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Example sentences for "disgorge"

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disfranchise; disfranchised; disfranchisement; disfranchises; disfranchising; disgorged; disgorges; disgorging; disgrace; disgraced
  1. But I may well have been mistaken; and it does not seem at all likely that the birds should usually carry their fish, and thus, as will appear shortly, subject themselves to persecution, if they could disgorge it without inconvenience.

  2. In the skuas we see the habit of obtaining food by forcing another bird to disgorge what it has swallowed, perfected and become permanent, so that the birds practising it have risen--shall we say?

  3. The honest men saw them crawling, and let them penetrate near a league into the forest, then set upon them to make them disgorge a portion of their ill-gotten gains.

  4. The stocks were rickety, the barrels thin, the bore almost large enough for grape, and really such as would receive and disgorge a three-ounce bullet with little straining or reluctance.

  5. If alive, its head should be cut off, and it should bleed as much as possible; but if dead, the pieces should be put into lukewarm water to disgorge previous to being cooked.

  6. Like the other Skuas, the present species is a relentless robber of the Gulls and Terns, chasing them up and down until they disgorge their fish, and repeating the process at every opportunity.

  7. Very often a Gannet will disgorge several large fish before leaving its nest, whilst many more fish are brought to the rocks than are actually eaten.

  8. But I showed them that after my complete failure, when I had tried to get back the sacerdotal vestments, there was no hope that he would disgorge the house and the church.

  9. An incredulous listener wanted to know if he, the speaker, while in the toils of Rome had ever been obliged thus to disgorge in the confessional, and was answered with a triumphant affirmation.

  10. The best and only thing for him to do is to make up his mind to pay up, to disgorge his ill-gotten goods, to make good the losses sustained by his neighbor through his fault.

  11. Of these Chefdhotel had robbed them; but the pilot was forced to disgorge his prey, and, with the aid of a bounty from the King, they were enabled to embark on their own account in the Canadian trade.

  12. To Tenedos they come, And the deep-drawing barks do there disgorge Their war-like fraughtage.

  13. When wax is not wanted in the hive, the wax-makers disgorge their honey into the cells.

  14. I was told that this was done to terrify the great fish which was swallowing the moon, and to make him disgorge her.

  15. One prophet explicitly describes the Exile of Israel as the swallowing of the nation by the monster, the Babylonian tyrant, whom God forces at last to disgorge its prey.

  16. All the Buddhist monasteries of the country for miles round about open their gates and disgorge their inmates.

  17. Mankind would have perished of hunger and the gods would have been robbed of the sacrifices which were their due, if Zeus in alarm had not commanded Pluto to disgorge his prey, to restore his bride Persephone to her mother Demeter.

  18. Then the procession moves through the village again, and announces that Marsaba has eaten up the boys, and will not disgorge them till he receives a present of pigs, taro, and so forth.

  19. I forced him to disgorge his ill-gotten booty.

  20. The jagers pursue other species of gulls and force them to disgorge their prey.

  21. Falconry) Defn: To disgorge filth, as a hawk.

  22. Those who had filled their pockets by frauds on the exchequer were forced to disgorge part of their ill-gotten gains, and some attempt was made to put a stop to such corruption in the future.

  23. Rub the meat well with salt, and let it remain for a day, to disgorge and clear it from slime.

  24. The first condition of curse-collecting is to be unpopular, especially in the East, where comminatory swearing alone is practised, and you have to offend a man very grievously to get him to disgorge his treasure.

  25. Thereupon she will go to the hive, disgorge her plunder into one of the provision-cells, and in three or four minutes return, and resume operations at the providential window.

  26. I followed, saw her pass over the surface of the crowd, plunge her head into an empty cell, disgorge her honey, and prepare to set forth again.

  27. The same method was used to make him disgorge his trust; he undertook to conduct Sir Launcelot, who hired a post-chaise for despatch, and immediately departed, after having directed his squire to follow his track with the horses.

  28. To Carolina or to Georg'y, Should they next advance their fame, This land of heroes shall disgorge the Sons of tyranny and shame.

  29. Boast of wild brigades from Russia, To fix down the galling chain, Canada and Nova Scotia, Shall disgorge these hordes again.

  30. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "disgorge" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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