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extract; extracted; extracting; extraction; extractions; extractives; extractor; extractors; extracts; extractum
  1. Contains a solution of an extractive obtainable from fresh cod livers, the oily or fatty portion being afterward eliminated.

  2. The main potential for economic development has been the extractive industries.

  3. Robison, Detroit, is granted a United States patent on a process for aging green coffee by treating it with micro-organisms to improve its flavor and to increase its extractive value.

  4. In fact, if anything, the process is undesirable; as some of the extractive matters present in the coffee, and particularly caffein, will be lost.

  5. The latter are a solution of various extractive substances and salts in water.

  6. The indigo is by this process not only freed from the yellow extractive matter, but is enriched in the intensity of its color, and increased in weight.

  7. The main impetus for economic development has been the extractive industries.

  8. When freed from the extractive liquor the precipitate weighs about 100 grams.

  9. This is particularly the case with substances abounding in extractive or astringent matter.

  10. A liquor containing the extractive matters of calamus root, rhubarb, cinnamon, orange peel, &c.

  11. Extractive has a brown colour, or one becoming so in the air; it speedily putrefies, and becomes oxidised, and is rendered insoluble by long exposure to air, and by repeated solutions and evaporations.

  12. The bitter extractive matter of Erythaea centaurium, or common centaury.

  13. They contain a minute quantity of extractive matter which is not present in other apples.

  14. A bitter extractive matter, obtained by Brande from buchu leaves.

  15. Its activity appears to reside in a peculiar extractive matter named mudarine.

  16. Osmazome is the purely sapid portion of flesh soluble in cold water, and separated from the extractive portion which is only soluble in boiling water.

  17. The rest of the osmazome, with the extractive part of juice, and finally a portion of the wrapping of the fibres detached by the continuity of ebullition.

  18. This property is shown by chemists to reside in the extractive matter of plants, which has, therefore, been called bitter extractive.

  19. The growing quantity and complexity of machinery applied to purposes of manufacture and conveyance, and to the extractive industries, is the great special fact in the narrative of the expansion of modern industry.

  20. To this must be added, in the case of the extractive industries, agriculture, mining, etc.

  21. The actual time which elapses between the extractive stage and the final retail stage of a commodity may not be greater and is in many cases far less under the new methods of industry.

  22. The five stages represent the five leading processes in production--the extractive process, transport, manufacture, wholesale and retail trade.

  23. The strength of the copper "corner," had it succeeded, would have lain in the hold it would have obtained over the early extractive stage, preventing the operation of the natural stimulus of high prices to increase production.

  24. Moreover, each new encroachment of machinery upon the extractive and the distributing industries brings into prominence within these processes the same structural and functional characteristics.

  25. These processes call for very little land in comparison with that required for the extractive operations of agriculture and mining.

  26. To the objection that capitalists will not invest their money in nor carry on extractive enterprises on a leasing basis, the sufficient answer is that they are doing it now.

  27. In some it is accompanied with water, and saccharine, mucilaginous, and extractive matter.

  28. I evaporated some of the water of Mariara, and it yielded only a very small residuum, which, digested with nitric acid, appeared to contain only a little silica and extractive vegetable matter.

  29. We have still a margin in which further to develop agriculture and other great extractive industries in order to lay at home the basis for a population which is bound to increase during the coming decades.

  30. Not all foreign investment of capital results or is intended to result in stimulating agriculture and other extractive industries.

  31. Upon these extractive enterprises, including coal and iron ore, is based a vast manufacturing industry which supplies our home population, and an immense transportation and commercial system which has its roots in our home resources.

  32. Successive fresh portions of acetic ether are used until the solvent shows by its colour, and by the evaporation of a few drops, that it does not contain extractive matter.

  33. On the other hand, the galleon trade absorbed too much of the attention of the Spaniards, [126] and caused the neglect of Philippine extractive industries, especially agriculture.

  34. The totality of the London porter exhibits but very slight differences, both with respect to strength or quantity of spirit, and solid extractive matter, contained in a given bulk of it.

  35. The addition of a portion of spirit to the inspissated juice, separates the mucilage, but not the extractive matter and the sugar.

  36. Every brewer knows that the largest possible quantity of the extractive matter of the malt is obtained in the least possible time, and at the smallest cost, by means of soft water.

  37. Every wine contains likewise a portion of super-tartrate of potash, and extractive matter, derived from the juice of the grape.

  38. Extractive colouring Matter; its Use in the Arts of Dyeing and Painting.

  39. When wine of any kind is submitted to this operation, it is found to contain brandy, water, tartar, extractive colouring matter, and some vegetable acids.

  40. The various kinds of portable soup consist of this extractive matter in a dry state, which, in order to be made into soup, requires only to be dissolved in water.

  41. Because it consists of the pure salts only, in its crystallised form; whilst in the instance before us it is mixed with the deep-coloured extractive matter, and other foreign ingredients.

  42. Manna is another kind of sugar, which is united with a nauseous extractive matter, to which it owes its peculiar taste and colour.

  43. The substance which comes next in our enumeration of the immediate ingredients of vegetables, is extractive matter.

  44. This is a term, which, in a general sense, may be applied to any substance extracted from vegetables; but it is more particularly understood to relate to the extractive colouring matter of plants.

  45. The tartar and extractive colouring matter we shall find in a solid form at the bottom of the alembic.

  46. It can be precipitated by it, though not, indeed, in a pure condition, but still combined with the other extractive matter.

  47. Consequently, it contains a certain quantity of mineral salts, coloring substances, and other unknown extractive matters.

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