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  1. Some appearances make me think that they abort by becoming confluent with the main petiole.

  2. As simple purging by other cathartics does not abort the gouty seizure, the value of colchicum cannot be ascribed to its purging effect, and, besides, purging is by no means necessary to its efficiency.

  3. He paused for a split second, then pushed a button on the console and commanded, "Abort instruction.

  4. If it's not, then instruct Petra to abort the sequence.

  5. He couldn't afford for the on-board system-override to abort his planned revision in the hypersonic flight plan.

  6. Another pause, then, "Repeat verify abort command for N equals one over zero.

  7. I know children whose mothers were using every means to abort them, took all kinds of internal medicines until they were deathly sick, and still they were born perfectly healthy and normal.

  8. Sulphides: in small doses to abort or hasten maturation.

  9. Acid Nitrate of Mercury: to abort at an early stage.

  10. Quinine: as prophylactic to abort fit and to prevent recurrence: its action is aided by purgatives, emetics and aromatics.

  11. Belladonna: internally, and locally as a liniment or plaster, to abort the preliminary inflammation--e.

  12. Guaiacum: sucking the resin will abort or cut short the commencing quinsy.

  13. Sulphides: to abort or to hasten maturation.

  14. Quinine was used in all sorts and conditions of fever, and acquired a reputation as a remedy that had the power even to abort conditions leading to all fevers.

  15. There are still physicians who think they can abort a threatened pneumonia or abbreviate typhoid fever, but they are not those who know most about the science of medicine.

  16. Efforts to abort the disease by purgatives, bleedings, cold baths, quinia, etc.

  17. Medicine knows no remedies that will abort a cold.

  18. The longer a physician is in the practice of medicine the less he tries to abort infectious diseases, and coughs and colds are, of course, just infections.

  19. The dry leaf is smoked to abort asthma, and though its action is uncertain, it is one of the many remedies that should be tried, which though ineffective in one case may in another afford positive relief in this distressing disease.

  20. A shrub 6-9° high with branches terminating in thorns; some of the branches abort and form thorns.

  21. If the symptoms return, it is easy to abort them; they are less distressing and, according to the statements of patients, the medicine "gives them air.

  22. The bruised leaves are used locally in painful affections of the joints and to abort syphilitic buboes and abscesses of all kinds.

  23. It is rare, however, for cows to abort from an injury, but parturition may not be completely free from disagreeable complications.

  24. Cows that become pregnant without recovering from the inflammation of the lining membrane of the genital tract, may abort at a very early period.

  25. Animals that abort should not be bred until they have completely recovered.

  26. Animals that abort during the early periods of pregnancy may show so little disturbance, that the animal can be treated as if nothing had happened.

  27. Animals which show a predisposition to abort should not be bred.

  28. Now's youa chance, but you got to be quick abort it.

  29. Hare of Philadelphia, uses 1/200 grain mercurius biniodide (pink powder) every four to six hours to abort tonsilitis.

  30. Aconite in doses of one-tenth of a drop to an adult every hour will frequently abort it: open the bowels with salts.

  31. Ice or cold cloths against the stye may abort it.

  32. Harry sang fragments of operas and talked abort their fortune.

  33. While they were passing along the Avenue, they saw someone putting up a great display-sheet on the bulletin board of a newspaper office, and an eager crowd of men was collecting abort the place.

  34. This mat is abort four feet square, and when folded has one end sewn up, so that it forms a kind of sack open at one side.

  35. After a day or two he brought me two very fair specimens, and told me he had caught them in the bed of a large rocky stream that descends from the mountains to the sea abort a mile below the village.

  36. Abort the middle there was au arm-hole with a shutter or flap over it.

  37. Leaving Kilwaru early in the morning of June 1st, with a strong east wind we doubled the point of Ceram about noon, the heavy sea causing my prau to roll abort a good deal, to the damage of our crockery.

  38. Women gravid with monsters commonly abort early in pregnancy, but even united twins may go on to term.

  39. Fournier was of the opinion that a syphilitic woman who becomes pregnant is more likely to abort than a pregnant woman who becomes syphilitic.

  40. There is but little work to be done in Steele's Bayou, except for about five miles abort midway of the bayou.

  41. They halted the infantry and artillery at a point abort five miles in my front, sent a detachment to the lane of General Meeks, on the north of Owl Creek, and the cavalry down toward our camp.

  42. He also knew that after auto mode, there would be no altering the orbital abort and the timing of the detonation.

  43. At this stage, the only way to abort the launch sequence safely was to bleed off the power using the Cyclops's main radar, the way they had done early last night.

  44. Still in shock, he typed an instruction into his Fujitsu workstation, telling it to start back-calculating the trajectory of an abort splashdown for various locations.

  45. We can cancel the op and turn back; we can go on the deck and try our luck at evading their radar; or we can abort and take our chances.

  46. You've got less than three minutes left to abort the power-up.

  47. The remedies and special methods which have been vaunted by some as tending to abort or modify the eruption and to lessen the severity of the disease, have been tested by others and found wanting.

  48. It has been claimed by some enthusiast, though never demonstrated, that carbolic soap will abort the disease.

  49. Arun dì mainahan ílang putíhun ang ílang giburus, To escape motherhood they abort the life they are carrying in the womb.

  50. One to two doses, however, are generally sufficient as the mare will either abort or the dangerous period will have passed.

  51. Pregnant ewes will generally abort and nursing ewes' milk will become so deprived of its nourishing properties that the lambs become emaciated, although not necessarily affected with the Liver Fluke.

  52. Sows may also abort when allowed to crawl into quarters where there are other hogs.

  53. Continuous application of equal parts of alcohol and water night and day may abort it.

  54. Every effort should be made to abort a felon.

  55. Infected animals usually abort only once; however, in a certain proportion of cases they may abort even two, three, or four times in succession.

  56. England would abort The era she embraced.

  57. Conversely, if we imagine the female organs alone to abort in some individuals, males and hermaphrodites would be left; and the hermaphrodites might afterwards be converted into females.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "abort" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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