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Example sentences for "fondest"

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fondamenta; fondant; fondation; fonde; fonder; fondi; fondle; fondled; fondles; fondling
  1. His home of homes was where the Cyclops forged Their bolts, as though for Jove to hold his own: His fondest study where, through ages grown, The silent ores old Cambria's mountains gorged.

  2. My fondest hopes were realized, for a considerable cavity appeared, which, on a former day, had been concealed from my distant view by the rock.

  3. Her own life has been imminently endangered, and an untimely birth has blasted my fondest hope.

  4. They now felt a prospect of the realization of their fondest hopes, and began to prepare accordingly.

  5. Although Emily loved Eliza with the fondest affection, yet her grief was much less poignant than either of her sisters', as she could not accuse herself with being accessory to her loss.

  6. My fondest memories twine about the warming-pan and the sausage.

  7. The brothers greeted each other with fondest affection.

  8. Let me look at you," continued she, taking Laura's head between her two hands, and gazing upon her with fondest admiration.

  9. As we passed out, we saw Sir Barnes Newcome, eagerly smiling, smirking, bowing, and in the fondest conversation with his sister and Lord Farintosh.

  10. And when Aziz brought him what he sought, he hent the pen in hand and wrote these lines of poetry, "I write to thee, O fondest hope!

  11. And epithets fondest and dearest Were lavished between on the rest.

  12. If the odds and ends in my portfolio have given you pleasure or done you any good, my fondest wishes are gratified," answered Aunt Elinor, laughing, yet well pleased.

  13. From little Cecily, with her fondest love to her dear Uncle Jack.

  14. From little Cecily with her fondest love.

  15. So may I keep him to the end, Nor may his enmity abate: More faithful than the fondest friend, He guards me ever with his hate.

  16. As fervent as the fondest soul could crave, Yet holy as the moonlight on a grave.

  17. Men of that sort of standing in medicine which, like the respectability of an old error, is measured by time alone, are fondest of talking thus; and men of no standing of any sort are fondest of being their echoes.

  18. It was the calm, moonshiny hour, And earth was hushed and sleeping; The hour when faithful love is e'er Its fondest vigils keeping.

  19. It calls up the fondest memories of life, and opens in our nature the purest, deepest, richest gush of consecrated thought and feeling.

  20. There center the fondest hopes and the most tender affections.

  21. If I have hitherto forborne from expressing this fondest wish of my heart, it has been from delicacy--from a natural fear of compromising the purity of my adored Clara.

  22. It was the fondest desire of his heart," returned the baronet, unable to restrain the emotion of joy that mingled, despite of himself, with his worst apprehensions.

  23. These occupied me until a very late hour; and when at length I retired to rest, it was only to indulge in the fondest imaginings that ever filled the heart of a devoted lover.

  24. To see your dearest Friends, the fondest objects of your affection, perishing with diseases incidental to Indian atmospheres, and find yourself unable to procure for them necessary assistance!

  25. With such qualifications He would have been an ornament to his Country: That He possessed them, He had given proofs in his earliest infancy, and his Parents had beheld his dawning virtues with the fondest delight and admiration.

  26. She cried, throwing herself upon his bosom: 'Succeeded beyond my fondest hopes!

  27. Yes, you are a fortunate young fellow, and I will not disguise from you that this union with the House of Sangazure realizes my fondest wishes.

  28. Such an appointment would realize my fondest dreams.

  29. Very often those for whom we cherish the fondest affections, are coldest in their demeanor towards us," pursues Maria.

  30. It convinced me that the most perfect confidence was compatible with the fondest love, and that the purest happiness earth is capable of imparting, is found in the union of two constant, trusting hearts.

  31. In the meantime, however, Antoinette had scored a great personal triumph in the opera of ZĂ©mire et Azor, when the reception she met with must have exceeded her fondest anticipations.

  32. The success of the piece was immense, incredible, surpassing even the fondest hopes of the author and actors.

  33. Our promised visit, our dearest Papa's, and our fondest wish, all is put an end to.

  34. Here our fondest hopes are vain, Dearest links are rent in twain, But in heav'n no throbs of pain, Meet me there.

  35. Still a greater number are left here with fondest recollections of all you have done for us, which is one of the greatest among our causes for thanksgiving.

  36. He only knows what I have suffered; Rum has blighted and ruined my fondest anticipations.

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