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Example sentences for "ewes"

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  1. But the Trojans were like a flock of ewes which wait to be milked, and bleat hearing the voice of their lambs, so confused a cry went out from their army, for there were men of many tongues gathered together.

  2. Then he milked the ewes and all the she-goats, and half of the milk he curdled for cheese, and half he set ready for himself, when he should sup.

  3. I hear nothing but a great bleating of ewes and sheep," said Sancho; which was true, for by this time the two flocks had come close.

  4. Sancho shouted after him, crying, "Come back, Senor Don Quixote; I vow to God they are sheep and ewes you are charging!

  5. By noon they came to the stony cleft, up which the three old ewes had scoured like deer; but both were tired, and sat down to rest.

  6. Many a time from the green pastures would his ewes stray back, self-shepherded, to the fold.

  7. Ewes of mine, spare ye not to take your fill of the tender herb, ye shall not weary, 'ere all this grass grows again.

  8. From the ewes hath flowed no fair milk, nor honey from the hives, nay, it hath perished for mere sorrow in the wax, for now hath thy honey perished, and no more it behoves men to gather the honey of the bees.

  9. But my ewes have honey-wort to feed on, and luxuriant creepers flower around, as fair as roses.

  10. The ewes can want no more tending till daybreak--'tis beyond the bounds of reason that they can.

  11. He then went out to the ewes and new-born lambs, re-entered, sat down, and finally fell asleep.

  12. No unaccustomed food thy gravid ewes shall endanger, Nor of the neighboring flock the dire contagion inject them.

  13. Wonted are to drive down of our ewes the delicate offspring.

  14. Every night at that time I was at the fold, about half a mile, or it may be a little more, from our cottage, and no living thing at all with me but the ewes and young lambs.

  15. But some faint sounds over and above the rustle of the ewes in the straw, the bleat of the lambs, and the tinkle of the sheep-bell brought me to my waking senses.

  16. As soon as I was old enough I used to help him, mostly in the way of keeping an eye upon the ewes while he was gone home to rest.

  17. No sooner was he off, than one of the ewes jumped for the shelf he had just deserted.

  18. On this shelf were the two ewes and the lamb.

  19. All those ewes with their fine lambs grazing there, and depending on him, Pablo, for protection and care.

  20. Out on the range twelve hundred ewes were peacefully grazing with no hand but his to guide and protect them; what a chance to show the stuff in him!

  21. To go off and leave me with a band of ewes on my hands at such a time and not come back as he promised.

  22. Meanwhile, there was that miserable Mac drunk in town and another band of lambs and ewes somewhere on the range, that he ought to look in on before long.

  23. That there Pablo's a good kid all right, but it's a pretty big risk to turn over to a twelve-year-old boy that many ewes and lambs.

  24. Illustration: "Out on the range 1200 ewes were grazing"] For three days Dummy led an uneventful life.

  25. If all ten of them were there in the herd it was safe to presume that none of the ewes had been lost, for, as they grazed back and forth through the timber, "cuts" might happen to the best of herders.

  26. You've got twelve hundred ewes an' 'leven hundred of the best lambs that this here range has ever seen.

  27. Back on the mountain meadow Pablo and his ewes and lambs got on famously.

  28. You not only saved yours but twelve hundred of the best ewes and lambs in the state besides.

  29. This dream of mine- Being now awake, I'll queen it no inch farther, But milk my ewes and weep.

  30. Or is your gold and silver ewes and rams?

  31. Thereafter as they be- a score of good ewes may be worth ten pounds.

  32. The "yaird" being the safest place where the ewes could be, the proverb means that a thing is quite right.

  33. That's as ill as the ewes in the yaird and nae dogs to hunt them.

  34. Two more ewes have twinned--that's what's the matter, Shepherd Oak.

  35. One of the ewes here contracted its muscles horribly, extended itself, and jumped high into the air.

  36. Two of his store ewes got into some vetches t'other day, and were just like these.

  37. Professor Ewes had read Wyeth's book, which was loaned to him by one of his teachers, who had purchased it from one of Wyeth's agents, in two payments.

  38. For three-and-forty years he had applied his intuitions and his patience to the task of producing rams and ewes such as the world had never seen.

  39. I've been up with these blessed ewes three nights without a wink o' sleep, and we've lost two lambs as were got by 'Thunderbolt.

  40. He seemed as though he could think of nothing else for weeks, and it wasn't till he began to ha' bad luck wi' the ewes as he was able to shake it off.

  41. He took him away from the sheep-folds; as he was following the ewes great with young ones, He took him; that he might feed Jacob His people, and Israel His inheritance.

  42. Sir Symonds D'Ewes notes in his diary that 'at this time (1621) the rates of all sorts of corn were so extremely low as it made the very prices of land fall from twenty years' purchase to sixteen or seventeen.

  43. The milk of two good cows in twenty-four weeks was considered able to make a wey of cheese, and in addition half a gallon of butter a week; and the milk of 20 ewes was equal to that of 3 cows.

  44. I bowt ewes there and t' lambs followed when they wandert back to their heaf.

  45. The lambs, now grown large and fat, gave less trouble, and when they sometimes stopped irresolutely while the ewes tried to break away Kit understood their hesitation.

  46. The ewes moved slowly, turning now and then, and Kit thought it ominous that they met other flocks coming down.

  47. It was an awkward matter to find the sheep, and then the men and dogs had some difficulty to keep the ewes moving, because the Herdwick never willingly leaves the neighborhood where it was born and will, if possible, return.

  48. Ewes is travelling better; t'lambs is leading them.

  49. T' lambs niver get over wet spring and t' ewes is poor.

  50. Counting in the lambs and ewes fra Swinset?

  51. When the huddle of ewes from the fells we have driven, And we see down the Dale the grey reach of the roof, We shall tell of the gift in the battle-joy given, All the fierceness of friends that drave sorrow aloof.

  52. On the other hand the differences between the sexes may be increased under domestication, as with merino sheep, in which the ewes have lost their horns.

  53. The governor had the mortification to learn on his return from his western expedition, that five ewes and a lamb had been destroyed at the farm in the adjoining cove, supposed to have been killed by dogs belonging to the natives.

  54. By this judicious and accurate regulation, a ram is enabled to impregnate near twice the number of ewes he would do if turned loose among them, especially a young ram.

  55. Saxon males scarcely exceed five pounds, and the ewes two and a half pounds.

  56. About eighteen months ago, however, some ewes were now and then found dead.

  57. In 1796, Mr. Astley gave for the use of the same ram three hundred guineas, and took forty ewes to be served gratis.

  58. It is also of good advantage to the ewes that they may get into good condition before the rutting season.

  59. The period during which the rams are to go with the ewes must be regulated by climate, and the quantity of spring food provided.

  60. In the old practice, sixty or eighty ewes were esteemed the full number for a ram.

  61. Frequent instances have happened where common ewes have had twins by Ancon rams, when one exhibited the complete marks and features of the ewe, the other of the ram.

  62. It appears that one Seth Wright, the proprietor of a farm on the banks of the Charles River, in Massachusetts, possessed a flock of fifteen ewes and a ram of the ordinary kind.

  63. A large flock of ewes and lambs should never be collected preparatory to cutting, as the latter, from the excitement and crowding, are less likely to recover from the operation.

  64. In this climate, ewes fed on good pastures admit the ram in August; but September or October is the time when such would occur if left to nature.

  65. The ewes have commonly no horns, but only a protuberance in place of them.

  66. The cast ewes may then be drafted off to feed on a more succulent herbage, previous to being penned on turnips.

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