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  1. The albumen will keep some time in a bottle; but as soon as it begins to get curdy and opalescent, it begins to lose in sensitiveness.

  2. In regard to obtaining a greater sensitiveness, the addition of starch size in the place of the water to the albumen appears to increase it, and certainly gives great improvement in depth of the blacks.

  3. The addition of about five drops of saturated solution of bromide of potassium to every ounce of previously-iodized albumen causes great depth and brilliancy in the negative.

  4. All organic bodies, the very lowest excepted, develop from small cells by the increment of visible pieces of albumen with a central cell.

  5. This nourishment came from the abundance of albumen which accompanied the semen in concentrating.

  6. As the babies matured they broke the crust of the deposit of protoplasm and put forth their heads and breathed the air; their bodies still remained in the albumen until they gained strength to feed themselves on the albumen.

  7. Chemically it consists chiefly of water, a small quantity of albumen and gelatine, a peculiar acid called amniotic, with a little muriate of soda and ammonia, and a trace of phosphate of lime.

  8. The egg is known to consist of two distinct parts, the vitellus or yelk surrounded by its albumen or white; to the former of these we now more particularly refer.

  9. As a substitute for albumen for fixing colors in calico printing, soluble glass has been used with a certain degree of success; also as a sizing for thread previous to weaving textile fabrics.

  10. It is very generally considered that it is better the glasses receive either a substratum of albumen or very weak gelatine.

  11. Another reason is that the albumen offers a surface to which the collodion will adhere with extreme tenacity, thus saving and preventing the film from slipping.

  12. Albumen paper is sensitized by being floated for a time on the surface of this silver solution, albumen side down.

  13. Many prefer to beat up the albumen before adding the water, in which case it should be beaten into a stiff froth, when the proper amount of water is added, and after the froth has subsided the whole is filtered and the ammonia put in last.

  14. The prints are put into the brine, and this gradually changed to clear water to prevent blisters or a separation of the albumen from the paper in the form of blisters.

  15. By its use the amateur is enabled to work by the wet collodion process, which has many advantages, or by the dry plate process, using Anthony's transparency plates or the gelatino albumen plates made in Philadelphia.

  16. The silver bath is also contaminated with organic matter, taken up from the edges and backs of the many plates used, of which some portion of the albumen is likely to be exposed to the action of the solution, and also from dust, etc.

  17. Experiments made by the authors did not appear to justify any enthusiasm on the subject, and the use of albumen for soap-making in this country appears to be very slight, however popular it may be on the Continent.

  18. The strong heat instantly coagulates the albumen by searing it, thus retaining all its juices and flavor.

  19. Constant and rapid boiling will cause the albumen in the meat to harden; therefore, no amount of cooking afterward will soften the fibre.

  20. In collotype a bichromated albumen substratum is still used by many operators, this coating when dry being exposed through the glass plate, the latter placed coated side downwards upon a flat black support, preferably of velvet.

  21. The chromated albumen solution will not keep long even in the dark,[B] as the albumen coagulates, and on this account photo-lithographic papers coated with this solution must be used within a few hours of their preparation.

  22. C] I believe Husnik has now discontinued to prepare his photo-litho transfer paper with an albumen coating.

  23. Morvan’s process is of a similar nature; a stone is coated with an admixture of albumen 200 g.

  24. Many complicated filtering appliances have been devised for gelatine and other solutions difficult of filtration, as, for instance, those of albumen or gum.

  25. All photo-lithographic transfer papers, after sensitising, should be used within a few hours of their preparation or their good qualities are partially sacrificed, the solubility of the albumen layer in cold water being impaired.

  26. He, however, worked chiefly on paper with the bichromate mixed with albumen or gelatine, and attained results which were the first practical steps towards photo-lithography and carbon or pigment printing.

  27. The fibres of meat are surrounded by a liquid which contains albumen in its soluble state, just as it exists in the unboiled egg.

  28. Besides these effects on the albumen and the expelled juice, roasting converts the cellular tissue of the meat into gelatine, and melts the fat out of the fat-cells.

  29. The meat to be cooked should be exposed at first to a quick heat, which immediately coagulates the albumen on and near the surface.

