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  1. Extracellular iodin-staining granules, which are present normally, are more numerous in iodophilia.

  2. All these experiments proved that the extracellular destruction of the cholera vibrio was accomplished by the digestive juices which had passed from the phagocytes into the humors and not at all through a special property of those humors.

  3. On the other hand, if by means of various precautions the phagocytes were left unmolested, the extracellular destruction did not take place and the vibriones were digested within the phagocytes.

  4. In intracellular digestion, the diastases digest within the cells, whereas in extracellular digestion the phenomenon takes place outside the cells, in the cavity of the gastro-intestinal tube.

  5. Extracellular enzymes are also developed in seeds during germination, in order that the stored food material of the endosperm may be rendered soluble and translocated into the tissues of the growing seedling.

  6. The enzymes of moulds, and other parasitic plants, are usually extracellular in type, being secreted for the purpose of making the material of the host plant available to the parasite.

  7. It has been suggested that recumbency may affect an extracellular fluid-volume receptor mechanism which by decreasing aldosterone secretion by the adrenal gland, would decrease sodium reabsorption by the renal tubules.

  8. Altered fluid equilibrium in buoyant states is accompanied by shifts in intracellular and extracellular electrolyte distribution, especially sodium and potassium.

  9. A later research by Brieger along with Fraenkel pointed to the extracellular toxins of diphtheria, tetanus and other diseases being of proteid nature, and various other observers have arrived at a like conclusion.

  10. Like the extracellular toxins they may be of remarkable potency; for example, fever is produced in the human subject by the injection into the blood of an extremely minute quantity of dead typhoid bacilli.

  11. The extracellular part of the Gregarine next grows rapidly, and a transverse septum is formed at a short distance away from (outside) the point where the body penetrates into the cell (fig.

  12. Further growth is restricted, practically, to the extracellular regions, and the epimerite often comes to appear ultimately as a small appendage at the anterior end of the protomerite.

  13. In the case of animals with extracellular luminescence we may speak of luminous secretions and true luminous glands.

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