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Example sentences for "confessions"

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confessional; confessionals; confessione; confessionem; confessiones; confessioun; confessor; confessors; confessour; confessus
  1. It happened that a learned ecclesiastic of noble family lived in this place, and she sought relief in confessions to him.

  2. More than three hundred unfortunate children under fourteen had made detailed confessions of the witches' sabbath and the ceremonies attending their initiation into its mysteries.

  3. The descriptions of minor details vary, of course according to the individual dispositions of the accused, whose confessions are invariably uniform as to the facts stated heretofore.

  4. Then remembering his sacred character as a minister of God, he visited and consoled the Huron captives, especially the sick and dying; he heard the confessions of some, and baptized several expiring infants.

  5. I read the confessions of Cardinal de Retz and of Gouverneur Morris many times with a dip now and then, by way of a change, into the Autobiography of Anthony Trollope.

  6. But his scepticism is the prelude to confessions of impassioned faith, and his credulity is the result of tortuous reflections on the enigmas of life and revelation.

  7. I recall that once "The Confessions of Rousseau" was snatched suddenly away from me by a careful mother just as I had begun to think that Jean Jacques was a very interesting man and almost as queer as some of the people I knew.

  8. These only are sensible what sin is; when others feel it not, or are proud in the midst of their largest confessions and tears.

  9. Prayer itself, when you are unable, must be performed but as you can; short confessions and requests to God must serve instead of longer secret prayers, when you are unable to do more.

  10. It is a contradicting of our own confessions and professions; a wronging of our consciences; a violation of our covenants and self-obligations to God.

  11. Yet if we may believe the confessions and statements of men and women, legalized prostitution is a more common crime than illicit commerce of the sexes.

  12. Such confessions as I intend to make are never printed nor given to other people to read.

  13. But Heine judged of people who made their confessions to the public.

  14. The incalculable injury which irrational superstition has done to credulous humanity is conspicuously revealed in the ceaseless conflict of confessions of faith.

  15. Presaging evil from the vision, the two fathers made their confessions to each other, and, thus prepared to die, they went to rest.

  16. The union of the different religious confessions formed a principal part of this plan.

  17. Many anecdotes are told of confessions made among the cornstalks in the garden, or under the shadow of the forest, or on horseback in the lonely roads.

  18. They made their confessions to each other, they blessed one another, and partook of the Holy Eucharist.

  19. Here are two confessions found in two authors of books on catalogue-making, both Englishmen.

  20. The confessions and examinations of the conspirators show that the powder plot was partly contrived before James's accession.

  21. They conversed freely respecting their previous confessions and examinations--the excuses and evasions which they had prepared, and many other matters connected with the plot.

  22. When the attorney-general had finished his address to the jury, the confessions of the conspirators were read, and acknowledged by the parties.

  23. The confessions of the parties, and the secret letters of Sir Everard Digby, preclude the possibility of even entertaining such an absurd notion.

  24. The particulars recorded in the preceding chapters were many of them taken from the confessions of some of the conspirators; and the speech of the attorney-general was founded, in a great measure, on the same confessions.

  25. The battle of the Confessions began in 1842, and is not yet finished.

  26. The Report of the Council goes very minutely into the detail of eleven confessions held successively by that church.

  27. He will be often tempted to rely on alleged confessions of prisoners sworn to by witnesses who certainly desire to speak the truth.

  28. These confessions often go so straight to the point, that they offer to the juryman a species of relief from that state of doubt, which, to minds unpracticed in weighing probabilities, is irksome, almost beyond description.

  29. Our own orators were, as usual, the loudest in confessions of our powerlessness and decay.

  30. And from henceforth we find the different confessions of faith to have more influence in the setting up or overthrowing of kingdoms than the strength of armies or the skill of generals.

  31. There are found on the other hand frank confessions of ignorance on doubtful points, and many naive and puzzled comments on the whole.

  32. The third and last name of this deity was Tlaclquani, which means 'eater of filthy things,' referring it is said to her function of hearing and pardoning the confessions of men and women guilty of unclean and carnal crimes.

  33. But these personal confessions are scarce.

  34. I am astonished every day by confessions made to me by young people as to their woful state before God, and do hope that all this is to prepare me to write something for them.

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