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Example sentences for "forefinger"

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  1. When his forefinger swept across my features, in laying out the borders of those parallel bands which were to encircle my countenance, the flesh fairly crawled upon my bones.

  2. When a sufficient quantity had been thus obtained, water was poured upon the mass, and being stirred about with the forefinger of the right hand, the preparation was soon in readiness for use.

  3. She walked to the mantel-piece, and ran her forefinger down one of them.

  4. Then, putting her forefinger to her lip again, “Not a sound!

  5. The latter was drawing small circles on the table in front of him with the white forefinger of his left hand, his eyes intently followed his finger, his white right hand rested on the edge of the partly open drawer.

  6. The white forefinger of the white left hand went on quietly describing the circles, but the circles were one after the other increasing in circumference.

  7. This, for instance," and he raised his hand; it stood out like snow in front of the violet velvet, and a large amethyst on the forefinger gleamed redly in the downward light.

  8. But my romance lies within reach of my hand," she murmured, touching his lips with her forefinger and receiving the inevitable kiss.

  9. Rob was so absorbed in contemplation of the parrot, and in trolling his forefinger on the wires, that he made no answer.

  10. The old woman, still holding him as before, took this opportunity of raising the forefinger of her right hand, in the air, as a stealthy signal to the concealed observer to give particular attention to what was about to follow.

  11. He was confused by the circumstance that the right forefinger of the One old man seemed to dip itself in one of the threads of fire, light itself, and make a fiery start in the air, as it pointed somewhere.

  12. The tunal grew a dark smudge, drawn by a wizard forefinger around De Guardiola, his men-at-arms, the silver bars and the gold crescents from Guiana.

  13. Even as Nevil and Arden looked where Robin's shaking forefinger bade them look, he raised and waved his hand.

  14. The sweat must not taste over salt and when held between thumb and forefinger and the two are drawn apart must not adhere in filaments.

  15. Amongst Hindus sneezing and yawning are caused by evil spirits whom they drive away by snapping thumb and forefinger as loudly as possible.

  16. She pointed a slim forefinger imperiously toward the doorway.

  17. Again he pointed to the sun and describing an arc with his forefinger starting at the eastern horizon and terminating at the western, he repeated again the words as adenen.

  18. The creature, pressing a forefinger to his own lips as to enjoin silence, attempted by pulling on Tarzan's arm to indicate that they should leave at once.

  19. Then put he the forefinger of the right hand in the like buckle of the left, but he put it under, and not over, as Panurge did.

  20. Then Panurge knocked one hand against another, and blowed in his palm, and put again the forefinger of his right hand into the overture or mouth of the left, pulling it often in and out.

  21. You would have me then, quoth Panurge, twisting the whiskers of his beard on either side with the thumb and forefinger of his left hand, to espouse and take to wife the prudent frugal woman described by Solomon.

  22. Then stretched he out the forefinger and middle finger or medical of his right hand, holding them asunder as much as he could, and thrusting them towards Thaumast.

  23. They are then removed, by hundreds at a time, with a broad iron spatula, on which they are retained by the forefinger of the left hand.

  24. With his right hand he closes the shears; and the two turns of the spiral being cut off, drop into a basin; the position of the forefinger preventing the heads from flying about when cut off.

  25. In some Hindoo pictures, the child is naked, having the member erect, and also making the phallic hand, with the right forefinger erected.

  26. The kings present towards it a well-known symbol of life and good fortune, the fist with the forefinger extended, or "the phallic hand.

  27. The right hand of the figure makes the symbol of the yoni with the forefinger and thumb, the rest of the fingers typifying the triad.

  28. Sometimes the forefinger is pointed instead, and in both cases the male is symbolised.

  29. The service was proceeding with a solemn simplicity; the aged deacon was coughing and clearing his throat before each sentence and warningly shaking a stubby fat forefinger whenever his gaze discovered a whispering pair in the throng.

  30. He frequently drew Thomas into conversation and warningly raising his bony forefinger crowned with a long and untidy finger nail he significantly admonished him: "Look to it, Thomas.

  31. Hold a ring between thumb and forefinger at some distance from the boy addressed, and giving him a crooked stick, ask him to close one eye and try to catch the ring on the stick.

  32. Thus, beginning with the forefinger of the left hand, July will come on the knuckle of the little finger; then beginning with August on the forefinger of the right hand, December will be reached at the knuckle of the third finger.

  33. It may be sent on its way by simply snapping it with the forefinger of the right hand while it is held on the book in your left.

  34. An English master might give you a single rein to be passed outside the little finger, and between the forefinger and the middle finger, the loop coming between the forefinger and thumb, and being held in place by the thumb.

  35. Cæsar moistened his forefinger and held it in the air a moment.

  36. Besides, my thumb and forefinger are pretty sore from that fuse burn and it's hard to grip the wheel.

  37. Bob grasped the lighted part of the fuse between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand.

  38. It is too funny to see her coming with one hand covered with a napkin and the forefinger of the other on her lips!

  39. Then with the thumb and forefinger catch his nose and pinch the nostrils close, at the same time place the palm of your hand on his chin and push firmly outward.

  40. But she obeyed without a word, after one backward start and then a brief hovering in decision of thumb and forefinger over my held-out hand.

  41. My beloved put her forefinger to her lips, whispering: 'Sh-h-h!

  42. I stood with hanging arm, forefinger on trigger, looking at her.

  43. Twice he closed the book on his forefinger to look at the name of the author.

  44. With thumb and forefinger she swept the dripping suds first from one arm and then from the other.

  45. Eustace watched it grimly as it hung on to the cornice with three fingers, flicking thumb and forefinger at him in an expression of scornful derision.

  46. Adrian was sitting reading in bed, the forefinger of his left hand tracing the Braille characters, when his nephew noticed that a pencil the old man held in his right hand was moving slowly along the opposite page.

  47. She rose and pointed her forefinger toward the door.

  48. The item that each solid and blunt forefinger pointed out was an advertisement headed "One Hundred Dollars Reward.

  49. The steerer looked pained, and investigated a white speck on his left forefinger nail.

  50. Fuzzy, touching Betsy with his forefinger to be sure that she was the one referred to.

  51. I saw the callous spot on your right forefinger where the handle of the pestle rubs.

  52. Almayer shook off the officer's hand with impatience, but his ill-humour vanished at once, and he looked up, putting his forefinger to the side of his nose.

  53. Almayer followed Ali's forefinger with his eyes for a long time in vain.

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