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Example sentences for "dockside"

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  1. During our brief stay in port it was impossible to procure day-labouring gangs--even the 'gulls' of the dockside were busy at sea.

  2. The wharf superintendent hails us from the dockside before the warps are fast.

  3. Short on the stroke of 'turn to' they straggle down the dockside to start the round anew.

  4. There were no idle keels swinging the tides in harbour for want of profitable employment; no seamen lounging on the dockside streets awaiting a 'sight' to sign-on for a voyage.

  5. Vessels of all sizes and classes were commandeered at the dockside to serve in the emergency.

  6. Away from our ships and the dockside waterfront, we are not readily recognizable; we join the masses of other workers, we become members of the general public.

  7. Doubtless they envy the dry divers their suits of proofed rubber, when they are called on to manhandle the heavy timber shores from the mud and litter of the dockside and launch them out towards the steel sides of the settling vessels.

  8. Is there a system of abbreviations, a colourist's shorthand, or are there maritime Heralds in Whitehall who blazon our arms for the guidance of the rude dockside painters?

  9. They 'gittagoin',' as instructed by the pilot, and wake the dockside echoes with the strain of their energy.

  10. His dockside girl had become a completely modern lady of fashion.

  11. Not like today, when their gun crews clearly were Lisbon dockside rabble, private traders who'd earned passage out to the Indies on the easy claim they were gunners, half not knowing a linstock from a lamppost.

  12. No one would have guessed what she once had been, a dockside girl happiest at the Southwark bear-gardens, or in a goose-down bed.

  13. Then, suddenly, he started away, and the mate was following him down the darkening dockside street.

  14. There's not a familiar face on deck, other than maybe one I've seen in a dockside bar, but never one whose name I've known.

  15. Dockside Noises There are in Limehouse many sounds; A hundred different sounds by day and night.

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