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Example sentences for "foregathered"

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  1. I can't decide which I shall do," sighed Hinpoha plaintively to the other three, who had foregathered in the library of the Bradford home one afternoon at the beginning of the summer.

  2. Then he took ship for Ayas, where he took the mule from the inn and returning to Baghdad, foregathered with Hassan Shouman, to whom said he, 'Has the Khalif asked for me?

  3. At this I marvelled and waited till the times were accomplished and I foregathered with thee.

  4. FN#361] When we heard where he was, we came to Adan in search of him, and when we foregathered with him there, he told us that he was trading in stuffs with the monies and buying goods upon goods.

  5. So she and her maidens set out with Sayf al-Muluk for Sarandib and, entering the Garden belonging to the Queen of Hind, foregathered with Daulat Khatun and Badi'a al-Jamal.

  6. My glance for ever turns toward your hearth and home * And mourns my heart the bygone days you woned with me, How many a night foregathered we withouten fear * One loving, other faithful ever, fain and free!

  7. Gamblers, suave, easy, ingratiating, foregathered and started the ball of high stakes rolling.

  8. The chief feature of interest for him lay in the fact that the men foregathered were a collection of those who belonged to the "something-for-nothing" class, as he graphically described them.

  9. It was with these three that Philip foregathered during his later years at school.

  10. But once a week the whole hierarchy foregathered in the Masters' Common Room and dined together.

  11. Thank goodness, everything is ready at last," breathed Felicity devoutly, as we foregathered for a brief space in the fir wood.

  12. They foregathered in the streets and revelled to their hearts' content.

  13. After the meal the three foregathered outside the house.

  14. After dinner the men foregathered in the shade of an acacia and smoked, saying little, but each thinking of the future.

  15. He rejoiced in my deliverance and thanked God the Most High; then he caused write my story in letters of gold and I betook myself to my house and foregathered with my brethren and family.

  16. When we came to thy father's presence, he fell in love with thy mother and going in to her one night, foregathered with her, and she became with child by him of thee.

  17. On the morrow, they foregathered with Zoulmekan, and each recognised the other as has been before set out.

  18. Over the river, on the rising ground full in his view was the famous Catrail; and through his own land ran the Rhymer's Glen, where True Thomas foregathered with the Queen of Faëry.

  19. Just before sunset I foregathered with old Adam Linton, his large creel three-quarters full of beauties.

  20. The Queen of Hind foregathered with the other Queen and acquainted her with her daughter's safe return, whereat she rejoiced; and rejoiced in each other.

  21. I said, "O my lady, have ye ever foregathered and had such commerce and converse as might cause this passion?

  22. Then she began to come to me and I to go to her, so that we foregathered and met often, till the case was noised abroad and grew notorious and her sire came to know of it.

  23. I sat in the smoking-room, depressed and cross, and it must have been on the principle that misery loves company that I foregathered with Talbot, or rather that Talbot foregathered with me.

  24. They were afraid if all three conspirators foregathered they might inadvertently drop some clew that would lead to suspicion and discovery.

  25. At the appointed hour I made my way up the East India Dock-road to Green's Home, where I foregathered with most of my shipmates, who were dogged by villainous-looking men as closely as if they were criminals out for an airing.

  26. During the preparations, the pilot, the mate, and the police-officer foregathered on the poop to indulge in a smoke, and discuss the ways of seamen in general.

  27. It had been partly raised for ventilation, which was needed in that little, inside room, especially since twelve men were foregathered there, and since every man in the lot was burning tobacco in some form.

  28. Charming associations surround the spot where I foregathered with the great war correspondent.

  29. I only know I never foregathered with a couple of them without feeling that we were all three the harder and yet the tenderer men for our humble sacrifices, our aching hearts and our precarious lives.

  30. We foregathered with one chip from the modern battle-axe: a Sergeant and old soldier who had been through all the war and through South Africa.

  31. Later on, when the shutters were up and the public thus kept off, the family foregathered unasked into my room, bringing with them their own tea and nuts, and laying themselves out to be entertained.

  32. They invaded the graceless youth's room, much to the pretended alarm of that torturesome collegian, who believed that the entire student-body of old Bannister had foregathered to wreak vengeance on his devoted head.

  33. At night he was usually to be found at the White Camel Pool Hall where the local sporting element foregathered and made its plans for the evening.

  34. Although he belonged nominally to the “bunch” of young gringos, Jews and Mexicans, who foregathered at the White Camel Pool Hall, their amusements did not hold his interest very strongly.

  35. All his life Dumas devotedly admired the sentiment and fancies which foregathered in this forest, whose very trees and stones he knew so well.

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