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Example sentences for "extracting"

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extorts; extra; extracellular; extract; extracted; extraction; extractions; extractive; extractives; extractor
  1. At length, after extracting all the information he could get from Nick, he struck a bargain with the fellow.

  2. Salzberger[527] isolated it from powdered hellebore roots by treating the powder with barium hydroxide and water, and extracting with ether.

  3. Piturie is obtained by extracting the plant with boiling water acidified with sulphuric acid, concentrating the liquid by evaporation, and then alkalising and distilling with caustic soda, and receiving the distillate in hydrochloric acid.

  4. It may be obtained in crystals by extracting the dry exhausted leaves with alcohol of 50 per cent.

  5. Dragendorff has proved the possibility of separating solanine from animal tissues by extracting it from a poisoned pig.

  6. The solution becomes, by extracting with water, violet, and can even be diluted with two volumes of water without losing its colour.

  7. The process essentially consists in extracting with hot spirit, allowing the saponin to separate as the spirit cools, collecting the precipitate on a filter, drying, dissolving in cold water, and precipitating with absolute alcohol.

  8. Oxalic acid is slightly soluble in cold absolute ether; but ether, although extracting most organic acids from an aqueous solution, will not extract oxalic acid.

  9. On extracting with water acidified with sulphuric acid, and shaking up the acid liquid with chloroform, the gelsemic acid (aesculin?

  10. Dragendorff has recently studied the best method of extracting these alkaloids for toxicological purposes.

  11. From methylamine it may be separated by converting into chloride and extracting with chloroform; dimethylamine chloride is soluble, methylamine chloride insoluble in chloroform.

  12. The delay in watering the horses, and extracting Terrible Billy from the basin, made it twelve o'clock before we could turn our backs upon this hideous place, hoping to find no more like it.

  13. Food was the first order Mr. Frost gave, and while some were unyoking the horses, some were boiling the tea-billies, while old Frost was extracting a quart of rum for us from a hogshead.

  14. It is procured by extracting the dephlogisticated part of the common air, as by the calcination of metals, &c.

  15. Your method of extracting the square root is very original.

  16. It is sufficiently free from smell to admit of being made the medium for extracting the perfume of the jasmine, the tuberose, narcissus, camomile, and of the yellow rose.

  17. It is generally believed that the extracting of toddy from this tree hastens its decline.

  18. The expense of extracting the oil is also stated to be but trifling.

  19. Embedded in Mrs. Wix's nature as her tooth had been socketed in her gum, the operation of extracting her would really have been a case for chloroform.

  20. Mrs. Beale had by that time returned, and she was more successful than their friend in extracting from our young lady an account of the extraordinary passage with the Captain.

  21. After he has finally succeeded in extracting the purse, he holds it in his right hand and brings it down repeatedly on the palm of his left so that the coins ring and clatter, At the same time he fixes a lascivious look on his daughter.

  22. Fumbling with both hands he succeeds, with great pains, in extracting from his breeches-pocket a purse bursting with coins.

  23. WOLFF [Busy extracting a piece of venison from the sack.

  24. Very material savings are made in many factories by collecting the metal chips and turnings, coated and mixed with oil, which fall from the various machines, and extracting the oil centrifugally.

  25. The uses of driers are various, such as extracting water from clothes, cloth, silk, yarns, etc.

  26. At the front of the bolt is an extractor (15) with a spring claw for extracting the fired case.

  27. He professes to be guided in his researches by the evidence of cards themselves; but though a diligent collector of cards of all kinds, he does not appear to have been successful in extracting answers from his witnesses.

  28. In metallurgical operations we consume enormous quantities of coal for extracting metals from their ores, this consumption being especially great in the case of iron smelting.

  29. Presses are contrivances for compressing or squeezing together substances that may require to be so treated, as in the case of extracting the oil from seeds, &c.

  30. In view, then, of these reasons, it is proper to decide that mining is a term broad enough to cover the operations of extracting coal and metallic ores from the ground and of preparing them for shipment or metallurgical treatment.

  31. Mining is bound to become a still stronger factor in civilization as metallurgical processes multiply and there are discovered means of more economically extracting the valuable contents of ores.

  32. Mines extracting different metals or different kinds of coal will find it necessary to keep quite unlike records.

  33. By way of reply the sergeant opened his carpet-bag, and, extracting therefrom a pair of smart but stoutly made shoes, laid them on the table.

  34. The mode in which the long bones were broken shows that they had been cracked with a view of extracting the marrow; and the notches on them prove that the flesh had been cut off them with sharp instruments.

  35. These workmen hide the fictitious specimens in the soil they are digging, using every requisite precaution so as to have the opportunity of subsequently extracting them and fingering a reward for them from some too trusting naturalist.

  36. Still, although men might become acquainted with tin ores, a long interval must have elapsed before they could have succeeded in extracting the pure metal.

  37. A workman is extracting the cake of spongy iron from the ashes of the furnace; another is hammering on the anvil a piece of iron drawn from the furnace in order to forge it into a bar.

  38. The skulls and the long bones found in the terramares are almost always broken for the purpose of extracting the brain and the marrow, a very ancient usage which had endured to this comparatively late epoch.

  39. On the other hand, by simply smelting together copper and tin ores and adding a little charcoal, bronze might be at once produced, without any necessity for previously extracting and obtaining pure copper and tin in a separate state.

  40. The only cause for their having been split in this manner must have been the desire of extracting the marrow for the purpose of eating.

  41. Bergé and Reychler proposed extracting both sulphuretted hydrogen and phosphine in an acid solution of mercuric chloride (corrosive sublimate).

  42. It would be a desirable refinement to give the bottom of the vessel a slope to the mouth of e, or to some other spot where a large-bore draw-off cock could be fitted for the purpose of extracting any sludge of lime, &c.

  43. Because the present method of extracting their surplus value is one of fraud rather than of force, and has grown gradually.

  44. Experimental methods with the use of electricity in extracting zinc from its ores are being tested at various European plants, but the matter has not yet reached a commercial scale.

  45. Already the new method has been applied by doctors in examining malformations and diseases of the bones or internal organs, and in localising and extracting bullets, needles, or other foreign matters in the body.

  46. If inclination ever swayed his judgment, it was in his despair of extracting a real available Buddha from the fables of Southern India, which was conquered at last by the ablest of Mommsen's pupils.

  47. Of course I may be wrong in my surmise, but I well remember that, when I began extracting thorns afterwards, it was like plucking a pin-cushion.

  48. Most of my kit was in the stove, and, as there were no fire-irons about, considerable noise was made lifting the iron top and extracting the contents with my fingers.

  49. A little before lunch, having obtained some dry underclothing, I was sitting on my bed, extracting a selection of barbed wire and splinters from my hands with a large needle, when a Dutch officer walked in to see the curiosity.

  50. They sometimes place bamboos on the tops of trees for the purpose of extracting the zari, which drops from them, and which they drink.

  51. Perhaps it would interest you to hear something about this, our latest German method for extracting accurate information from reluctant or untruthful witnesses.

  52. The vagrant fumbled in his pocket for a minute and extracting a scrap of paper, unfolded it and held it out to Desmond.

  53. This mode of undoing an enemy by extracting and killing his soul was not with the Maoris a mere legendary fiction; it was practised in real life by their wizards.

  54. I can with Democritus laugh at the Actions of men, extracting Wisdome from their Follies, and afterwards lash them with a Rod of Experience made of their own fond inconsiderateness.

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