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  1. She was living at the time when the biography of Whittier was written, and for that reason her name was not given, but only a veiled reference in "Life and Letters," as at page 276.

  2. Trevithick, Francis, his biography of his father, ii.

  3. A writer in the 'Annual Biography and Obituary' for 1834 says of him that 'Richard Lander was of short stature, but he possessed great muscular strength, and a constitution of iron.

  4. Baring-Gould, the writer of the biography of the Rev.

  5. But all these particulars about the relationship of the fox to the Claddagh fishermen receive unexpected light when we inquire into the biography of their local saint, named MacDara.

  6. The chief authorities for the biography of Malherbe are the Vie de Malherbe by his friend and pupil Racan, and the long Historiette which Tallemant des Reaux has devoted to him.

  7. The next considerable advance in the treatment of the subject is marked by the biography of G.

  8. Presently there appeared an apologetic biography by Henri Cmte.

  9. The next seven years were devoted to Malone's own edition of Shakespeare in eleven volumes, of which his essays on the history of the stage, his biography of Shakespeare, and his attack on the genuineness of the three parts of Henry VI.

  10. The translations and analyses of some of Cardan's more popular works which Professor Morley gives are admirable in their way, but the space they occupy in the biography is somewhat excessive.

  11. No work of a similar nature approaches the English Cyclopædia of Biography in cheapness.

  12. Mr. Petherick is well known in the musical world as a violin expert with a special knowledge of the instruments made by the Cremonese master, whose biography he has here given us.

  13. In fact, the volume is as much a dissertation on the violins of Stradivari as a biography of the master, and is full of deeply interesting matter.

  14. It may contain an important Preface, Introduction, or Biography of the author, by another hand, not mentioned in the title.

  15. From the name of any person, the subject of a biography or narrative.

  16. An anonymous biography or personal narrative is to be entered under the name of the person, whose life or adventures form the subject of the book, if the name appears upon the title-page.

  17. He had become, we see, something of a snob: a fact illustrated by a sorry episode in Mr. Paine's biography which he remembered with a feeling of guilt and mortification.

  18. For the purposes of a biography of Milton, it is sufficient to observe, that the dignified attitude which the Commonwealth took up towards foreign powers lost none of its elevation in being conveyed in Miltonic Latin.

  19. Mr. Oliver, in his interesting biography of Alexander Hamilton, gives a very remarkable instance of the menace to peace arising, even amongst a wholly homogeneous community, from the creation of hostile tariffs.

  20. After having slighted biography in this characteristically Carlylese utterance, he straightway set to work, with splendid inconsistency, to base his philosophy of history mainly on the biographies of men of the type of Cromwell and Frederic.

  21. This biography differs from most works of the kind, in embracing fragments of so many lives.

  22. Friend Hopper lived almost entirely for others; and it is a striking illustration of the fact, that I have found it impossible to write his biography without having it consist largely of the adventures of other people.

  23. Therefore, the frankest and fullest biography must necessarily be superficial.

  24. The best inner biography of the man is to be found in his sonnets.

  25. Things apparently trifling may stand for much in biography as well as history, and slight circumstances may influence great results.

  26. In the length and breadth of the land there is not a Protestant with one spark of religiousness about him whose spiritual biography is not in his Saxon Bible.

  27. The greater part of the biography which has been constructed respecting him has been the result, not of contemporary observation or of record, but of inference.

  28. In the case of Johnson's own life, it was the seeing eye of Boswell that enabled him to note and treasure up those minute details of habit and conversation in which so much of the interest of biography consists.

  29. It is the great lesson of biography to teach what man can be and can do at his best.

  30. The great lesson of Biography is to show what man can be and do at his best.

  31. And now we are to take up where the biography left off; to relate, in a chapter if possible, one of the most remarkable campaigns in the history of this country.

  32. Three columns contained extracts of absorbing interest from the forthcoming biography and, on another page, an editorial.

  33. Such, then, is the fourfold biography of Jesus the Christ preserved for us in the New Testament.

  34. He knows the biography of words or word-forms; and he may know that some of the words or the word- forms contained in a certain writing were not yet in the language at the date when it is said to have been written.

  35. The magistrate gravely shook his head, and said,-- "The biography which I have just read establishes nothing.

  36. Footnote 10: The authorities for the biography of Hugone de Maincestre are Dugdale’s “History of Warwickshire,” p.

  37. If the reader desires to see an example of the method of building without bricks, he may with advantage consult the notice of Hugh of Manchester in Edwin Butterworth’s “Biography of Eminent Natives of Manchester.

  38. Can any biography shed light on the localities into which the Midsummer Night's Dream admits me?

  39. The genius of humanity is the real subject whose biography is written in our annals.

  40. One of the chief charms of these essays is found in the bits of biography which stamp them in so many cases as personal history.

  41. Since the last book he wrote himself, I doubt whether any book has been so popular as his biography by John Forster.

  42. I have been led to say these few words, not at all from a desire to supplement my father's biography of himself, but to mention the main incidents in his life after he had finished his own record.

  43. Put the four Gospels down by the side of the two thick octavo volumes, which it is the regulation thing to write nowadays, as the biography of any man that has a name at all, and you will feel their incompleteness as biographies.

  44. To preach Christ is to set forth the person, the facts of His life and death, and to accompany these with that explanation which turns them from being merely a biography into a gospel.

  45. Look at the tone of so much contemporary biography and criticism of public actions.

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