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  1. United States patent on the Kellum Thermo Automatic coffee urn, employing a coffee extractor in which the ground coffee is continually agitated before percolation by a vacuum process.

  2. Kelly, Kansas City, was granted a United States patent on the Kellum Automatic coffee urn, employing a coffee extractor in which ground coffee is continually agitated before percolation by a vacuum process.

  3. Kelly, of Kansas City, was granted a United States patent on an urn coffee machine employing a coffee extractor in which the ground coffee was continually agitated before percolation by a vacuum process.

  4. The Extractor must fly as fast and as true as the missile did from the sling of David to the head of Goliath.

  5. When the Extractor has departed, we will no longer need the logistics depot, and UIPS citizens in the Zone will return home.

  6. When the launch window opens, and it will be open to us for only a very brief time, the Extractor must depart -- there will be no second chance for several centuries.

  7. Deploy the Extractor to Alpha Centauri and position it in orbit above a point commensurate with data provided by the drone scouts.

  8. Designate the terminal at 'star' destination the Extractor and the terminal that remains on the solar rim, the Collector.

  9. A convoy of robot deflectors and screens cleared the Extractor fleet's path of meteoroids, sand and rock swarms and space debris.

  10. Crank in the latest estimates on the years it will take for the Extractor to reach Alpha Centauri, get organized around the job, go online, and begin to produce.

  11. The Extractor is our missile, Alpha Centauri is our target and, as David's leather sling was the instrument to save an ancient civilization.

  12. Disengage the Extractor from Pluto at launch employing Pluto's outbound orbital momentum in a manner that the combined fleet retains its integrity in perpetuity.

  13. The terminal positioned in orbit above Alpha Centauri is designated the Extractor and the terminal positioned along the Solar System's rim is designated the Collector.

  14. It would be the final signal to synchronize and activate the collective controls of the Extractor and Collector.

  15. Position the Extractor in orbit above Alpha Centauri at a location commensurate with data provided previously by drone scouts.

  16. Smith & Wesson's latest pattern of Hammerless Safety Revolver, with automatic shell extractor and rebounding lock.

  17. This was subsequently improved as to the extractor by B.

  18. Some makes of pistols, however, have the extractor lever in a position which renders this grip with extended thumb impossible.

  19. The hydro-extractor consists of a machine with both an inner cylinder and an outer one, both revolving in concert and driving outwardly the liquid to the chamber, from which it runs away by a discharge pipe.

  20. This is done by placing the contents of two or three or more pots into a centrifugal hydro-extractor (Fig.

  21. The charge is then washed in a very similar manner to that previously described, and again wrung out in a centrifugal extractor (1,200 revolutions per minute).

  22. The extractor is so connected with the bolt head as not to share the rotation of the latter when the handle is turned down into the locking position.

  23. This oblique cam action also gives great power to the extractor at first starting the empty cartridge case out of the chamber.

  24. The extractor 'most always does that way, only it was a little worse this time, because it probably wasn't loaded even.

  25. The extractor is then opened and the degreased and somewhat dried bones are mechanically conveyed to the cleansing mill.

  26. When the extractor is charged the solvent is run in and heated by a steam coil which eventually causes it to distil.

  27. Now, what led you to the conclusion that this was an extractor mark?

  28. Extractor marks appeared, but these marks did not appear.

  29. There is an extractor rod and an extractor in the rear portion of the cylinder.

  30. So that extractor marks did not appear in the other cases?

  31. And what we are looking at here in the match relationship, at the point of the arrow, is a patch which represents the extractor riding around the rim of the shell at the time that the cartridge was introduced into the chamber.

  32. In any case, the same tool, whether it be the extractor or the bolt, produced this pattern of lines on both the known and the unknown cartridge cases.

  33. Now, just to set this in context, I have taken the bolt from Commission Exhibit 139, the rifle found on the sixth floor, and could you show the Commission what the extractor is on this bolt?

  34. Did extractor marks appear on those other cartridge cases?

  35. The extractor is this semicircular piece extending back in the bolt, and its purpose is to withdraw the cartridge from the chamber at the time that the bolt is drawn back.

  36. Now, I am not quite clear as to why another set of marks should have appeared on the other cases, which you also think are extractor marks.

  37. And are you able to say definitely whether it is an extractor or an ejection mark or a chambering mark?

  38. At the front of the bolt is an extractor (15) with a spring claw for extracting the fired case.

  39. This is the action in the gun except that the cartridge is held firm and the extractor pushed against it.

  40. On either side of the gib the face of the extractor has undercut flanges, open at the top and bottom, between which the base of a cartridge can fit the rim, being held in the undercuts (figs.

  41. The extractor travels horizontally for a time and then drops (as shown by the dotted line and arrows), assuming the position shown in fig.

  42. This is of course quite distinct from the cartridge extractor (82).

  43. To remove a partially filled belt, the crank handle must be pushed over, thus freeing the extractor from the belt, and the latter withdrawn after pressing a spring catch under the feed block which releases the pawls.

  44. If this last be clear of the extractor stop (z) it will yield to pressure and the cartridge will be free.

  45. It is slotted completely through longitudinally for nearly the whole of its length, this slot affording an opening through which work the cartridge extractor (82) and carrier (21).

  46. The shells may then be extracted simultaneously by pushing back the extractor rod.

  47. It has a hinge "tip-up" action, with an automatic extractor very similar to the Smith & Wesson.

  48. In the same manner the shells are ejected by pushing the extractor rod back into each of the chambers.

  49. A Cork Extractor [300] The device shown in the sketch is for removing a cork or stopper from a bottle whether full or empty where the cork has been pushed inside.

  50. This is best done in the solar wax-extractor (fig.

  51. A special utensil made of tin, for use as a wax-extractor (fig.

  52. The latest form of honey extractor used in America is that known as the "Four-frame Cowan.

  53. The principle of the honey extractor (throwing the liquid honey out of the cells by centrifugal force) was discovered quite by accident.

  54. Place the yarn in a hydro-extractor for five to seven minutes.

  55. For drying the warps a hydro-extractor is first used to get the surplus liquor from the goods.

  56. It's the most astounding thing I ever--My dear lady, an extractor is used to get the hooks out of fish.

  57. It was the extractor that made me suspicious," she finished.

  58. Close the extractor around the piston-rod and insert the locking-pin.

  59. Turn the extractor to the left, with pressure on the packing, until the needles are firmly engaged in the packing.

  60. Describe how the extractor and firing pin work.

  61. The extractor is a round tin can on a central pivot with a revolving mechanism.

  62. The extractor has been invented to remove this honey without damaging the comb.

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