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  1. The first of these important hours had now elapsed some time; and he could not doubt that vigorous aims were already employed in pulling across the few leagues of water that separated the island from the shores of Sorrento.

  2. Several months elapsed after the victory of St. Albans before an attempt was thus made to set aside a sovereign, not labouring, so far as we know, under any more notorious infirmity than before.

  3. Many years elapsed before the commons tried the force of their vindictive arm.

  4. Up to the time that elapsed before they arrived at the Summer Palace they were well treated, but then the ill-treatment began.

  5. But no Gordon came, and more than a day elapsed before Macartney and he met again under dramatic circumstances at Quinsan.

  6. It has to be borne in mind that only three months had elapsed since the death of Mrs. Lamb, and Mary was still in confinement.

  7. The practised executioner performed his task with so much celerity that a minute had not elapsed before the head was stricken from the body, and placed on the point of a spear.

  8. Several days had now elapsed since Cholmondeley was thrown into the dungeon, and during that time he had been visited only at long intervals by Nightgall.

  9. Full three months having elapsed since Jane's confinement commenced, on the first of November her jailor informed her that her trial would take place in Guildhall on the day but one following.

  10. Half an hour elapsed before his return, and during the interval but few words were exchanged between Cholmondeley and his companion.

  11. Several days having elapsed since the trial, and no order made for his execution, the Duke of Northumberland, being of a sanguine temperament, began to indulge hopes of mercy.

  12. Some time, however, elapsed before any new scheme could be devised ; when one night Xit appeared with a smiling countenance, and said he had found means of communicating with the prisoner.

  13. Some little time elapsed before the door was again opened, and the voice of Nightgall was heard from below calling to his attendants to bring down the prisoner.

  14. In the twenty years that had elapsed since the Treaty of Arras, there had been great changes in France in the character both of the realm and of the ruler.

  15. Very distrustful of each other were the allies, a fact that caused Philip de Commines to comment,[3] "scarcely fifteen days had elapsed since these two had sworn a definitive peace and solemnly promised to support each other loyally.

  16. Frederic was impressed by Sigismund's enthusiastic exposition of the advantages of the match, and little time elapsed before his ambassador brought formal proposals to Charles for the alliance.

  17. Months had elapsed and Héricourt was unpunished--Berne had not been reproved.

  18. Three years were not yet elapsed since the majority of the bishops of the West had ignorantly, or reluctantly, subscribed the Confession of Rimini.

  19. That a considerable time elapsed before they considered the new sectaries as an object deserving of the attention of government.

  20. After the partition of the empire, three years had scarcely elapsed before the sons of Constantine seemed impatient to convince mankind that they were incapable of contenting themselves with the dominions which they were unqualified to govern.

  21. Over twenty years have elapsed since the termination of the late Civil War.

  22. Let it be conceded that during the three months which elapsed between the soldier's enlistment and his capture and parole he was constantly in the field and bravely did his duty.

  23. Within the time which has thus elapsed many important changes have taken place in furtherance of a reform in our civil service.

  24. Eight long weary months elapsed before my trial came on, and all this while I was in jail.

  25. So long a time had elapsed and I was so changed in my personal appearance that I had little fear of being recognized by any one in Pennsylvania or the adjoining part of New Jersey, who would molest me.

  26. I lad witnesses to show the length of time that had elapsed since my separation from my first wife, and we also raised the point as to whether the justice who married me, was really a legal justice of the peace or not.

  27. Thirty-six years had elapsed since the eventful ride of Dick King from D'Urban to Graham's Town.

  28. Five weeks had elapsed since the battle of Ginghelovo without any set engagement with the enemy taking place, and the Press began to grumble.

  29. The Memoirs were begun when he was fifty-eight and finished when he was sixty-three: thus many years had elapsed between the doing and the recording.

  30. Beyond these four, Venetian Art has never gone, and although four hundred years have elapsed since they laughed and sang, enjoyed and worked, all we can do is wonder and admire.

  31. But few days elapsed before Mr. Ainsley was on the wing, here and there where his interests called him, meantime making the Charleston hotel his headquarters.

  32. Not many months elapsed before he accompanied her home to stay, with Aun' Sheba's full consent.

  33. But his supposed discovery of the dead body proved an entire mistake; and not many days elapsed before Cavalier made his appearance before the gates of Alais, and sent in a challenge to the governor to come out and fight him.

  34. Several days elapsed before all the preliminaries for the grand attack were completed, and then the Marquis ordered a white flag to be hoisted, and a messenger was sent forward, inviting a parley with the defenders of the Balsille.

  35. Twelve years had elapsed since I last took a view Of my favourite field, and the bank where they grew; And now in the grass behold they are laid, And the tree is my seat that once lent me a shade.

  36. Long time elapsed or e'er our rugged sires Complain'd, though incommodiously pent in, And ill at ease behind.

  37. Why, only an hour has elapsed since the accident, and, with those burns, it would be many hours before she could get any rest or relief without an opiate.

  38. Looking back over the months that had elapsed since she first came to Hilton, she was almost overwhelmed, in view of the changed thought that had crept into the school.

  39. Incommunicative as he was, some time elapsed before I had an opportunity of gauging his mind.

  40. Only a month had elapsed since Lionel Dale's death, when Reginald Eversleigh and Paulina had the interview described above.

  41. About a fortnight had elapsed after the comfortable supper-party at the castle, when Mr. Milsom took it into his head to make a formal return for the hospitalities he had received on that occasion.

  42. Nearly a year had elapsed since the murder of Valentine Jernam, and the March winds were blowing amongst the leafless branches of the trees in the Green Park.

  43. It was difficult to believe that less than a fortnight had elapsed since that bright and balmy day on which the picnic had been held at the Wizard's Cave.

  44. The proceedings are not legal unless three full days have elapsed since the publication of the notice on a Sunday before morning service, the following Thursday being thus the earliest day on which the meeting can take place.

  45. From the time they started to take a friendly drink till Aubery was lying dead on the floor less time elapsed than it takes to tell the story.

  46. After some time had elapsed one of the players said: "It is long since you came here; you should go home now.

  47. Within the two years and a half which had elapsed since Rodney was appointed to his command he had gained several important successes, and, as was remarked, had taken a French, a Spanish, and a Dutch admiral.

  48. There never was anywhere," says Lord Jeffrey, "anything like the sixty or seventy years that elapsed from the middle of the reign of Elizabeth to the Restoration.

  49. A century had scarcely elapsed from the period to which this barbarian outrage is referred, when the family of the Abassides, who mounted the throne of the Caliphs in 750, introduced a passionate love of art, of science, and of poetry.

  50. Many years elapsed after Goldoni and Gozzi disappeared from the arena before there was any successor to rival their compositions.

  51. Many centuries must have elapsed before the poetical language of the Greeks could have attained the splendor, copiousness, and fluency found in the poems of Homer.

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