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Example sentences for "antiquated"

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antiquarian; antiquarianism; antiquarians; antiquaries; antiquary; antique; antiques; antiqui; antiquis; antiquitate
  1. Nash speaks of the Vice as an antiquated figure as early as 1592 (Wks.

  2. The Nambutiris love this antiquated form of theatrical performance, and patronise it to a remarkable extent.

  3. The stalk is continued until game is approached, sometimes to within a few yards, when a charge of slugs from the antiquated match-lock has the same effect as the most up-to-date bullet from the most modern weapon.

  4. There is at least not one antiquated or obscure phrase in the whole.

  5. But profane and antiquated fables reject, but exercise thyself unto godliness.

  6. Now what is antiquated and grown aged, is near evanescence.

  7. The antiquated ideas, morality, duty, principles, and faiths that do not exist for me are firmly established with you.

  8. We are parting for ever, if stupidity commands, if your Grandmother's antiquated convictions separate us.

  9. I keep no antiquated stuff; But spick and span I have enough.

  10. It was said of him that he reached Paradise and the old homestead late one evening, and that the next day he was making ready for a run of iron in the antiquated blast-furnace.

  11. Also, on the banks of the river, there was the antiquated iron-furnace which, long before the war, had given the town its pretentious name.

  12. There are antiquated houses with mossy roofs, brass knockers on the doors, which were built two hundred years ago.

  13. Some dressed themselves in old-fashioned and antiquated clothes which they found in the chambers.

  14. Here you see formality and simplicity, antiquated stateliness and decent finery brought together, with a pervading spirit of comfortable equality in social pleasures.

  15. Here it is chiefly observable in the large brown wood houses, and in the people--the shepherd and shepherdess gaiety of their dress, with a sort of antiquated stiffness.

  16. There's an old carriage that looks as if it were on its last legs," laughed Violet, leading the way back to where the antiquated vehicle and its sleepy driver awaited them.

  17. The boy who daily brought them provisions from the village had been commissioned to send the antiquated carriage after the girls so that they could get down to the village in time to meet the early train.

  18. In consequence, those who most deplore our waning sense of sin try us by a perverted or antiquated standard, and fasten often on changes of sentiment and habit which are by no means necessarily or largely sinful.

  19. Why this declining from the best into sloppy or antiquated work, to name only two main sorts of technological fallacy?

  20. Moreover, the antiquated arrangements and the distribution of faculties in the universities are just as little in harmony with the point we have reached in monistic science as the curriculum of the primary and secondary schools.

  21. He was a devilish uncomfortable customer with antiquated notions of revenge, but now he had shot his wad and was going to undo his tricks.

  22. This must be distinctly proclaimed, as some who misunderstand the modern method of Mythology pervert it in a false and antiquated way by the introduction of symbolism.

  23. The persistence of the type of military government which we see to-day in Japan is harmful for all alike because it is as antiquated as Tsarism and a perpetual menace to a disarmed nation such as China.

  24. The largest square in Teheran is the Top Meidan or "Cannon plain," where several small and antiquated pieces of artillery are enclosed in a fence.

  25. The smugglers of firearms must have made huge profits on the sale of these antiquated weapons, for firearms are among the few articles for which large sums of ready money can be obtained in Persia.

  26. The Schools and the Bodleian had set their back against the stately portico of the Clarendon Press; while the antiquated Ashmolean had given place to the more modern Townhall.

  27. The footman shows in Miss Honeywood, dressed in an antiquated bonnet and mantle, waving a huge fan.

  28. The searching look he gave her turned into an expression of relief, which, to her infinite uneasiness, again feebly lightened into one of antiquated gallantry.

  29. He was asleep, but she was astounded to find that in the interval he had managed to dress himself completely in his antiquated finery.

  30. Bergen, we found, is antiquated in more respects than one.

  31. All public addresses, as well as prose documents of a weighty or serious character, must be spoken or written in this pompous and antiquated style, owing to which, naturally, the country is almost destitute of orators.

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