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Example sentences for "foregone"

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foregathered; foregathering; forego; foregoes; foregoing; foreground; foregrounds; forehand; forehanded; forehead
  1. The vote of the Senate is a foregone conclusion," I wrote.

  2. The fate of the Congregations of women engaged in teaching is a foregone conclusion.

  3. The sympathy of sectarian antagonism with anti-Catholic measures, in any part of the world, is always a foregone conclusion.

  4. Their first courtship, pursued under intolerable restrictions of time and place, had been a rather uninspired affair, and its end a foregone conclusion.

  5. She seemed a saint who had foregone heaven and remained on earth to help him.

  6. Now whenas night fell the Sultan retired homewards fancying that his boy had foregone him to his mother while the Sultánah fancied that her child was with his father, and this endured till such time as the King had entered the Harem.

  7. Meanwhile the second dust-cloud approached until those beneath it met the others who had foregone them, and behold, under it was the husband of the disguised Princess and his many.

  8. The uncritical and inaccurate character of the Fathers rendered them peculiarly liable to be misled by foregone devout conclusions.

  9. No such modern ideas, based upon mere foregone conclusions, can be allowed to enter into a discussion regarding a work dating from the time of Tatian.

  10. In fact, the argument throughout is based upon foregone conclusions, and rarely upon any solid grounds whatever.

  11. He would have given anything if Rickman could have accepted it, but refusal was a foregone conclusion.

  12. Miss Harden received the announcement as if it had been a foregone conclusion.

  13. When he was brought to the torture (menato a lo tormento) he cried out in a consternation which is wild with foregone conclusions.

  14. Lord Blandamer must have deliberately foregone the aid of recollections such as Anastasia's portrait would have called up in his antagonist's mind.

  15. To these latter, the necessity of erecting their own mills was foregone on the stipulation that their grain and that of their censitaires, should be ground in the seminary mill.

  16. Either the plastic energies of a higher race, or the servile pliancy of a lower one, would each in its way have preserved them; as it was, their extinction was a foregone conclusion.

  17. And now, according to Sergey Ivanovitch's account, the people had foregone this privilege they had bought at such a costly price.

  18. How was his death to be made, not a foregone conclusion, a mere conventional suicide, but the culminating moment of the tragedy?

  19. The older settlers shook their heads; the more timorous dared to hope; even old Roiheim, who would make profit by the adjacency of soldiers, would willingly have foregone the extra trade.

  20. But, at that moment, the girl would rather have foregone life itself than the glance he bestowed upon her out of his grave, dark eyes.

  21. He had been nineteen then and courting Emma, and it was a foregone conclusion that the world was not only to be their oyster, but that it would be filled with the purest of pearls.

  22. It was a foregone conclusion that Tad was about because Tad, his eldest son, was always somewhere.

  23. He had submitted, and had foregone his boyish dreams of Harvard, where all his mates were going; but the sacrifice seemed to have put him at odds with life.

  24. Illustrations may be found in A Foregone Conclusion, one of the happiest of his novels, whose scene is laid in Venice, in The Lady of the Aroostook, and in many slight sketches.

  25. The girls who set the type of the Free Press had by no means foregone the rights and privileges of their sex in espousing their art, and they had their beaux on Sunday night like other young ladies.

  26. She had no foregone conclusion to arrive at, no wish to find evidence in favour of the woman which would prove the man wrong.

  27. Should this be done, as it is now believed that it will be, the nomination of ex-Senator Thurman, by the Democrats, would be a foregone conclusion.

  28. I don't see what the Republicans can gain by shoving matters to an extent that looks like a foregone conclusion.

  29. The men that have enquired, or affected to enquire, into Ethics, have rarely been impartial; they have laboured under prejudices or sinister interests; and have been the advocates of foregone conclusions.

  30. Aristippus put forward strongly the impossibility of realizing all the Happiness that might seem within one's reach; such were the attendant and deterring evils, that many pleasures had to be foregone by the wise man.

  31. The mere fact of that terrible name seems to establish a foregone conclusion; few are the prisoners at that bar who have ever escaped.

  32. It must not, however, be understood that the Annexation was a foregone conclusion, or that Sir T.

  33. The emperor himself seemed to accept the position as a foregone conclusion.

  34. He had given trouble enough; had earned misfortune amply, and foregone the right to murmur.

  35. They have foregone matters of moment, and have fallen upon these poor unfortunates.

  36. Consider a war which happeneth between two states: both sides have foregone wealth and life: how many villages were beheld as though they were not!

  37. To such a person the historical inquiry, as far as a miracle is concerned, must be a foregone conclusion.

  38. And in truth, as the winter, when wolves are hungry and daring, was over, his protection was a foregone conclusion till the cold days came again.

  39. When it was over, the rest was almost a foregone conclusion.

  40. The sentence was a foregone conclusion, and was so outrageous that its result could only be the strengthening of opposition.

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