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dock; docke; docked; docker; dockers; docketed; dockets; docking; docks; dockside
  1. Bona verba" is a significant docket prompting the secretary's reply.

  2. Sometimes we may assume that the secretary's phlegmatic docket sufficed, as on an epistle thus described: "1.

  3. Koerner sent for Marriott, and Marriott explained--the attorneys for the railroad company had filed a demurrer, the docket was full, the case would not be reached for a long time.

  4. The Court was about to dispose of that case, Mr. Eades," said the judge, looking over his docket and fixing his glasses on his nose.

  5. The man's name was Latcha, according to the Appearance Docket Commencing 1797, No.

  6. Both the Huff and Grier cases were found in the Lycoming County Docket No.

  7. He also mentions Wallis' ownership of slaves, verified by the Quarter Session Docket of 1778.

  8. Again he began whetting his forefinger on the leather back of the closed docket book.

  9. He whetted a lean and crooked forefinger like a talon on the edge of the docket book, turned the page and called the last case, being the case of Patrolman James J.

  10. I sincerely hope the situation is improving, and that you are getting along rapidly in disposing of the large docket before you.

  11. My practice was to read over the docket on the last day of Court in the presence of the attorneys, so that I could correct on my docket any omissions or mistakes.

  12. I made it a point to clear the docket of all accumulated cases at each term.

  13. The docket at Vancouver, for various causes not necessary for me to mention, had become very much clogged.

  14. Blazes Boylan at the counter wrote and pushed the docket to her.

  15. The blond girl handed him a docket and pencil.

  16. The office of a governor was no lazy one; he had a large docket of pending cases, a considerable correspondence, many distracting cares.

  17. It was to Laflin that he carried his docket every morning to be paragraphed by stars and asterisks against the names of particular offenders; and it was to Laflin that he read the judgments of the court whenever rebels were indicted.

  18. You have disgraced the position you occupy; your right to prosecute the criminal docket in this court is suspended.

  19. Put it at the head of the list of undefended actions, please, Lishy, ez near the top of the docket ez you kin.

  20. I kin have Lishy Milam set the case forward on the docket at the head of the list of uncontested actions.

  21. The following witnesses were sworn for the plaintiff: (Note in order in the docket all exceptions taken to any testimony.

  22. All exceptions to rulings of the court are to be noted in the docket in order whenever they occur.

  23. And the docket is clogged because we don't have authority to hire more of them.

  24. In the latter he found the duplicate of Bedreddin's docket of sale to the Jew, naming him as Bedreddin Hassan, son of Noureddin Ali of Cairo.

  25. Queen, Elizabeth Woodville, espoused the cause of Margaret's college when Docket appealed to her for help.

  26. King's in 1441, and seven years later his young Queen Margaret of Anjou, who was only eighteen, was induced by Andrew Docket to take over his very modest beginning in the way of a college.

  27. Then, three weeks later, if the docket permitted, he went on to Raleigh to hold court there for a few days.

  28. Compared with that of a modern judge always confronted with a docket of eight or nine hundred cases in arrears, Justice Cushing's lot was perhaps not so unenviable.

  29. He called attention to the overcrowded docket of the court over which he presided and emphasized the impossibility of the satisfactory termination of the cases waiting to be tried.

  30. Governor and Company of the Bank of England; and if there is an independent attorney in London, I will instantly strike a docket against them.

  31. I tried three or four attorneys, to induce them to strike a docket against the Governor and Company of the Bank of England, and offered to make an affidavit of the debt, the refusal of payment, and the denial of the Governor.

  32. It is not of great consequence whether the actions or action, go up at this term, except that it would give it an earlier standing on the docket next winter.

  33. For more than ten years the appeal of the Granville heirs from the judgment of the National Court for the District of North Carolina reposed on the scanty docket of the Supreme Court awaiting call for argument by counsel.

  34. It now stood upon the docket of that court as Martin vs.

  35. That "cause" was not so much the one on the docket of the Supreme Court, entitled M'Culloch vs.

  36. Maryland, as it was that standing on the docket of fate entitled Nationalism vs.

  37. The docket reads: "A Commission with instructions annexed establishing a Counsell of Trade, for Keeping a control and super-inspection of his Majesty's Trade and Commerce.

  38. A marginal note on the latter docket gives the explanation noted above.

  39. On the docket for the commission of the council of trade the names of the members are inserted; but on that of the commission for the council for foreign plantations the place is left blank.

  40. The docket purports to have been written when I was serving with a regiment in the presidency of Bombay.

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