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Example sentences for "blackness"

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  1. Sometimes, indeed, a few embers of intellect were seen among the clergy; but the brightness of their scintillation was owing to the blackness of death with which they were contrasted.

  2. Bending over the hole, as soon as my eyes became accustomed to the blackness of its depths, I could just make out the shimmer of Gungana's head-ring some way down.

  3. Even now I walk upon the very edge of the darkness of death, and look forth into the blackness of its night.

  4. Strange, uncouth whisperings seemed to sound beneath, rising upward from the blackness of the pit.

  5. Now the night drew on, and there was a rush of stars out into the blackness of the heavens, and I dared not move because of the holes and pitfalls which lay around.

  6. Another and another followed, and then the blackness of the smoke ceased, and it rose blue and clear, and a gasp and shiver of wonder ran through our people, for the grass around the old Mosutu was blazing.

  7. The beast had vanished into the blackness of the jungle.

  8. During the next few minutes all worked hurriedly, so as to complete making camp before the blackness would handicap them.

  9. She went to the door, opened it a little way, and peeped out: the morning was a chaos of blackness and snow and wind.

  10. The masts of the vessels moored on the near bank disappeared from view, and only a red lamp or two shone against the blackness of the hulks.

  11. There she sat in the shadow, clad in white and purple, and with the red gold of the snake of royalty in the blackness of her hair.

  12. Without Beck's love there was nothing for her, she had come to believe and she experienced a strange, little-girl feeling, fleeing toward the protecting arms that could comfort and hold her safe from the blackness that was elsewhere.

  13. For an interminable time blackness seemed to hold.

  14. I must observe, that the ideas of darkness and blackness are much the same; and they differ only in this, that blackness is a more confined idea.

  15. Blackness is but a partial darkness; and therefore it derives some of its powers from being mixed and surrounded with colored bodies.

  16. Perhaps it may appear on inquiry, that blackness and darkness are in some degree painful by their natural operation, independent of any associations whatsoever.

  17. Jack waited for some time to see if it reappeared, but the shore remaining in perfect blackness he saw no good in delaying further, and weathering the Point, with its spine of jagged rocks running out to sea, ran straight for Wynport.

  18. Behind them two other figures came out of the blackness and stood just below the boys, as if watching the proceedings.

  19. But, in truth, Sir Harry's blackness was still the result of vacillation.

  20. Blackness such as that will be all condoned, and the sheep received into almost any flock, on condition, not of repentance or humiliation or confession, but simply of change of practice.

  21. If the blackamoor was to be washed white, the washing must be carried out at all times, at all seasons, and in every possible manner, till the world should begin to see that the blackness was going out of the skin.

  22. Blackness in a male sheep in regard to the other sin is venial blackness.

  23. As soon as he had completely imbibed them, his hair and beard laid by their whiteness and assumed the blackness of youth; his paleness and emaciation were gone; his veins were full of blood, his limbs of vigor and robustness.

  24. The little paths they were soon threading, paths strewn with limestone dust, wound like white threads among the rocks and through the blackness of the firs.

  25. Loughrigg rose boldly to my left against the night sky; I could see the rifle-butts and the soft blackness of the great larch-plantation on the side of Silver How.

  26. On the trigger of every gun there would be a twitching finger, and all the while the blackness round them would be pierced and rent by distant spurts of flame.

  27. I forgot Desiree and Harry; I lost all consciousness of where I was and what I was doing; the silent fury of the stream and the awful blackness maddened me; I plunged and struggled desperately, blindly, sobbing with rage.

  28. Some forty-eight hours passed; in that perpetual blackness there was no such thing as day.

  29. There was nothing to be seen save the blackness of space.

  30. Again we struck out into the blackness ahead.

  31. He hides in the blackness and none who enter may escape him.

  32. All was blackness and the most complete silence.

  33. It was a dim, shadowy shape, but even in the blackness he knew its waving grace.

  34. The plot is a heart-rending tragedy; the scenes are skillfully shaded off till they present the sullen blackness of midnight; the whole winding up with terrible retributions and despair.

  35. Blackness of Darkness, and were just escaped from IT.

  36. The sky lost its brightness; the meadow was no longer green; the blackness of the pit would be welcome to him.

  37. When this was all done he went out and took his leave of light and air before going into the blackness of everlasting night.

  38. But how hard must it be for the rays of divine truth to pierce through the blackness of that degradation which civilization has entailed on them!

  39. What has the boy whom Huttamoiden's arm saved from the flames, done, that blackness should gather over the face of Ohquamehud?

  40. His brain reeled dizzily, then suddenly a merciful blackness fell over him and he knew no more.

  41. It was an eerie experience dashing madly along in the near blackness of the cleft.

  42. The windows of the chapel gleamed through their intricate tracery with a light as of many tapers, and threw out the buttresses and the peaked roof in a more intense blackness against the sky.

  43. It is an eerie and mysterious position to be thus submerged in opaque blackness in an almost unknown town.

  44. Yet o'er the blackness of the storm A bow of promise bends on high, And gleams of sunshine, soft and warm, Break through our clouded sky.

  45. Speed on the light to those who dwell In Slavery's land of woe and sin, And through the blackness of that bell, Let Heaven's own light break in.

  46. Outside the circle of light from the camp fire, there was blackness so deep that it seemed like a wall of ebony.

  47. He peered upward into the blackness of the night.

  48. Then out of the blackness to windward a swift towering crest reared up--a high wall of moving water, winged with leagues of tempest at its back.

  49. M'Innes, clutching wildly, passed into the blackness below.

  50. The biggest cab driver Hall had ever seen outside of the United States bounded into the lobby from the blackness of the San Hermano night.

  51. On the plateau, the airport lights blended with the brown-orange shades of dusk; in the city the lights cut through the classic blackness of night.

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