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Example sentences for "blat"

Lexicographically close words:
blastomeres; blastopore; blastosphere; blasts; blastula; blatant; blatantly; blate; blatting; blaue
  1. Anyway, I'm gamblin' he won't canter right off an' blat out to the 88 that two fellahs are on their trail.

  2. As Creede stood in his blankets, the salt sweat of yesterday still in his eyes, and that accursed blat in his ears, his nerves gave way suddenly, and he began to rave.

  3. I'm like old Bill Johnson; I can still shoot straight and find my way in the mountains, but every time I hear a sheep blat I change.

  4. Tha ik mei sedsa to jv, that-er Magy se nen yne ga of wnnen heth thrvch that weld synra wepne, men blat thrvch argelestige renka, and jeta mar thrvch that gyrich sa thera hyrtogum and thera ethelinga.

  5. Nei thera famna hrop heth er to lesta en foddik fon hir krejen, tha hja heth im navt ne bat, hwand as er in se kem is sin skip vrgvngon and hy naked and blat vpnimth thrvch tha othera skepa.

  6. As tha barn grat wrdon and sagon that tha finna-ra barn nen wepne hantera machte, and blat warka moste, tha krejon hja anneth warka en gryns and wrdon harde hachfarande.

  7. Dana is-t kvmen, that nimman nen sprek vppa sin skild neth, men blat en mislikande dante fon en diar, that er falad heth.

  8. Is hjra skild tvivelik jefta blat formoda, sa mot man ther-vr thingja and spreka, is-t nedich, en and twintich wyka long.

  9. On we went, over hills and through valleys; for about five miles; nothing happened within this time only an occasional blat from our calf.

  10. To say that he was mystified does not describe it, but when he got back to the front he told the Captain that some blasted fool of a soldier could blat like a calf.

  11. One reason is that if you do, he'll be sure to blat right out how you and Felix and Sam Larder helped him to escape from the calaboose.

  12. If Slike should choose to blat about it--" The district attorney left the remainder of the sentence to his comrades' imagination.

  13. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blat" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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