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Example sentences for "caviar"

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  1. Caviar craves no more elaborate seasoning than lemon juice and paprika can give; herring roe sighs for devilled biscuit as friendly resting-place.

  2. What of the almond--the almond mingled with caviar and cayenne?

  3. Spread some fresh caviar on top of the beef.

  4. Spread some fresh caviar on four pieces of toast, lay a poached egg on each, and cover the eggs with horseradish sauce and cream.

  5. Put fresh caviar in the center and anchovies around the edge.

  6. One-half tuna fish (thon marine) and one-half caviar mixed.

  7. My first acquaintance with caviar was at Nicolayevsk, and I soon learned to like it.

  8. On the Volga its preparation engages a great many men, and the caviar from that river is found through the whole empire.

  9. At the second station we had a dinner of stchee, or cabbage soup, with bread and the caviar of the Selenga.

  10. I think if some enterprising American would establish the preparation of caviar on the Hudson where the sturgeon is abundant, he could make a handsome profit in shipping it to Russia.

  11. This caviar is of a golden color and made from the roe of a small fish that ascends from Lake Baikal.

  12. It is not as well liked as the caviar of the Volga and Amoor, the egg being less rich than that of the sturgeon, though about the same size.

  13. Nearly every curious article of food is "caviar to the general" at first trial.

  14. Not one in ten ordinary Americans likes olives or caviar when first tasted.

  15. What if she had escaped, while he had been munching caviar and anchovy sandwiches?

  16. As he glanced at the table, with its silver plates heaped with tiny sandwiches of caviar and anchovy paste, its little silver boats of olives and sweet pickles, he discovered that he was very hungry indeed.

  17. Those caviar and anchovy sandwiches had certainly not stuck with him long.

  18. And in his Parasite he says-- Caviar from the sturgeon in the middle, Fat, white as snow, and hot.

  19. It was a month or two after I was married and suddenly I was seized with such a strong desire for caviar that I simply had to have it at any cost.

  20. And once I said to my husband, 'Vladimir Mikhailych, why is it that I eat caviar all the time?

  21. That was the highest token of esteem, for caviar is not a home product; one has to buy it.

  22. But careful experiments have shown that the food value of alcohol is slight; and certainly, for nutrition received, these are among the most expensive foods, to be ranked with caviar and pate de foie gras.

  23. What self- respecting man can eat "caviar on principle" when another has not even bread?

  24. Not only did Mr. Wrenn buy a large newspaper-covered bundle of bottles of beer and Swiss-cheese sandwiches, but also a small can of caviar and salty crackers.

  25. Burleigh admitted that if he were a plutocrat he would have caviar at least once a day; and caviar appeared in a little glass cup set in the midst of cracked ice, flanked by crisp toast.

  26. It would begin to look like a quick change from Caviar to Crackers.

  27. Enlivened by Hope and a few Dry Martinis, he would move up to a little Table in the shade of the sheltering Candelabrum and tackle the Carte du Jour from Caviar to Café Noir.

  28. Any one willing to cut loose on Caviar and stuff raised under Glass will never have to dine alone in gay Paree.

  29. Valet rapidly crosses right to table, sets caviar and vodka on the table, and exits up left.

  30. He carries a tray with a silver dish of caviar and a bottle of vodka.

  31. I will send his own caviar and vodka from the supplies I carry.

  32. A caviar salade is a dish very frequently served.

  33. Fresh caviar is in perfection there, as also the sterlet or young sturgeon; the latter is caught in the Danube, and is a most dainty and much prized fish.

  34. This is the menu of the banquet:-- | Le Caviar Impérial.

  35. At supper in these cellars, and also in Berlin, caviar is much in demand, the small black Baltic variety, not the Russian, which is lighter in colour and larger in grain.

  36. The first, which extends from March till May, that is from the breaking up of the ice to the time of flood, is called the caviar season; it is the most important and most productive of the caviar and isinglass.

  37. But we had the goods to hand 'em--caviar sandwiches, rum for the tea, fizz in the punch.

  38. Malone sighed again, took a little caviar and washed it down with vodka.

  39. He was willing to admit, if pressed, that this made him an uncultured slob, but caviar always made him think of the joke about the country bumpkin who thought it was marvelous that you could soften up buckshot just by soaking it in fish oil.

  40. And, naturally, a little caviar to go with it," Petkoff added.

  41. Certainly," Malone said, as if caviar were the most common thing in the world in his usual Washington saloons.

  42. XXI-42] The manufacture of the other kind of caviar only differs in two particulars.

  43. Caviar occupies a very distinguished place in Russian, Turkish, German, and Italian gastronomy.

  44. The workmen employed in these operations make a third kind of caviar with the refuse.

  45. Mix one teaspoon of chopped onion and one teaspoon chopped parsley; spread the mixture over the caviar and serve with quarters of lemon.

  46. Shape into pyramids, put mayonnaise on the top of the pyramid, and on top of that either a little well-seasoned caviar or some sardellen butter shaped in a pastry bag.

  47. This caviar may be substituted in all recipes for the Russian caviar or domestic caviar may be procured in some shops.

  48. Caviar would be one-twenty-five per person; for seven would be eight-seventy-five.

  49. He stabbed at his canape of caviar with his fork as if he hated it, ate but a morsel of it, and turned aside in his chair.

  50. When the caviar had been nibbled and rejected, the oysters set down and refused without being tasted, the two men went into the pantry for the soup-tureen and the hot plates.

  51. Zhoost a little cocktel, and some caviar d'Astrakhan to begin; and perhaps a little broth; ah, better!

  52. They dined with open windows, taking a zakuska in the Russian fashion in lieu of hors d'oeuvre, and nibbling at smoked fish, caviar and other pickled mysteries.

  53. But in the arts, which exist for our pleasure,--why, I might as well fall foul of you because you do not like caviar and are more partial to brunettes than to blondes.

  54. From the waiter he ordered raisin bread, sweet butter, caviar and a carafe of vodka.

  55. Shvernik said, "Have you ever eaten caviar Russian style?

  56. I can see it could be fairly easy to get stoned, eating caviar Russian style," Paul laughed.

  57. Enlivened by Hope and a few Dry Martinis, he would move up to a little Table in the shade of the sheltering Candelabrum and tackle the Carte du Jour from Caviar to Cafe Noir.

  58. Mix caviar with Lemon Dressing (minus the salt), spread between buttered slices of white bread dotted with small flakes of lettuce.

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