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Example sentences for "blacksmith"

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  1. Then Boston, next Black Jim; and the good blacksmith wipes the perspiration from his brow with his leathern apron, straightens himself ready for this kindly work to Barncho and Slolux.

  2. We want an Indian to work in the blacksmith shop.

  3. They were taken to the blacksmith under a guard of six men, and for the first time Jack showed apprehension.

  4. On one of those occasions I rented an old blacksmith shop at Royston--nothing in it, just four walls and a roof.

  5. When it rained at the Exum place, water ran out of our pasture, across the parking area by our front yard, and continued on down a road toward the blacksmith shop.

  6. And when Papa finished building, there were shelters for tools, livestock, poultry, and a blacksmith shop.

  7. A Socialist blacksmith has only Socialist horses to shoe; the flour of a Catholic miller is baked only in ovens owned by a Catholic.

  8. There is a good brick chimney with a hood to carry off the smoke and gases from the blacksmith fire and the chimney should have a separate flue for a heating stove.

  9. Bolts are not manufactured in quantities in the farm blacksmith shop.

  10. The larger forge to the right is meant for blacksmith work.

  11. It is too mussy to have the blacksmith work and the carpenter work mixed up.

  12. Sharpening harrow teeth, drawing out plow points and horseshoeing are about the heaviest forge jobs required in a farm blacksmith shop, so that a medium size forge will answer the purpose.

  13. It will answer for blacksmith work on the farm, but is not as good as the old-fashioned leg vise.

  14. An old English shop adage reads: "Only one blacksmith ever went to the devil and that was for pounding cold iron.

  15. The old-fashioned leg vise is the most satisfactory for the blacksmith shop.

  16. The blacksmith ran to draw water, and Soroka knelt near Pan Andrei, who was lying motionless.

  17. Of this fact Bayard made sure when, from his work in the little blacksmith shop, he saw a horseman riding toward the ranch from a wash that gouged down into Manzanita Valley.

  18. As he turned to go toward the blacksmith shop, he saw the horse standing with head up and every line of his body rigid, gazing off on the valley.

  19. Spindles for the original Bivingsville mill are said to have been made in a blacksmith shop.

  20. In those days the blacksmith was a more skillful mechanic than in these, but the machinery they produced must have been crude even for that period.

  21. A general store where necessities could be purchased, a mill where grain could be ground, and a blacksmith shop were about the only necessary business agencies.

  22. The numerous wayside taverns along the main highways disappeared, as did the neighborhood mill and blacksmith shop.

  23. Tom had learned from Blodgett that the local blacksmith sometimes "monkeyed with ortermobiles that come erlong busted.

  24. Fortunately the damage was not serious, and the blacksmith was not a bad mechanic.

  25. So he had the farmer draw the car to the door of the blacksmith shop.

  26. The constable laid aside the vest with the badge of office upon it, and the blacksmith proceeded to open his forge and light a fire and a lantern.

  27. There were plenty of blacksmith shops; and a goldsmith and jeweller set up his establishment.

  28. Says one woman: "Danny, you seen him do it in the blacksmith shop?

  29. They ain't nobody hanging in that there blacksmith shop.

  30. Then he fetches a kind o' aggervating smile, and he says: "Beneath a shady chestnut tree The village blacksmith stands.

  31. Which if they hadn't of been all worked up and talking all to oncet and all thinking of Hank's body hanging out there in the blacksmith shop they might of suspicioned something.

  32. Pretty soon one woman says, kind o' shivery: "I don't want to have the job of opening the door of that blacksmith shop the first one!

  33. JOHN HUITT, a Canadian, came to Prescott in 1847, and erected the first blacksmith shop in the village.

  34. George Van Valkenburg opened a blacksmith shop at Crow Wing in 1856, lived there two years and was then employed as government blacksmith by the Indian department, and served as such for twelve years.

  35. The improvements on the farm are two large barns, one store, one blacksmith shop, one wood working shop, and commodious dwellings for employes.

  36. Olaf Strandburg established the first blacksmith shop and with it a gun shop.

  37. Cavender was a blacksmith and wagonmaker on Robert street in 1849.

  38. In 1852 he removed to Taylor's Falls, and opened the first blacksmith shop.

  39. He was of Kentucky birth, a blacksmith by trade, and a model man in habits.

  40. Nicholas Lake put up a blacksmith shop near by.

  41. The first blacksmith shop and the first hotel were built at St. Croix Falls.

  42. He learned the trade of a blacksmith and came to St. Anthony in 1849, and the year following did part of the crew work of the first steamer launched on the Mississippi above the falls.

  43. When the blacksmith went out a second time to drive him off he noticed his feet and saw that one shoe was missing.

  44. One day the blacksmith saw the pony trotting up to his shop without a halter.

  45. When Elf King came into Herbert's possession he had never been shod; but very soon he was taken to the village blacksmith and four funny little shoes fitted to his feet, which, when he was accustomed to, he liked very much.

  46. The blacksmith of Hofstade--also bayonetted in the stomach--was lying on his doorstep.

  47. The blacksmith had a great establishment, and the roar of the anvils never died away; feed and grain and a dozen lunch-counter restaurants.

  48. No doubt from the blacksmith shops where picks and other implements were made or sharpened and all sorts of repairing carried on.

  49. He shows us the old blacksmith at his forge and draws us with the other children to see his work.

  50. There was the blacksmith shop, the saw-mill out on the bench, the corrals and stables, and the agent's house.

  51. I have got a job as a blacksmith in the Pencarrow Mines.

  52. When she returned, the blacksmith said, "Take up this stone.

  53. The trade of blacksmith is hereditary there and is regarded with more or less suspicion, from the fact that blacksmiths are, with few exceptions, believed to be sorcerers and are opprobriously given the name of Bouda.

  54. So Franz made haste at last, although he was sure that the blacksmith was not in earnest, and he arrived all breathless, at his class.

  55. But the blacksmith spoke gruffly, "Why do you loiter, little one?

  56. The blacksmith and his apprentice were putting up the notice, and Franz called, "What has happened, that they are posting a bulletin again?

  57. When the blacksmith got started on his favorite topic there was no knowing when he might stop.

  58. Weland, or Wayland; the blacksmith of the Norse gods.

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