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Example sentences for "belch"

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  1. Or rusty firelocks belch after him, shivering asunder his--hat.

  2. By this time the British vanguard was storming ashore through the shallows below the tree fringe which served as cover for Graham's men, and the king's muskets, silent hitherto, began to roar and belch by platoon and volley fire.

  3. I remember counting up the pointing muzzles; remember wondering which would be the first to belch its fire at me, and if, at that short range, a man might live to see the flash and hear the roar before the bullets killed the senses.

  4. General Belch was confounded by the cool sobriety, and superiority, and ceremony of the Honorable Mr. Newt.

  5. General Belch was in his office reading the morning paper when Mr. William Condor entered.

  6. He betrayed nothing, however; and she wrote to General Belch that she had disguised herself so that he did not recall her in the least.

  7. During all this time General Arcularius Belch had been bowing profoundly and grimacing in dumb show to the crowd, pointing at Abel Newt, who stood, ingeniously supported, his real state greatly concealed by the friendly night.

  8. Mr. Slugby, Mr. Condor, and General Belch tarried behind, with two or three more.

  9. General Belch heard the news at his office.

  10. Mr. Ele had--in putting a finer edge upon a favorite axe, General Belch entertained a select circle who agreed with him in his political philosophy, and were particular friends of the people and of the popular institutions of their country.

  11. General Belch is a man who knows enough to go in when it rains.

  12. Now, a mass of fires that belch defiance, Where wise men, leagued in mighty storm and stress, Hurl the gods down to change the nothingness Whereunto strives the force of human science.

  13. Then the golden cone commenced to belch forth golden smoke.

  14. Great fissures in the earth, belch thunder, sulphur, fire, and lava.

  15. We were never permitted on these hills, but we had seen them belch fire many a time as the German airplanes came over the city.

  16. At some times they seemed to belch flame, at other times a continuous smoke, with horrible noises and roaring.

  17. XVII A final belch of fire like blood, Overbroke all heaven in one flood Of doom.

  18. Still the guns from her upper deck continued to belch forth flames and smoke.

  19. Belch of Newington Butts, consists of four marine pieces on a sheet, most comfortably unprecocious and as wooden as a Dutch doll.

  20. As those which with quick eyes where judgement sits, Thy vindication of poetic wits Do read, may see, whose swelling metres teach All aliens such high English that to reach Is harder than to like or belch forth scandals.

  21. Fourteen guns belch out their balls of forty-six pound on the Cruys-poort.

  22. The free sea wafts the valiant flyboats on which are eight, ten or twenty guns all of iron: they belch forth death and massacre on the traitor Spaniards.

  23. And Ulenspiegel saw and heard him belch forth blasphemy, blood, and deathfoam.

  24. Sir Toby Belch finds further solace for life in making his gull, Sir Andrew, challenge Cesario to a duel.

  25. With the exceptions of Sir Toby Belch and Justice Shallow, the Bastard is the most English figure in the plays.

  26. The rebel forts belch fire and death, But what care we for them?

  27. The black mouths belch and thunder, and the shrapnel shrieks and flies; Where are the fain and the fearless, the lads with the dauntless eyes?

  28. At last, the dark summit with flame is enlined; The great guns belch doom on the sacrificed column, That reels from the height, leaving hundreds behind.

  29. Go, belch your murderous fury, ye batteries of hell!

  30. As burning Ætna from his boiling stew Doth belch out flames.

  31. Sir Toby Belch asks: "Shall I play my freedom at tray-trip, and become thy bond-slave?

  32. Sir Toby Belch says, his "very walk should be a jig.

  33. Sir Toby Belch speaks of "coming home in a coranto.

  34. Sir Toby Belch affirms: "This will so fright them both that they will kill one another by the look, like cockatrices.

  35. Tis not a yeare or two shewes vs a man: They are all but Stomackes, and we all but Food, They eate vs hungerly, and when they are full They belch vs.

  36. Obtaining some of the tobacco, he returned to his home, and the news soon spread that "Nanoona" could actually swallow fire and then belch forth smoke.

  37. Had they not seen him swallow fire and belch forth smoke?

  38. Now and again a vicious whining sound would swell suddenly to a nerve-racking shriek, and an enemy shell would land with a massive cr-r-ump, and a furious blast of smoke and mud would belch upwards to one side or other of the sunken road.

  39. I belch it from you, as an ancient orator said.

  40. You accuse me of being indecent just because I say: 'I belch it from you'!

  41. And I too will drag you before him and belch forth more calumnies than you.

  42. Happy he, who shall be your possessor and embrace you so firmly at dawn,[191] that you belch wind like a weasel.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "belch" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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