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  1. Maybe they have discovered what we are up to, and have struck out for their country off there across Elk River," Lone Walker said to Eagle Ribs.

  2. Before night they will cross Elk River and fortify themselves so strongly in timber, or on hill, that it will be impossible for us to carry the position!

  3. We wanted to get across Elk River, the Yellowstone, before the ice went out.

  4. Sander, --In elk geval, meende Jan, zou er niet geroepen zijn wanneer de persoon die riep zich niet in gevaar bevonden had.

  5. Tall Elk came to the door of his wigwam, wherein sat several pretty young Cree wives sewing beads and dainty work upon his war jacket; and going to the horseman he said: "The messenger from the great chief is welcome.

  6. But," continued the Colonel, "I hope that Tall Elk and his braves will do no harm to Stephens.

  7. Just now a band of painted Crees with Tall Elk and Jean, Le Grand Chef's man, at their head are coming to make you prisoners.

  8. Tall Elk comes to see if Great Colonel would like to come too.

  9. So strange was his attitude toward elk that he had gone meat-hungry many a time with these great stags bugling near his camp.

  10. Wade, I want some elk steak," old Belllounds had said the day before.

  11. But they split on deer tracks an' elk tracks an' Lord knows what all.

  12. They had shot at three elk and their aim was true; but the arrows came out on the other side—bloodless.

  13. The swiftness of the elk was in his feet!

  14. And he of the Big Elk band said: “Let the Poncas come down in the night and drive away our ponies, and I will gather my band about me.

  15. An elk forged slowly past, his wide antlers tipped with light.

  16. Voeren we nu elk onze gronden aan, en wegen we die in de schaal eener onpartijdige regtspraak.

  17. The king Dewananpiyatissa departed for an elk hunt, taking with him a retinue; and in the course of the pursuit of the game on foot, he came to the Missa mountain.

  18. The creek rippled over the limestone, and an elk screamed in the forest far beyond.

  19. Many times in the pursuit of my affairs I journeyed over that country which I had known when it belonged to the Indian and the deer and the elk and the wolf and the buffalo.

  20. When I told them of these three thousand elk all in view at once, they grunted loudly, whether with satisfaction or with incredulity, I could not tell.

  21. Elk horns were scattered all over this part of the Park, and we passed several old carcasses of dead elk that had probably died a natural death.

  22. Through our glasses we counted the separate bands, and then the numbers of some of the bands or groups, and estimated that three thousand elk were in full view in the landscape around us.

  23. The day before, he and the major had located a band of several hundred elk on a broad, treeless hillside, and his purpose was to find those elk, and creep up on them, and eat his lunch under their very noses.

  24. I had never seen a wild elk till on this trip, but they had been among the notable game that he had hunted.

  25. He afterwards told me that he wanted me to get a good view of those elk at close range, and he was afraid that if he sent the major or Hofer to lead me, I would not get it.

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