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Example sentences for "forgone"

Lexicographically close words:
forgiving; forgivingly; forgo; forgoe; forgoing; forgot; forgott; forgotten; forhead; foring
  1. Side out” has become such a forgone conclusion that changes in the rules must follow, if interest in the game is expected from the public.

  2. Some misguided lovers of American cricket have tried to popularize the game through base ball modifications, but their failure was a forgone conclusion, owing to essential differences in the theories of the two games.

  3. Shall these come sweeping My songs forgone against my face and hair?

  4. But ordinarily it falleth out to the contrarie; for by Custom we first settle our Affection, and then afterwards draw in those Arguments to approve it, which should have forgone to perswade ourselves.

  5. Bombast’ was then transferred in a vigorous image to the big words without strength or solidity wherewith the discourses of some were stuffed out, and has now quite forgone any other meaning.

  6. Among those who have recently abandoned the communion of the English Church one has exprest himself in deeply touching tones of lamentation over all, which in renouncing our translation, he feels himself to have forgone and lost.

  7. In her hands now lay the sinews of a war she had forgone all need of waging.

  8. But Burnett Major's position a few years hence was a forgone conclusion; she filled it already in anticipation; and the noisy talk that was in progress as Louie joined the party threw bright lights on it.

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