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Example sentences for "desist"

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desirest; desireth; desiring; desirous; desiryng; desisted; desisting; desists; desk; deske
  1. He added, but probably without sufficient grounds for the vaunt, that, if he so commanded, the king of Dahomy must also desist from the practice; that he must obey him.

  2. Lincoln took the papers, and directed Secretary Stanton to require Wallace to withdraw the two orders and to desist from confiscation altogether.

  3. Was it not better even at the risk of Mithradates once more throwing the torch of war into Asia Minor, to desist from a pursuit which promised so little gain and so many dangers?

  4. The first and simplest was not to desist from assailing the vanquished army, and, if it departed, to pursue it.

  5. In 680 Lucius Quinctius resumed the agitation, but was induced by the authority of the consul Lucius Lucullus to desist from his purpose.

  6. The attempts of the Helvetii to gain the other bank at different places in boats or by means of fords were successfully frustrated by the Romans in these lines, and the Helvetii were compelled to desist from the passage of the Rhone.

  7. See, ad Corinthienses: whereupon Saint Ambrose makes a comment with much fruit, Doubtless my Judges long since laid to heart, So I desist from bringing forward here.

  8. Just so, the value of repose and love, I meant should tempt you, better far than I You seem to comprehend; and yet desist No whit from projects where repose nor love Has part.

  9. Whether to sink beneath such ponderous shame, To shrink up like a crushed snail, undergo In silence and desist from further toil, And so subside into a monument Of one their censure blasted?

  10. Ha, ha; faint through these, Desist for these!

  11. The duke meanwhile did not desist from ordering the gaoler to beg the councillors to give in and release him.

  12. Although his Princely Grace himself forbad it, no one would desist therefrom, so that I was obliged to put the Junkers under arrest in the room in the courtyard, and the common people in the tower.

  13. But they soon had reason to desist and march to Kinghorn.

  14. My Lords, I have read in the Acts of the Apostles, that it is not lawful, for the threats and menacings of men, to desist from the preaching of the Evangel.

  15. The discourse was then turned to astronomy; Pekuah displayed what she knew: he looked upon her as a prodigy of genius, and entreated her not to desist from a study, which she had so happily begun.

  16. To obtain still further advantage, they reared four strong towers; and on these placed their military engines and bowmen, and so swept the approaches to the Temple that Simon was forced to desist from the attack.

  17. They had, for two days, puzzled and baffled a large Roman force; had inflicted some loss upon them, and forced them to desist from their work.

  18. I appeal, sir, to your sense of honour, to your love of justice, to your charitableness, to induce you to desist from the perpetration of so vile an outrage on humanity.

  19. Meanwhile Jesus' mother had joined her other children and relations in order to induce them to desist from their pursuit, but she could not prevail on them.

  20. Blessed be thou, do thou desist from this of thy own accord.

  21. O good lady, know what is consistent with morality, and knowing it, desist from thy efforts.

  22. The following morning sees us under way, and clear of the harbour by sunrise; but the gathering of clouds in the south soon cautions the weather-wise sailors to desist from their advance.

  23. I besought he would desist from this hopeless speculation, as time was now more precious than any other matter.

  24. At this last sally the young man, feeling that the conversation set somewhat in his direction, did not desist indeed from his savoury viands, but helped himself generously to a piece of bread.

  25. I at length, after some trouble and contention, prevailed upon him to desist from smoking altogether.

  26. Walking or running: provided either of them be not carried to fatigue,--the slightest approach to it should warn a youth to desist from carrying it further.

  27. But these houses thought it prudent to desist from any further purchases.

  28. Rupert after a time transferred the scene of his operations to the Azores, where after some collisions with the Portuguese, he met with a catastrophe so severe as to compel him to permanently desist from his predatory operations.

  29. After prevailing upon him to desist from this salamander like exhibition, she was moved to ask if he were not very poor to be thus shabbily clad.

  30. Had it been otherwise, she would not have hesitated to beg the girl to desist from this unprofitable amusement of tormenting a human heart.

  31. As Apollo of Miletus had bidden the Cymaeans to give up Pactyas, so Apollo of Delphi bade the Cnidians to desist from making their city impregnable.

  32. Cyrus caused the oracle to be interpreted to the Persians that they might desist from their purpose, but they set the pile on fire with torches on every side.

  33. Neither was there any sign manifested that Congress would desist from pressing its views of its own powers in the matter.

  34. Again they followed the course of the river for some distance, entering, as they journeyed, into regions of still greater desolation; but again they were forced to desist by a second swamp of the same kind.

  35. In these and many other cases cannon had to be fired over their heads to frighten them before they would desist from their attempt to capture the ship.

  36. They will not permit their meetings to be held in a public manner, and the inhabitants are cautioned against receiving them into their houses unless they desist from preaching.

  37. A decree of the senate enjoined him to desist from the war; nevertheless, under the pretext that the circumstances had meanwhile changed, he continued the siege.

  38. It was not carried, however, until Drusus had caused the consul Philippus, who would not desist from opposition, to be arrested and carried off to prison by a bailiff.

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