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  1. Like hell you would," Trent chuckled, "that old girl with the caviare sandwiches would tell the jury we were conversing amiably.

  2. Caviare sandwiches," he grunted, "bad things to sleep on.

  3. To each two tablespoonfuls of caviare add ten drops of onion juice and a few drops of lemon juice, and mix together thoroughly.

  4. Stamp out rounds of bread; stamp again with the same cutter to form crescents, spread delicately with butter, and then with caviare seasoned with a few drops of lemon juice, and dispose symmetrically on the lettuce.

  5. It is with these eggs chiefly, but not altogether, that caviare is prepared; and the article is more or less relished according to the state of the eggs.

  6. The enormous consumption of caviare in Russia leads to a deadly pursuit of the common sturgeon in all the great European rivers, and this species is in a fair way of disappearing altogether.

  7. I know from experience that though statistics are the fad of a few they are caviare to the great mass of the public.

  8. There is a grotesqueness about some of it, a lack of perspective in much of it, which is caviare to a large number of persons.

  9. Caviare Sandwiches--Spread thinly-buttered bread with fresh caviare seasoned with lemon juice and on top of this lay a little minced lobster.

  10. When visitors asked what village this was, they were told: "That's the village where the deacon ate all the caviare at the funeral.

  11. And years had passed since then, the deacon had long been dead, but the caviare was still remembered.

  12. The cross on the belfry glittered: this was the village: "the one at which the deacon ate all the caviare at the funeral.

  13. They still eat caviare at ten shillings a head; the larger the bill the better they are pleased.

  14. A corridor runs along the whole train, and for a few kopeks passengers can at any moment procure excellent tea, caviare sandwiches, or other light refreshments from attendants.

  15. Now very active ship-building yards are found here, and extensive caviare factories.

  16. Say a caviare sandwich and a thimbleful of the grape?

  17. Now when Pete had placed a plate of caviare sandwiches between them, and filled their glasses from a newly opened bottle, he withdrew from the lounge and closed the door behind him; whether or not at a sign from Penfield, P.

  18. He is so seated that he cannot even see Xenia Sabaroff, and he chafes and frets throughout the dinner, from the bisque soup to the caviare biscuit, and thinks what an idiotic thing the habits of society have made of human life.

  19. If you were to marry a savage out of Formosa, or an Esquimaux, she'd take kindly to the caviare and the kuemmel before a week was out, if you brought her to Europe.

  20. Volodin and the two young officials helped themselves more lavishly than anyone else, they picked out the choicest and most expensive things, and ate caviare greedily.

  21. As if she had bought the caviare for him!

  22. Season caviare with lemon-juice and spread upon circles of fried or toasted bread.

  23. Sprinkle with salt and paprika, cover with caviare seasoned with lemon-juice, and serve with a garnish of cress.

  24. XVII Mix caviare to a cream with lemon-juice and spread on buttered toast cut into squares or diamonds.

  25. X Spread strips of toast with caviare rubbed to a smooth paste with butter, sprinkle with chopped watercress, and serve cold.

  26. XIII Spread thin squares of toast with caviare seasoned with lemon-juice, sprinkle with minced parsley, and border with chopped hard-boiled eggs.

  27. XI Heat caviare with enough cream to moisten, spread on rounds of fried or toasted bread, and sprinkle with hard-boiled egg-yolks rubbed through a fine sieve.

  28. XVIII Heat a can of caviare with a little melted butter, season with lemon-juice and cayenne, and serve on small squares of hot buttered toast.

  29. XXIX Spread rounds of fried bread with caviare seasoned with lemon-juice, lay a slice of hard-boiled egg on each one, and sprinkle with chopped cress.

  30. XVI Season caviare with lemon-juice and spread upon rounds of toasted bread.

  31. The eggs of a female sturgeon will weigh over one-third of its entire body, and as they sometimes reach a weight of nearly 3,000 pounds, the preparation of caviare becomes an important and profitable industry.

  32. The prepared roe, cleaned, washed in vinegar, and partially dried, is the caviare of the Russians.

  33. Our first business was to inquire where the hotel was, and our next where caviare might be bought, resolving mentally to purchase sufficient to feed us all the way to Lenkoran.

  34. Once inside the cottage, the samovar was soon steaming comfortably, and a supper of caviare and roebuck broth, with the meat to follow, was discussed with an appetite which even the schnapps could not increase.

  35. We were also told there were two good hotels in the place, and set off in high spirits to search for them, a comfortable bed to follow a good supper of sturgeon and caviare being things as welcome as they were unexpected.

  36. There was no caviare at Salian to be had for love or money.

  37. Thus, though Salian and Bosghi Promysl are the places whence the greater part of the caviare sold in Russia comes, they are the two most difficult places at which to buy it.

  38. And I want to send Darner some cigars and a pot of caviare that's been here these two months, and that he must have smelled from Naples.

  39. At this point the Professor paused for a few minutes while kümmel and caviare sandwiches were handed round.

  40. He's only jealous because my caviare is so much rounder than his.

  41. The reason that such great poets as Keats and Shelley are caviare to the public is that they are rich in tropes.

  42. In America sturgeon flesh is eaten fresh, and caviare is made both in Georgia and in San Francisco; but there is no great fishery in any particular district, and the manufacture of isinglass does not receive much attention.

  43. Most caviare is made at Astrakhan on the Caspian.

  44. The flesh of the fish is salted, and caviare and isinglass made on a large scale from the roes and air-bladder.

  45. Pâté de foi gras is the devil, but caviare is Beelzebub himself.

  46. If the old gentleman is gay, and he does not assert that he is not, the true reason lies in either the caviare or the pâté de foie gras, or in his crystal conscience.

  47. If you eat any of that caviare you're bound to be ill.

  48. The Rat fed me on cabbage soup and glasses of tea and caviare and biscuits.

  49. Afterwards they lit the samovar and boiled some eggs and put the caviare and sausage and salt fish and jam on the table.

  50. You'd better pray that we're starting with caviare and oysters!

  51. Try one of your own caviare sandwiches, if you want anything to eat.

  52. It is the cleanest, the simplest, and the most romantic of his works, but it will probably be caviare to the crowd, and it wholly lacks the great qualities of its predecessors.

  53. Also these are caviare and these are bacon.

  54. As a matter of fact, she had wanted for a long time to eat a caviare sandwich every forenoon, but had grudged herself the expense.

  55. Something similar is probably the case with the caviare of my patient.

  56. Of course, she would at once get the caviare from her husband, as soon as she asked him for it.

  57. We have seen that at the same time that she dreams of the denial of the wish, the patient is in reality occupied in securing an unfulfilled wish (the caviare sandwiches).

  58. But since we cannot unlearn our knowledge, Mr. Chesterton is only telling us to eat caviare on principle.

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