  30. The tenderness of well-cooked meat is consequently proportioned to the amount of albumen deposited in its substance.

  31. The gluten of grain and the albumen of vegetable juices are identical in composition with the albumen of blood.

  32. The albumen will first dissolve, afterwards coagulate; and as it is in this state lighter than the liquid, it will rise to the surface; bringing with it all its impurities.

  33. One kilogram of albumen costs: In aleurone meal 1.

  34. Johann Hundhausen of Hamm in Westphalia, who succeeded in extracting the albumen of wheat--the secret of whose utilization in the legume was not yet known--in the shape of a thoroughly nutritive flour.

  35. That the so-called aleurone meal represents a very concentrated albuminous food appears from the following comparison with our best elements of nourishment: Carbon- Water Albumen Fat hydrate Cellulose Salt Aleurone meal 8.

  36. Aleurone meal substitutes in a high degree meat preserves in point of nutrition; moreover, it is by far the cheapest albumen obtainable to-day.

  37. The inventor erected a large factory which produces vegetal albumen or aleurone meal from 80 to 83 per cent.

  38. It is now possible to render the albumen of plants useful in substantial form for human food.

  39. Vegetable albumen is found dissolved in the juices of most plants, and is abundant in that of the potato, the turnip, and wheat.

  40. Closely allied to vegetable albumen is the substance known by the name of glutin, which is obtained by boiling the gluten of wheat with alcohol.

  41. Coagulated albumen is soluble in alkalies and in nitric acid.

  42. Vegetable caseine exists abundantly in most plants, especially in the seeds, and remains in the juice after albumen has been precipitated by heat, from which it may be separated in flocks by the addition of an acid.

  43. Animal albumen exists in the white of eggs, the serum of blood, and the juice of flesh; and from all these sources is scarcely distinguishable in its properties from vegetable albumen.

  44. The results of the analyses of albumen from different sources are however quite identical, as may be seen from those subjoined-- From From From From Wheat.

  45. Fruit, a drupe of a purple color, the size of a filbert, kidney-shaped, the albumen horny.

  46. But the curative value of the combination is more likely due to the albumen and opium than to the resin.

  47. Vauquelin has analysed it, and found it to contain, of water 80 parts; of albumen in a state of demicoagulation 7.

  48. Fibrine, albumen and caseine, Scheerer on the isomerism of animal, with vegetable, xliii, 402.

  49. All animal and vegetable organisms contain a large proportion of carbon as an essential constituent; albumen contains about 53 per cent.

  50. This application upon glass is very easy: the same agents employed with albumen and dextrine, give also excellent results and very quick.

  51. Chronic inflammation of the kidneys is more commonly associated with albumen and casts in the urine than the acute form, find in some instances these conditions of the urine may be the only prominent symptoms of the disease.

  52. Albumen and tube casts may frequently be found in the urine.

  53. A putty made with powdered chalk and the white of egg is recommended for small animals, though a mixture of sugar of lead and burnt alum with the albumen is preferred by others.

  54. Any one or more of these symptoms would warrant an examination of the urine for albumen and casts, the finding of which signifies renal inflammation.

  55. Now as it is very desirable to get rid of the ironing if possible, my Query is, Will the 40-grain solution coagulate the albumen so as to do away with that troublesome process?

  56. Perfectly neutral albumen and gelatine are common representatives of this group.

  57. Thus, small quantities of albumen are used to render colloidal silver preparations more stable.

  58. The general class of substances, showing both basic and acid properties, of which albumen is a derivative, is described in a footnote on glycocoll, Chapter X, p.

  59. Tannic acid, gelatine and albumen and related compounds are frequently used as such protective agents.

  60. This, besides the albumen which it contains, is stored with large quantities of fat.

  61. Imbedded in this mucous is the embryo itself, surrounded by a small amount of albumen and containing inside of itself a very considerable amount of yolk.

  62. I should like answers to the following Queries: Must the albumen be poured off from the plate after it is spread over the surface, in the same manner as collodion?

  63. Albumen is found both in the flesh and the blood.

  64. Water dissolves at first a portion of the osmazome; then the albumen coagulates at 50 degrees Reaumur, and forms the foam we see.

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