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  1. See Private Diary of Earl Cowper, edited by E.

  2. Pepys in his diary invariably testifies to the excellence of his administration and to his zeal for reform and economy.

  3. For a description of the rapids of Stony river, see my diary of Aug.

  4. For a description of de Moyen, see the chart herewith; and for that of the rapids [near Keokuk] see my diary of Aug.

  5. A Diary of the Siege of Leith (among the Lennox MSS.

  6. The date was January 20, as given by the Diary of Birrel, and in the 'Diurnal.

  7. One is apt to think so when one reads the diary of Marcus Aurelius, and pictures him in his quarters at Carnuntum, fighting finely but hopelessly on two fronts--against the barbarians on the Danube and the sadness in his own soul.

  8. There exists a diary of his, written in 1777, which is an almost unique example of the seemingly cold, but really excited and hysterical kind of self-vivisection of which I have spoken.

  9. He added to his mental attainments a wonderfully methodical habit, and the diary of his earlier years reveals him to us not only as a hard-working student but as one meticulously accurate in detail.

  10. It is interesting to observe the impression the elder botanist made on Gray, and to note the growing admiration with which the younger man speaks of him in the very readable diary he kept of his London visit.

  11. There was a fatalistic diary entry by one of the Tinian troops: “Now begins our cave life.

  12. One of the men of the 50th Infantry Regiment wrote in his diary on 30 June: “We have spent twenty days under unceasing enemy bombardment and air raids but have suffered only minor losses.

  13. The noise of the exhaust apparently became of some concern to them, as Orville's diary in early 1904 contains an entry with a sketch labeled "Design for Muffler for Engine," but there is no further comment.

  14. Orville Wright's diary of 1904 has the entry, "Took old engine apart to get measurements for making new engine.

  15. THE DIARY If Sampson did live to tell his secret, then any day there may be a sail in the offing.

  16. But on one point my mind was made up--no one should dream of the existence of the diary until I knew all that it had to impart.

  17. This morning-- Across my absorption in the diary cut the unwelcome clangor of Cookie's gong.

  18. There was the fatigue and reaction from excitement which everybody felt, and Peter's diary to be read, and golden dreams to be indulged.

  19. What happened to the writer of the diary on that last trip to the cave?

  20. My finding the diary was just an accident; I'll take a share of it--no more.

  21. I was going to say, that from the moment when I learned from my grandfather's diary of the existence of the treasure, I have been driven by an impulse more overmastering than anything I have ever experienced in my life.

  22. The diary of Peter was produced, and passed about with awe from hand to hand.

  23. Shall I ever forget the feeling that stirred me when first I turned the pages of my grandfather's diary and saw there, in his faded writing, the story of the mate of the Bonny Lass, who died in Havana in my grandfather's arms?

  24. The passage veered sharply, as the diary had recorded.

  25. I thought I saw the overhanging eaves of rock of which the diary had spoken.

  26. The account in Peter's diary of his adventure with the pig placed the grave with such exactness that I had no doubt of finding it easily.

  27. Then in the letters and diary the perpetual hiatus, and asterisks, and initials are exceedingly tantalising; but altogether it is very amusing.

  28. I learnt one thing from Windham's diary which I put into immediate practice, and that is, to write mine on one side only, and leave the other for other matters connected with the text; it is more convenient certainly.

  29. In Windham's diary are several Johnsoniana, after the manner of Boswell, only much shorter, his opinions on one or two subjects briefly given, some quotations and criticisms.

  30. Prior to this date these reminiscences have been written up from a diary kept by Sergeant Major James T.

  31. It is from a personal diary kept by James T.

  32. Little, with the help of a diary kept by Dr.

  33. As a specimen of his careful penmanship the diary that he wrote for me, which is reproduced in this book in facsimile, is an admirable example.

  34. Most memorable among the early types was a sizeable group to which he referred in his diary and letters as "psalms.

  35. In American literature Sewall's Diary occupies a place almost exactly parallel to that of John Evelyn's in English letters.

  36. I of Traubel's diary notes made during Whitman's life.

  37. I, for a comparison in handling similar material with Defoe's "Journal of the Plague Year" and the entries in Pepys's Diary on the plague of 1666.

  38. She was not in any sense a public figure, like the preachers and the judge just mentioned, nor did she pursue the habit of writing a continued diary like Sewall's.

  39. He even solicited subscriptions to the enterprise, saying that he proposed to keep a marine diary and a registry of vessels for sale, to receive and to forward ships' letter bags, and to have accommodations for holding auctions.

  40. Finished, I laid it in the drawer where my diary and the letters from Richard Warren were.

  41. The inference was that it had been stolen from him too, but that the thieves, on examination, found the diary useless, and got rid of it.

  42. One was a rough diary kept by the prisoner Franz from the moment of his landing at Hull to the day on which he lost his other papers.

  43. He speaks in his diary of Sir John's "singular adroitness.

  44. Edinburgh Review, Campbell's Diary of a Visit to England, ii.

  45. Diary of a Visit to England in 1775, ii.

  46. We found a diary of her solemn resolutions, tending to practical virtue, with letters from select friends, all put into exact method.

  47. This is another of the indications that the entries of this Diary were not always made on the precise days they refer to.

  48. For the rest of the deplorable scene the historian must content himself with the naked details in the diary of a puritan pioneer.

  49. Samson writes in his diary that Abe went about like a man in a dream, with no heart for work or study.

  50. The diary speaks often of the "veil of sadness" on his face.

  51. The diary speaks of his part in it with shame and sorrow and remorse.

  52. So it happened that the events of Harry's morning found their place in the diary which Sarah and Samson kept.

  53. Samson's diary tells how, at the top of the long, steep hills he used to cut a small tree by the roadside and tie its butt to the rear axle and hang on to its branches while his wife drove the team.

  54. This is part of the entry which Samson made in his diary a week or so later: "Harry put some wood on the fire while Abe and I led him up into the light.

  55. Samson says in his diary that he looked like "an untrimmed yearling colt about sixteen hands high.

  56. There is a passage in the diary which illustrates the character of Douglas and Lincoln's knowledge of it.

  57. It is recorded later in the diary that the rude Shepherd of the prairies worked with these men on their farms for weeks until he had them wonted to the fold.

  58. Samson's diary briefly describes this appeal as follows: "He said that he wanted to win the confidence and esteem of his fellow citizens.

  59. Having recorded this remarkable incident in his diary Samson writes: "Many of these ignorant people in the lonely, prairie cabins are like children.

  60. Samson wrote in his diary that night: "When Brimstead brings his sense of humor into play he acts as if he was telling a secret.

  61. Carried away in the rushing course of events, the little diary was left to wither on the shores of Time.

  62. Reaching into his coat pocket, he drew forth not his trusty revolver, but a small diary with a red cover and a dainty ivory knobbed pencil in the small sheath.

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