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  1. I now turned the horse's head towards the camp, intending to pass by the eland I had shot.

  2. At sundown we outspanned, made a hasty meal of dried eland meat roasted on the ashes, washed down with a cup of tea, and then inspanned again.

  3. Sir," he answered, "when he turned and stood looking at me from the top of that piece of rising ground, he looked like an eland bull!

  4. Another entry for December 6 in the same year stands: "Nine Burchell's zebras; two eland bulls.

  5. The eland is, in fact, one of those beasts that ought to have been trained to the service of man, and would have been in all probability had it existed in Asia instead of in Africa.

  6. The next moment he advanced to where the eland skin lay spread upon the ground behind the waggon, and seizing it, dashed back with it through the fence and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

  7. How different is the quiet resignation shown by the dying eland to the fierce defiance of every look and gesture of a roan or sable antelope brought to bay and fighting desperately to the very last.

  8. Once I came suddenly upon an eland while I had a Winchester rifle in my hand-- the eland and myself mutually astonished--at not more than twenty-five yards apart.

  9. Let me see the eland dead, and then I shall know how far the rifle shoot.

  10. If I kill that eland from here, will you give me the diamond for my horse and the wonderful rifle?

  11. During that day, at Tom's particular request, Poeskop rode back along the wagon spoor with the freshest pony, and recovered and brought in the head of the bull eland which Tom had first shot.

  12. The Bushman led the way; Guy, carrying the eland head in front of him, balanced on the pommel of his saddle, followed.

  13. The eland is the softest and most easily slain of all African beasts of chase, and, unlike most of the antelope family, which are astonishingly tenacious of life, will often fall dead to a single well-planted bullet.

  14. Seleti brought news that a big troop of eland had been feeding close to the camp during the night.

  15. The eland seldom runs at a gallop until very hard pressed; but the fine, slinging trot at which the great antelopes moved was fast enough to keep the hunters at a steady canter to hold them in view.

  16. After skinning the eland I had acquired a tremendous thirst, and could have drunk gallons; before sundown I began to find serious inconvenience from want of water.

  17. That eland was a big, full-grown bull, seven years old at least.

  18. Be off, and shoot a couple of eland if you like.

  19. At least, all the books I have ever read on African sport speak of eland as being very easily ridden in to.

  20. Tom had been so desperately intent on shooting and putting an end to the eland that he had for once omitted the act.

  21. That must be eland spoor," said Tom, pointing to a quantity of footprints, which showed that a large herd had gone by.

  22. Meanwhile, Guy and Poeskop had ridden away on the heels of the herd of eland which had run right-handed.

  23. This eland in his lifetime strode majestic on the hill-side, where he dwelt with his mates and their progeny, all English-born, like himself.

  24. Lord Eland to perpetuate his name; and this is probably the cause of his acceptance of so many titles for which he himself affected a philosophical indifference.

  25. This time both Dick and Jack were more upon the alert; and creeping cautiously up through the bushes, they caught sight of the eland grazing, just at the edge of a patch of forest about a hundred and fifty yards away.

  26. And now the young kings say you may go and eat the big eland they shot, and fill yourselves full.

  27. Then I heard a bird singing: I still wondered; but when I heard the Bushmen calling to me from the other side of the kloof, where the dead eland lay, the truth struck me in all its terror: I was blind.

  28. On the top of the big mountain beyond it, which you call the Katberg, herds of eland used often to browse.

  29. I was telling Evans one night, I remember, of some wonderful workings I had found whilst hunting koodoo and eland in what is now the Lydenburg district of the Transvaal.

  30. As Good was anxious to get a near view of them, never having seen an eland close, he handed his rifle to Umbopa, and, followed by Khiva, strolled up to the patch of bush.

  31. Milton people who knew her work, were sorry to see Mrs. Eland go.

  32. Maybe, if the money hadn't been lost, Mrs. Eland would have given us enough out of it to buy the car.

  33. I am not sorry Mrs. Eland and Miss Pepperill are going to be rich.

  34. Mrs. Eland and Miss Pepperill came in the doctor's automobile soon after noon, and Tess and Dot were at once engaged in entertaining these guests in the sitting room.

  35. But just see what good could have come to poor Miss Pepperill and Mrs. Eland if the money had reached their hands.

  36. Terrible for Ruth, because she saw crushed thus unexpectedly her desire to make Mrs. Eland and her sister happy and comfortable for life.

  37. Ruth would have ushered him into the sitting room where Mrs. Eland and her sister were; but Seneca shrank from that.

  38. And Mrs. Eland and Miss Pepperill are his nieces.

  39. I am sure he never gave it away," Mrs. Eland said, shaking her head.

  40. And it belonged to Mrs. Eland and her sister.

  41. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell Agnes that all that fortune they had lost belonged to Mrs. Eland and Miss Pepperill.

  42. How could poor Mrs. Eland leave her position to care for her sister?

  43. Drawing: Eland] The eland is the largest of all antelopes, and we ran across a few on the Tana River and a few on the Guas Ngishu Plateau.

  44. The head of the great bull eland makes a wonderfully imposing trophy when placed in your baronial halls.

  45. The egrets police the eland and capture all predatory ticks, while the rhino usually has half a dozen little tick birds sitting upon him.

  46. The eland is as big as a bull, with spiral horns and beautifully marked skin, and both the male and female carry horns.

  47. An eland grazed peacefully upon a distant hill, and a wart-hog trotted away as we approached.

  48. Photograph: A Museum Specimen Must Be Preserved Entire] [Photograph: The Eland Is the Largest of the African Antelopes] The whole thing was as plain as could be.

