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Example sentences for "fondle"

Lexicographically close words:
fondation; fonde; fonder; fondest; fondi; fondled; fondles; fondling; fondly; fondness
  1. One day you would fondle her, and the next you were a savage--and she, so gentle, so gentle all the time.

  2. But you couldn't fondle a pig on your knees," says Mona, who is growing every minute more and more mixed.

  3. We object to the uncovered hide of the pig, and to his small eyes; but can they not see as well as those of the fawn, or the delicate lapdog we fondle all day on our knees?

  4. He had one “gentle” bear that was a perfect pet, and would fondle upon one like a dog.

  5. I do not mean that he would fondle upon one who was like unto a dog, (the son of a female dog,) but that he would fondle in a manner similar to that of that sagacious animal.

  6. From the day of its birth, the young carabao is taken possession of by the children, who will fondle and tease it, ride on its back, or slide off over its head or tail.

  7. Soon Sanadan began to fondle the woman, to rub her face with his, to feel of her body and at last of her privates.

  8. From time to time she would pause, and make ludicrous attempts to fondle the young boys, and then when they resisted her, she again took up her plaint.

  9. The goldsmith brings his case before the kází; the cubs are brought into court, and no sooner do they discover the goldsmith than they run up and fondle him.

  10. Chops came smiling down the steps to greet him, and he paused at once to fondle the dog.

  11. Maud bent to fondle Chops who lay on the hearth at her feet, and asked no more.

  12. She bent to fondle him, and as she did so she heard Jake speaking in a building close to her.

  13. She put out her hand to fondle the delicate nose and Black Prince whinnied.

  14. He stooped to fondle the head of a beautiful red setter.

  15. Bab curled up her feet and winked fast with excitement as she watched the "shiny man" fondle the great cats, lie down among them, pull open their red mouths, and make them leap over him or crouch at his feet as he snapped the long whip.

  16. Some fondle you like your own mother, stroke your head, and so you fall asleep.

  17. He seemed to fondle the book as though it were alive, to play with it as with a kitten or a puppy.

  18. Alive with comicality, they move us, almost unconsciously, to fondle them.

  19. And yet we know not why we would fondle the sable "rascals.

  20. Children will no longer cling around their mothers,--no longer fondle in that bosom where once they toyed and joyed.

  21. Holding Franconia by the hand, she would kiss her, fondle her head on her bosom, and continue to recount the pleasure she anticipated when meeting her long-lost mother.

  22. No other woman would have stooped down by his bed, and taken up his wasted hand, and put it to her lips and breast, as one who had some right to fondle it.

  23. I threw my arms round her neck and waited for her to fondle and play with me like Mistress Stromer with her little Clare; but she gently and sadly shook her head with the golden crownlet, and went up to Cousin Maud and set me in her lap.

  24. Surely my mammy might kiss me for once, and fondle me as Mistress Stromer does her little Clare.

  25. With a wild scream Katherine fell upon her knees at his side and pressed her dainty handkerchief to the wound, and began to fondle him and speak in his ear that she loved him.

  26. And how wouldst thou like such to approach thee and fondle thy hand--perhaps imprint thy cheek with a caress, or his long fingers to go a foraging on thy slender neck?

  27. He stooped to fondle a little terrier, and when he looked up the master of the house was coming down the steps with outstretched hands.

  28. I'll fondle him with a club," I ansered, hitting him another whack.

  29. Savages fondle their children because in doing so they please and amuse themselves.

  30. Or shall I place your lotos feet on my lap and fondle them to my heart's content, you round-hipped maiden?

  31. In every country there are thousands of girls who, from childhood, would rather climb trees and fences and play soldiers with the boys than fondle dolls or play with the other girls.

  32. And one or two of the dogs that belong to the neighbors are shot; though nobody knows who shot them; and you have great fears about poor Tray; and try to keep him at home, and fondle him more than ever.

  33. When any one came near to fondle him, he never neglected the opportunity of pocket-picking.

  34. Who does not fondle his hopes more than his recollections?

  35. Till cock-crow in the morning she may suckle it, wash it, fondle it; the doors open of themselves for her.

  36. Peter shrugged his shoulders, and permitted his gaze to fondle the monstrous transmission coil.

  37. I believe she would have had me fondle her there in the golden castle on the mammoth's shabby back, before the city streets packed with curious people.

  38. I did that, and for an instant felt her fondle them down the crook of the airshaft out of sight, and then heard her withdraw her little hand and kiss it fondly.

  39. He had heard besides, by travellers, of their practices, and how when they are in a mind to eat a man they cherish and fondle him like a mother with a favourite baby.

  40. To complete the picture, the same word signifies the watching of a virgin and the warding of a chief; and the same word means to cherish a chief and to fondle a favourite child.

  41. He crept to my side and embraced me tenderly enough, and began to fondle and kiss me, telling me how dearly he loved me, etc.

  42. Come, my darling boy, and let me kiss and fondle you all over.

  43. I rose from the bed to fling my arms round her lovely body, to fondle and embrace her exquisite bubbies.

  44. The Master glanced across at the Mistress of the Kennels, and stooped then to fondle Finn's ears, and murmur nonsense words to him.

  45. Then the Master laid down his pipe, and bent forward to stroke and fondle the little sheep-dog for two or three minutes, chatting with her, and establishing firmly the friendship already begun between them.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fondle" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    bear; bosom; caress; cherish; clip; coddle; cosset; cradle; cuddle; cultivate; dally; embrace; entertain; feed; feel; fondle; handle; harbor; have; hold; hug; keep; knead; love; massage; mother; nose; nourish; nurse; nurture; nuzzle; pamper; pet; rub; stroke; suckle; sustain; touch; treasure