmailing her in a milk-and-water way, or hypnotizing her to obey his orders.

  11. However much you frightened him at the time, he might have gone on blackmailing me without your knowledge, and that's the last thing he's trying to do now.

  12. This blackmailing of me by that poor man!

  13. During the intimacy that had existed previous to Beiner's blackmailing attempts, Beiner had given Carey a key to his office.

  14. At the present moment he is blackmailing that unhappy creature, and is manoeuvring to get the whole of her large fortune in his hands.

  15. What a sweet surprise it will be for that picturesque gentleman the next time he goes blackmailing to Longdean Grange.

  16. This time Butler saved himself by blackmailing his commanding officer.

  17. A remarkable correspondence, which fully revealed the blackmailing attempt made by the agents of the French Government on the representatives of the United States, known as the "X.

  18. You had found a dead man in Mr. Grell's house--a man whom you suspected of blackmailing your fiancé.

  19. We know he had been blackmailing you, and we know that he was your brother.

  20. Mary," said Henry Houghton, "your blackmailing daughter is displaying a glimmer of intelligence.

  21. That makes me more indignant than blackmailing a usurer, for the other thing's a crime against a man's best feelings, and I'm a man myself.

  22. The envelope was of medium size "Irish linen" of the kind that never saw either Ireland or flax; in other words, just such an envelope as those which had brought the blackmailing letters.

  23. I admit I don't mind your blackmailing operations half as much as the other thing.

  24. Corinna a member of the blackmailing gang!

  25. The Inspector bowed as if blackmailing was a mere bagatelle to him.

  26. First, if this man's blackmailing scheme proved unsuccessful, he may have struck at his victim in this more desperate way.

  27. Then who has been blackmailing him of late, and what for?

  28. I think it is the man who wrote the blackmailing letters to Mr Varian.

  29. I don’t mean blackmailing them or anything like that.

  30. She was in fact that connection by marriage whom the elder Mr. Dyke had described as a pertinacious writer of abusive or blackmailing letters to him and his son.

  31. And lapsing from the abusive to the blackmailing habit, the writer threw out a not ambiguous hint that it would be wise to avoid exposure by prompt generosity.

  32. This is merely a blackmailing scheme, and if he ignores it he'll probably never hear of it again.

  33. Joe Poggi is blackmailing Caesar Maruffi out of the money to defend his friends.

  34. Hill, he said, had conceived the idea of blackmailing her father after he had discovered the existence of some letters in a secret drawer of Sir Horace's desk.

  35. So far as we can tell, this appears to be the scheme of some crazy woman, intent upon causing domestic disturbances, rather than a well-laid blackmailing plot.

  36. This blackmailing game has gone about far enough, but I'll see that you get off with a suspended sentence if you do as I tell you.

  37. Besides, that was one of the many phases of the matter which puzzled Elmer Allison, and raised the case above the dead level of ordinary blackmailing schemes.

  38. The Latimer letters were never directly traced to him, but it's a cinch that he had something to do with their preparation, just as he had with the blackmailing of old man Branchfield and the smuggling of the van Husen emeralds.

  39. Anita wondered what had been the grim thoughts of the man as he pondered on the mass of stuff, the tissue of falsehoods that the blackmailing detective had handed to him at such great cost.

  40. If it was just one of these blackmailing detective cases it would be common, but still very hard to deal with.

  41. There's a lot of such blackmailing going on in New York.

  42. Tavender, to explain to said Committee his share in the blackmailing scheme of which Lord Plowden, over his own signature, has furnished documentary evidence.

  43. We know that Sprot had a secondary species of blackmailing documents, these in current hand; one of them he gave to the Goodman of Rentoun.

  44. He could also sink to blackmailing the orphan child of his 'brother,' Logan of Restalrig.

  45. Among these minor forgeries, to be used in blackmailing operations, was a letter nominally from Logan to one Ninian or Ringan Chirnside.

  46. The guess, that Sprot knew of Logan's treason, but forged the proof of it, for purposes of blackmailing him, was not made by historians.

  47. Fournier and my husband, you fall back upon blackmailing a woman.

  48. By some mischance they succeeded in discovering who their employer was, and they both arrived, unfortunately for them, simultaneously at the door of Fallock or Farrington's house with the object of blackmailing him.

  49. The fear of blackmailing by the police is, I think, the one valid objection.

  50. That such laws encourage blackmailing by the police; also that the police may arrest poor, hard-working and defenseless girls, out for a legitimate lark and charge them by error or vindictively.

  51. I was told of a man who tried to get money by blackmailing him in his own house.

  52. Alfred Wood admitted that he had had money given him quite recently, practically blackmailing money.

  53. The defence carried the war into the enemy's camp by thus suggesting that Miss Travers was blackmailing Sir William and Lady Wilde.

  54. The detective pretended to balk at the idea at first, but was finally persuaded, and at the other's request undertook the delivery of the blackmailing letters to my client!

  55. A few years ago it was brought to the attention of the New York authorities that many blackmailing letters were being received bearing the name of "Lewis Jarvis.

  56. At last, after many months, the criminal disclosed to the detective his plan of blackmailing my client, and suggested that as two heads were better than one they had better make it a joint venture.

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