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  1. A week will sometimes elapse without any alvine evacuation; in some cases I have known ten or eleven days, and in some fifteen days.

  2. When the quantity is very small, one to four hours may elapse before the colour is developed.

  3. It is not uncommon to overload trays and to serve everything at once in order to save steps, but a patient is ordinarily more interested in a meal that is served in courses unless very long intervals elapse between.

  4. If the garbage can is water tight, closely covered, frequently emptied, and thoroughly cleaned, flies will not develop in it; about ten days must elapse from the time when the egg is laid until the insect is ready to fly.

  5. It will seem somewhat strange that, though the British were the first to disembark in Saloniki in the first week in October, 1915, two months should elapse before they took any prominent part in the fighting.

  6. The Allies had shot their bolt, with only partial success, and considerable time would have to elapse before another advance on a big scale could be undertaken.

  7. Several hours or days elapse and the superfluous matter is scraped off.

  8. If operation is deemed advisable, a few days should be allowed to elapse to permit of the parts recovering from the effects of the manipulations.

  9. Two or three days may elapse before it is possible to give a definite opinion.

  10. It may be necessary to operate on both sides, an interval being allowed to elapse between the two operations.

  11. The foundations of a regular parish church had been laid, but the work of construction was proceeding slowly, and five years had yet to elapse before the edifice was finished.

  12. With the expansion of the magma, its tension is at once correspondingly reduced, and some time must elapse before it can again reach the critical point at which a further rupture, resulting in a second shock, takes place.

  13. Though two or three seconds may elapse before its character is recognised, the fore-sound thus allows time for many persons to escape from their falling houses.

  14. By means of this formula, it is possible to estimate roughly the interval of time that must elapse before the seismic activity of the central district resumes its normal value.

  15. Six months still had to elapse before the fatal denouement.

  16. A hundred years, at least, were to elapse before the name of their obscure subject, now become deified, should appear in these remote countries to brand upon their tombs the murder of John the Baptist.

  17. A year was hardly to elapse before he exchanged this fulness of pride for an old age of disappointment and poverty.

  18. Two hours and a half must elapse before her husband could possibly arrive.

  19. Yet in this new and more favorable position, several years were suffered to elapse before the course of discovery took the direction of Peru.

  20. A few years more were to elapse before the Spaniards were to bring to light the silver quarries that lay hidden in the bosom of its mountains.

  21. They do not know that you have been two weeks at liberty; my mother could not comprehend how you could let so long a time elapse without coming to see us, after you had once reached the city.

  22. How long a time would elapse ere they came up here?

  23. Even if all the others survived ages would elapse before they could regain the power to injure us.

  24. In the opinion of railway men several years must elapse before the farming districts can be restored to their former conditions.

  25. Several years or more may elapse before the area of disease is conspicuous.

  26. The third grade may present also in the first several days, but in many cases one to several weeks may elapse before it appears; it is quite commonly preceded by erythema and vesication.

  27. The uncertain duration, however, must be borne in mind; months, and in some instances several years, may elapse before complete restoration of hair takes place.

  28. Even with the best of care some weeks must elapse before he would regain his former vigour, and while he lay in his hammock, a not too docile and submissive patient, affairs went on not at all prosperously at St. Andrews.

  29. And well was it for them both that he did, for having cleared the brine from his eyes and got a good look at the Bonnie Scotland, Donald realised with a sinking of heart that many minutes must elapse before they could be rescued.

  30. More than a twelvemonth was yet to elapse before they were wanted.

  31. Twenty years were to elapse before I should spend another Christmas week in the country.

  32. He “had let too long a time elapse since he had paid the good people there a visit.

  33. The degrees which separate the planets will indicate the years which elapse between these changes of fortune.

  34. I was especially solicitous that as long a time should elapse as possible before he was arrested.

  35. A full hour must elapse before the evening meal, and Greifenstein did not know what to do with his unwelcome guest.

  36. Greif at last, when he thought he had allowed a decent interval to elapse before putting the question which chiefly interested him.

  37. It always is so when a Chef de Poste dies suddenly and even a few days elapse before he is replaced.

  38. Thus, as she disrobed and prepared for bed, Elizabeth smiled even while she planned her social campaign at Palm Beach during the time which would elapse until she heard from her mother.

  39. I have an idea that Bill will know exactly where to find his superiors and not more than half an hour should elapse before they will come back," returned Mr. Ashby, glancing at his watch.

  40. Hence it will occasion no surprise that the germs burst through the strong covering with difficulty, and that sometimes weeks elapse before the seedlings appear, one or two at a time.

  41. Months may elapse between the appearance of the first and the last plant.

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