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Example sentences for "album"

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  1. The original is a drawing in the Album of Wilars de Honnecort, an artist of the thirteenth century.

  2. The Album of Villard de Honnecourt (of the thirteenth century) contains also directions for constructing the "fort engieng con apiele trebucet.

  3. A photograph album lay on the work-table.

  4. If I had the gift of making speeches, I should ask those gentlemen to express their ideas in an album of confessions.

  5. Listen now to these," said Florestan, as he opened an album and struck the piano; "these are the voices of a new life.

  6. Charles Sumner, who is also the fortunate owner of the Album Amicorum containing the autograph of John Milton.

  7. Indeed her album showed that the signature therein was, after all, George Dunkirk and not Gaspard Dufour.

  8. He took the autograph album and turned its stiff, ragged-edged leaves, glancing at the names.

  9. He looked at her askance, his smiling face shooting forth a ray of tenderness along with a gleam of shrewd suspicion, as he made out the album in her dimpled little hand.

  10. The "Album of Universal Information" went along, and "did well.

  11. I wish I could say the same for the 'Album of Universal Information;' but I can't.

  12. I tell you, fellows, I'm going to have the dandiest lot for our album you ever saw," he declared when they took him to task for not entering into the water sports with more fervor.

  13. Will was busily engaged tinkering with his camera, and dreaming of the new pictures he hoped to get on this trip, to add to the album containing the records of the club's outings.

  14. Perhaps, on the whole, the songs of Grieg show his remarkable talent in its most favorable light, and for this purpose those in the first Grieg Album of Schirmer are as good as any.

  15. I ask you to state what that album depicts.

  16. I now hand you an album which has been marked as Commission Exhibit No.

  17. Are there any other photographs in that album in addition to the Zapruder frames?

  18. Well, take that album in front of you and read.

  19. Nichols, on behalf of the ladies of Norwich, with an album containing photographic views of the city, &c.

  20. The National Tribune and "Album of Civil War Photographs.

  21. Written for the Album of the Committee of the Goldoni Monument at Venice, and inserted on the first page.

  22. I was asked to write a page in the album which is dedicated to the memory of Fritz Reuter, and sent this fairy tale of the people.

  23. She meant to have a photograph of every nook and corner of the old building for the album that she was making.

  24. When there was nothing else happening, some amateur was taking a snap-shot, to add me to her album of Radcliffe views.

  25. My present abode is most domestic with 'Home, sweet home' worked in worsted on the walls, and a plush-covered album and two Radcliffe students as the chief adornments of the parlor.

  26. And I never looked at Allee's Album all the while I was here!

  27. She saw the picture-album and put them in it.

  28. She opened the album again and hunted until she found the picture of Tom Thorington in his guard's uniform.

  29. It was first written down in the Album of my god-daughter, Rotha Quillinan.

  30. Lines written in the Album of the Countess of Lonsdale.

  31. The Album brought out by Haslinger must not be quoted in the Catalogue, because the work has not been carried out according to its original plan, and Haslinger has given me back, in this case also, the copyright and plates.

  32. A Van Morrison album had replaced the piano player.

  33. The Book and Record Shop packaged the Dylan album for her.

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