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Example sentences for "dockets"

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  1. The dockets in all Parts of General Sessions were more or less clogged by the efforts of ex-convicts to get back into the penitentiary.

  2. His name, along with the names of other Fair Play settlers, appeared regularly on the Appearance Dockets of the Northumberland and Lycoming County courts.

  3. An examination of the appearance dockets of the county courts for Northumberland and Lycoming counties suggests, however, that this consensus did not extend to questions of land titles.

  4. They were located in the Appearance Dockets of Lycoming and Northumberland counties in the respective prothonotaries' offices.

  5. Rewarded by smiles he fell back and spoke with Corny Kelleher, accepting the dockets given him, turning them over and scanning them as he walked.

  6. In justices' courts such dockets are made and kept by the justice himself.

  7. Separate dockets are kept in the District Court of legal and of equitable actions.

  8. In others two dockets or lists of cases were (and in a number of them still are) kept in the same court, and the same judge disposed of those on one docket as a court of equity and of those on the other as a court of law.

  9. In the county in Missouri including Kansas City there were, in December, 1903, over fifty-one hundred civil causes on the dockets of the various courts.

  10. It would certainly tend to relieve the dockets of appellate tribunals, and to bring lawsuits to a speedier end.

  11. In the county containing the city of Chicago (and which contains little else), there were in 1903 twenty thousand civil cases on the dockets of the courts.

  12. In 1896, however, the county controller inaugurated a system of auditing the criminal dockets of aldermen for the better ascertainment of the county's share of such fines.

  13. Exactly what proportion can never be known, because our courts have decided that the dockets of aldermen are private records and not open to inspection by the public.

  14. The names on the dockets were literally burned into his mind: Adam Philip Crag, Martin LeRoy Larkwell, Gordon Wells Nagel, Max Edward Prochaska.

  15. He reached over and tapped one of the dockets significantly.

  16. The dockets are full of cases because we don't have assistant district attorneys to go before the Federal judge and handle them.

  17. The encumbered condition of these dockets is presented anew in the report of the Attorney-General, and the remedy suggested is earnestly urged for Congressional action.

  18. Some of them have Aramaic dockets attached to them, giving the names of the persons mentioned in the contract and the nature of its contents.

  19. These dockets serve to verify the method of cuneiform decipherment, and are an indication that in the time of Tiglath-pileser III and his successors Aramaic was the common language of trade.

  20. On the far side of the table a young man sat writing, with several dockets of papers arranged before him.

  21. Blensop was busy before the safe, extracting the contents of each pigeonhole in turn, thumbing its dockets of papers, checking each off upon a typewritten list several pages in length.

  22. The dockets of the Supreme Court and of the circuit courts in the greater number of the circuits are encumbered with the constant accession of cases.

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