  49. Within two hours of Nairobi the sportsman may find twelve or fifteen species, while within the space of four weeks a lucky hunter might secure elephant, lion, rhinoceros, buffalo, eland and hippopotamus.

  50. When disturbed by the sight of man, the antelopes of Africa, to which class the eland belongs, will almost invariably start at a long trot with their heads towards the wind.

  51. Eland beef, therefore, was plentiful, and other varieties of game not wanting; so that but little hardship was encountered even by Katrine and her sister during the four days that they took to ride to the lager of their relatives.

  52. Even when they have to run the gauntlet of the hunters, the eland will usually prefer doing so and keeping his head to the wind, rather than run down wind.

  53. The eland may probably be the animal first mentioned by Livingstone, but the other animal is not known.

  54. Alkmarum is en mare jefta flyt, therin leid en eland, vppa that eland moton tha swarte and bruna manniska hwila evin as to Lydahisburch.

  55. Thervmbe mende hju that er nen kwa an stek, thach as wi afternei sagon ho wi misden hede havon wi that eland Missellja [39] heten.

  56. Tha-k althus wei faren was mith mina ljvd fon Athenia, kemon wi to tha lesta an en eland thrvch min ljvd Kreta heten vm-a wilda kreta tham et folk anhyv by vsa kvmste.

  57. Troops of eland crossed their path from time to time, but their minds being pre-occupied with the thought of some danger abroad, these were not molested.

  58. There were many mouths to feed in camp, and the child eland was three parts grown.

  59. A good wash in the river, a hearty meal of eland meat, with a dessert of the mobala fruit, strongly resembling in flavour the English strawberry, and then the hunter told his tale.

  60. Sending the eland meat to camp, the hunters took their way to the river bank, searching for the spoor of the lion.

  61. A fire was lit, some strips of venison cut from an eland killed the previous day, roasted on the embers, and they made a hearty meal.

  62. With so strong a party it was easy to drive the antelope, so hartebeest and eland meat was plentiful in the camp.

  63. The eland was a female, easily distinguished as such from the very great difference of colour, being of a light pale yellow, with a splendid pair of spirally-twisted horns.

  64. Trotting jauntily along, his little feet hardly seeming to touch the ground, a young eland came to the side of the dead mother.

  65. The alarm would spread, and at one moment there could not have been less than a hundred and fifty eland moving near them across the plain.

  66. The greater part of the eland lies in the brush near the river side.

  67. The family of Sir John Eland had been seated here for several generations, descended from Leisingus de Eland, from whom Lasingcroft derives its name.

  68. Accordingly they set off, accompanied by an armed band of men, and secreted themselves in Crumblebottom Wood, on the wayside from Eland to Brighouse.

  69. Some say that Eland Sheriff was By Beaumont disobey'd, Which might him make for that trespass With him the worst afraid.

  70. Sir John Eland, the younger, left a daughter and heiress, who married Sir John Savile, of Tankersley, and conveyed the Eland and other estates to that family.

  71. Sir John, his wife, and little son, left Eland Hall for church, taking a short cut over the stones of the mill-dam which was nearly empty in consequence of a drought.

  72. Suddenly an eland dashed out from a clump of bushes barely a hundred yards off, not having heard their approach.

  73. Jack fired, missed, fired again, and the eland gave one high spring and rolled heels over head.

  74. Charlie, Jack and the General scoured the plain that afternoon, bringing in three eland and sending the Masai out after two zebra.

  75. The African buffalo is as readily tamed as its Asiatic brother; the zebra was as susceptible of taming as the early wild horse and ass; the eland is probably of all big ruminants the one that most readily lends itself to domestication.

  76. Once the song was merely an expression of gratified approval of the quality of the meat of an eland I had shot during the day.

  77. There is no great excitement about this chase, except that it is not every day an eland can be started.

  78. Before he was able to do so, he was surprised to see the eland gallop up again, and try to pass him upon the plain.

  79. The flesh of the eland is highly esteemed, and does not yield in delicacy to that of any of the antelope, deer, or bovine tribes.

  80. Of course the eland affording such excellent meat, and in so large a quantity, is zealously hunted for his spoils.

  81. The heavy-going eland was soon overtaken, and as it trotted to one side, was passed.

  82. He had never shot an eland in his life--that was one reason--and another was, that he wished to procure a supply of the fine venison which lies in such quantities over the ribs of these animals.

  83. The eland had turned from a rufous dun colour to that of a leaden blue; the saliva fell from his lips in long streamers, foam dappled his broad chest, the tears rolled out of his big eyes, and his gallop became changed to a weary trot.

  84. He knew a better plan than to kill the eland upon the spot.

  85. Being only a poor runner and always very fat, the hunt is usually a short one; and ends in the eland being shot down, skinned, and cut up.

  86. Whereas he could save all this trouble by driving the eland to camp; and this was his design.

  87. Not only the drove kept on, but Hendrik's quagga following close at their heels; and in less than five minutes they had left the eland a full mile in their rear, and were still scouring onward over the wide plain.

  88. The fact was, that as soon as the eland halted Hendrik intended to halt also; and for that purpose pulled strongly upon his bridle.

  89. He would lose his quagga and his saddle as well--he regarded the eland as already lost--he would have to walk back to camp, and get laughed at on his return.

  90. As the quaggas went off in the same direction which the eland had taken, of course Hendrik's road and theirs lay so far together; and on galloped he at their heels.

  91. The eland is one of those antelopes that appear to be independent of water.

  92. Report has it that in some of the Drakensberg kloofs between Basutoland and Natal a few stray eland may also be found.

  93. The eland is the one conspicuous exception.

  94. Shot a bastard eland before reaching the pan, which we secured by sending my two boys to protect it whilst we outspanned, as the distance was only a few hundred yards from the pan.

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