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Example sentences for "examinations"

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exam; examin; examinant; examinate; examination; examine; examined; examiner; examiners; examines
  1. But he flunked so many courses he will have to drop back a year unless he makes up the work and takes examinations in the fall.

  2. Ted went up for his examinations and came back so soberly that the family held its composite breath and wondered in secret whether he could possibly have failed after all his really heroic effort.

  3. For a long time, they were regarded as neither males nor females, and were called Neuters; but more careful microscopic examinations have enabled us to detect the rudiments of their ovaries, and thus to determine their sex.

  4. The accuracy of these examinations has been verified by the well-known facts respecting fertile workers.

  5. By repeated examinations I have ascertained that disease is the cause of such unreasonable irritability.

  6. These examinations have settled, on the impregnable basis of demonstration, the mode in which the eggs of the Queen are vivified.

  7. Those successfully completing both examinations were awarded diplomas and became eligible to take the competitive entrance examinations for secondary school.

  8. No qualifying examinations were given to graduates of theological, teacher training, or trade schools, since none were eligible for admission to higher level schools.

  9. Examinations were held in each area of study at the end of the school year.

  10. At the end of the eight-year program all graduates were required to pass written examinations in history, geography, and literature as well as oral tests in other selected subjects.

  11. The Chinese have always been a great reading people, systematic education culminating in competitive examinations for students going back to the second century A.

  12. Their system of competitive examinations has indeed served the Chinese well.

  13. Beyond that minimum, there should be voluntary examinations on all subjects, at which all who come up to a certain standard of proficiency might claim a certificate.

  14. Another question which at that time occupied me much was that of scholarships and fellowships awarded by competitive examinations versus general gratuitous instruction.

  15. Fourteen different expeditions were thus organized and despatched, and these made careful examinations and reports which were wrought into the final report of the commission.

  16. This experience it was which led to the insertion of a clause in the Congressional instructions to the commission requiring them to make examinations regarding the frequency and severity of earthquakes.

  17. The majority of the average class looked on such a professor as generally a bore and, as examinations approached, an enemy; they usually sneered at him as a pedant, and frequently made his peculiarities a subject for derision.

  18. Their geographical knowledge lasted and was increased, as was proved at my historical examinations afterward.

  19. Upon this accusation, he was seized and confined; and, being after several examinations discharged of the indictment, was turned over to bishop Bonner to see if any heresy could be found in him.

  20. He went through his examinations with applause, and carried off all the first prizes among sixteen competitors.

  21. Repeated examinations have been made of this primitive abode, and an account of its hidden mysteries will be found in Dr.

  22. That standard can be reached by boys while still at school, as has been proved both by the so-called local examinations, and by the examinations of schools held under the Delegates appointed by the Universities.

  23. Those who read for examinations have generally their pockets cram full; those who work on quietly and have their whole heart in their work are often discouraged at the small amount of their knowledge, at the little life-blood they have made.

  24. The best colleges at Oxford and Cambridge have shown by their matriculation examinations what the standard of classical knowledge ought to be at eighteen or nineteen.

  25. To leave examinations entirely to strangers reduces them to the level of lotteries, and fosters a cleverness in teachers and taught often akin to dishonesty.

  26. All examinations are a means to ascertain how pupils have been taught; they ought never to be allowed to become the end for which pupils are taught.

  27. Literature flourished; Buddhism and Taouism concluded to live in peace with one another; and the system of competitive examinations and literary degrees was more fully developed.

  28. The system of competitive examinations for public offices has diffused through the nation a certain degree of book-learning; yet the masses have been kept in a state of ignorance.

  29. The others were equally determined, and they dug into the mysteries of Horace and Euclid to such good effect that they all passed the examinations with flying colors.

  30. But, anyway, I'm going to pass those examinations no matter how hard I have to work.

  31. Briefly, its aim was to secure periodical examinations of prostitutes, and to detain for treatment those prostitutes found infected with venereal disease.

  32. The girls had to wait longer to have the weight removed from their minds, but they, too, passed their examinations well enough to earn special congratulation from the principals of their respective schools.

  33. The boys were able to get through their examinations quite early in the month, and as they all did better than they expected the last days of the month were days of joy to them.

  34. Packing was worse than ever this year, and examinations could not have been more inconveniently arranged, but in spite of everything Betty slipped off on her last evening for a few minutes with Dorothy.

  35. Kohlbruegge, who has during recent years published the results of the examinations of human brains of many races, says: "Intelligence and brainweight are entirely independent of one another.

  36. Where 30 to 40 prostitutes have to be examined in one hour, the examination is nothing more than a farce, and in the same way one or two weekly examinations are entirely insufficient.

  37. The nature of these diseases is such that in many cases it cannot be recognized easily, or at once, and to attain a certain degree of safety several daily examinations would be necessary.

  38. Examinations in asylums for the blind showed that the following number of persons were blind from birth through infection: Berlin, 21.

  39. In 1890 six physicians were employed, who performed examinations for two hours daily.

  40. Besides the obligatory examinations by male instead of female physicians deeply injure the sense of modesty and help to destroy it completely.

  41. There came a day, however, in which happiness and relative calmness disappeared at the announcement that the examinations for which he was working were indefinitely postponed, possibly till the next year.

  42. I will go as soon as the examinations are over.

  43. The examinations in the three subjects may be passed in separate terms.

  44. The spring soon passed away, and with the end of May all the examinations began.

  45. It had not been difficult twenty-two years ago; she had worked then with pleasure and interest, and taken examinations with easy triumph.

  46. A good brain, too; she had easily and with brilliance passed her medical examinations long ago--those of them for which she had had time before she had been interrupted.

  47. These examinations were, if not organised, at least recognised by the State; and once they had pierced the battlements of a school an Inspector invariably crawled through the breach after them.

  48. The certificates awarded to successful candidates in these examinations were made the key to higher things.

  49. The full perfection of the art is only attained in the pass-examinations of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

  50. When these examinations are concluded, the papers will, if found to be complete and conformable to law, be submitted to Congress.

  51. The increased clerical force provided was selected and assigned to work, and a considerable part of the force engaged in examinations in the field was recalled and added to the working force of the office.

  52. Chinese literary examinations ceased to be a passport to office.

  53. Histologic examinations of the brains of both dogs showed marked hyperchromatism in the brain receiving adrenalin, while the brain receiving no adrenalin showed no change.

  54. At some future time it will doubtless be possible so to refine the technic of brain-cell examinations that more subtle changes may be measured.

  55. After his return to Copenhagen, he was able to pass his examinations satisfactorily.

  56. In 1821, he passed the entrance examinations of Bowdoin College, of which his father was a trustee.

  57. The class examinations in my department are very slight and unsatisfactory.

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