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Example sentences for "forgo"

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forgives; forgivest; forgiveth; forgiving; forgivingly; forgoe; forgoing; forgone; forgot; forgott
  1. I shall forgo all food and drink, and without moving from this place, O great ascetic, shall dry up my life-breaths that are so dear.

  2. While living in the enjoyment of swelling sovereignty, I beheld thee forgo female intercourse though sound of limbs and perfectly hale and though surrounded by female companions.

  3. He was, moreover, willing to forgo any help from Rome until the free exercise of the Catholic religion had been granted in Ireland.

  4. They were obliged to request the Queen of England to forgo her visits, and she, however sorrowfully, recognized the justice of their desire and withdrew, to seek another retirement more suited to the conditions of her case.

  5. But if I had a mind to forgo that manner of personal separateness, and to use the things of others, I think I would rather appropriate their future than their past.

  6. Report he would forgo his desire for further information.

  7. With all imports of glass-ware cut off, it is felt that even our pigs must be required to forgo some of their accustomed delicacies.

  8. But I must have it, otherwise we must forgo the interpretation of the dream.

  9. The answer is, because every dream which I investigate leads to the same difficulties and places me under the same need of discretion; nor should I forgo this difficulty any the more were I to analyze the dream of some one else.

  10. Wherefore it was determined, that the elect of Yorke should either acknowledge his subiection to the church of Canturburie, or else forgo his dignitie of archbishop: wherevpon in the end he came to London, and there vpon the 28.

  11. That such preests as would forgo seruing at the altar, and holie order (to remaine with their wiues) should be depriued of their benefices, and not suffered to come within the quire.

  12. At last they agree to lengthen the life of Admetus if any mortal can be found to forgo the fulfilment of his own life on his account.

  13. She evidently felt frightened and ashamed to have accepted charity in a house where such things could be said, and was at the same time sorry to have now to forgo the charity of this house.

  14. A truly accomplished actor ought to be able to forgo the aid of speech.

  15. I think you know the reason which induces me to forgo the worldly advantages which a union with you offered, and which I could not accept without, as I fancy, being dishonoured.

  16. That may not be (said he) ne maist thou yit Forgo that royall maides bequeathed care, 8 Who did her cause into thy hand commit, Till from her cursed foe thou haue her freely quit.

  17. By love or fear you might induce such persons to forgo their privilege; to take upon them the distasteful task of governing other men, or even of leading them to victory in battle.

  18. The magic news travelled round the ship's company like lightning, and they fell in in record time--in spite of having to forgo some of their breakfast.

  19. Leaving no trace of his movements, he was careful to forgo using all wireless; and, having completed arrangements as to future supplies, he determined to appear suddenly where he was least expected.

  20. For the bitter sop of most hard choice is offered thy wife and children, to forgo one of the two; either to lose the person of thyself, or the nurse of their native country.

  21. But what she had done, by the revelation of her feelings, was to render the problem of whether she would embrace her great venture or forgo it one of much interest to me.

  22. Lynborough was well content to forgo further aggression for the moment.

  23. So we twain a night-tide Shall forgo the sword, if he dare yet to seek The war without weapons.

  24. May noble deeds be his loveliest calling, Then shall he not forgo the loveliest reward.

  25. Shallum, he said, it is clear to me that our shepherd has come with some important tidings to me, and it will be kind of thee to forgo the rest of thy story for the present at least, till I have conferred with our shepherd.

  26. I think no one else in the village could so easily have persuaded the favoured individual to forgo the legal claim; but Bell was no ordinary man, and his simple sincerity of purpose was so apparent, that his influence was not to be resisted.

  27. It was represented to a very August personage, that if the people could be induced to forgo the consumption of lamb, these in due course would grow into sheep, and the price of mutton would be reduced.

  28. For his redemption all my patrimony, If need be, I am ready to forgo And quit.

  29. The walk of mediocrity saves us from many things, but I suppose there are seasons in the lives of some who wear its badge when we would willingly forgo its comfortable consciousness of immunity for some diviner gift.

  30. Nevertheless she showed no haste to forgo the comfort of the room or the pleasure of the society in which she sat.

  31. Professor Wilson's generosity of mind, that he was ever ready to forgo his advantages of station and birth, and to throw himself fearlessly upon his own native powers, as man opposed to man.

  32. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "forgo" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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