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  1. No more ancient throne exists in Europe, or probably in the world, and none whose associations are anything like so full of interest (Plate I.

  2. The truth is, the possession of power by men or associations makes them selfish and generally cruel.

  3. In running over some of the reasons for the present discontent, and the often illogical expression of it, I am far from saying anything against legitimate associations for securing justice and fair play.

  4. Some of the objects proposed by these associations are chimerical, but the agitation will doubtless go on until another element is introduced into work and wages than mere supply and demand.

  5. With such views associations were organized in some of the States, and their purposes were proclaimed through the press in language extremely irritating and offensive to those of whom the colonists were to become the neighbors.

  6. To refuse this degree to a certain class of our graduates is to exclude them from such associations and from the privileges which they afford; and this is just what is intended.

  7. Above all, work done in such associations is not done without observation, and there are present witnesses to attest the results, and publish them with the authority which is required to insure for them general acceptance.

  8. Spirited resolutions were adopted by the colonial Assemblies, denouncing the acts of Parliament, and new non-importation associations were formed, which almost destroyed the commerce with England.

  9. It is invested with associations of considerable interest.

  10. It is susceptible of being made one of the most attractive burial-places in this country, for, aside from the beauties of nature there spread out, associations of the deepest interest give a charm to the spot.

  11. At the junction of the rivers we turned eastward, and in a few moments Wyoming and all its attractions were left behind, and scenery and associations of a far different cast were around us.

  12. These associations became general in all the colonies, under the sanction of the Assemblies.

  13. The portal of hope was now closed, and, turning from commercial pursuits, he resolved to seek relief from the bitter associations of his home amid the turmoils of war.

  14. The associations connected with the day nerved the Americans to more vigorous action, and they determined to celebrate and signalize the time by an act of retributive vengeance.

  15. It is a spot worthy of the residence of an American bard so endowed, for the associations which hallow it are linked with the noblest themes that ever awakened the inspiration of a child of song.

  16. The phrase suggests a train of associations that kindle the imagination.

  17. She said: "No, I should like to go either to a country with little or no history like Corsica, or else to one with very old associations like Greece.

  18. However, the place grows upon me; its recent associations are cheerful, and I am getting to like it fast.

  19. I wish I could go abroad, anywhere, everywhere with you, Lucy, and leave this place and its associations for ever!

  20. It had for him the associations and the scents of a shrine, and he would never see it again!

  21. The smile that he attempted roused such ogerish associations in Marcella, she must needs say something to give colour to the half-desperate laugh that caught her.

  22. When my gaze rested upon that shot-torn flag all the memories of its associations flashed through my mind in an instant, as well as the full realization of what its possession would mean to us and what its absence signified.

  23. Facts of this kind are the simplest; their psychological mechanism is easy to penetrate; the associations of images are almost logical, and their dreamlike character is scarcely marked.

  24. All these associations bear the characteristic stamp of dreams.

  25. He has travelled a great deal, but has no souvenir of any connection whatever between his portmanteau and dead bodies, except the associations which stories of the nature of the Gouffe affair may evoke.

  26. There are persons who allow themselves sometimes to speak of associations like ours, if not with disapprobation, at least with levity and distrust.

  27. Associations formed to support principles may be called parties; but if they have no bond of union but adherence to particular men, they become factions.

  28. Associations of tradesmen, and even of domestics, sent defiance to each other, and even to whole cities, on pretences trivial as those sometimes the occasion of the Grand Wars between nations.

  29. Let us all unite in efforts for increased usefulness, in harmony with one another, and with kindred associations of our own country and of other lands.

  30. The associations of the day on which this deed was done added to its character as a mockery of Human Rights.

  31. The main differences between the earlier associations and those of a later date lay in the avowed motive of confederacy and in the nature of the influence they exercised.

  32. Sidenote: Social,] The associations of fellow workmen for the purposes of religion also took the form of clubs for mutual benefit and assistance.

  33. The companies watched them grow up without a twinge of conscience, though it was their own neglect of duty which made such associations an absolute necessity.

  34. I should explain that, in the present Essay, I have restricted myself to associations which had for their object the regulation of trade.

  35. The former were associations in which every member was responsible for the actions of each of his fellows; in the Craft Gilds each member bound himself to abide by the regulations of the rest.

  36. They doubtless formed the model to which the later associations looked, and, except in details, differed little from the Craft Gilds.

  37. The companies themselves fell back into their original condition of voluntary associations of individuals united for purposes partly benevolent but mainly social, and of which the state took no cognisance.

  38. Internal disorder was adding to the degradation into which the once honourable associations were falling.

  39. Sidenote: The Drapers' Company represents the interests of Shrewsbury] The company of the Drapers was the most considerable and influential of the trade associations of Shrewsbury.

  40. In the election of their officers the English Gilds differed materially from similar associations on the continent.

  41. But in all other trades the law had upheld the companies, and associations strong as these were in antiquity were not to be destroyed without a struggle.

  42. Both men were nearing forty years of age, and, beyond the associations of the trader's place, they had never mixed with their fellows.

  43. Their associations with him, although chiefly of a business nature, were decidedly friendly.

  44. Not that we have not also very pleasant associations with your wife,[1] but she is as yet stranger to us of course.

  45. From this double connection with two of the first men in the country their family associations are particularly agreeable.

  46. No associations such as societies of discharged soldiers, shooting or touring clubs, educational establishments, or universities may occupy themselves with military matters.

  47. There can be no doubt that the relations growing out of our associations here assure a permanent friendship between the two peoples.

  48. It was not meant to be rigorously enforced, but was intended as a trial of the deference of these Associations for civil authority.

  49. It is not at all surprising, therefore, that the incorporated architects in all cultivated nations should arrogate to themselves a pre-eminence over the similar associations of other tradesmen.

  50. Do secret associations promote instruction and true human happiness, or are they the children of necessity, of the multifarious wants, of unnatural conditions, or the inventions of vain and cunning men?

  51. The above accounts evince in the most uncontrovertible manner the dangerous tendency of all mystical societies, and of all associations who hold secret meetings.

  52. M'Leod's traditions and mental associations were necessarily imbued with the atmosphere of such surroundings.

  53. But on the royal office of Immanuel, their prelatic training and associations seem to have blinded their minds.

  54. He died quietly, surrounded by friends, with his mind full of the inspiring associations connected with the day.

  55. He did not know anything about old Sommerville; the name awakened no associations in his mind, and even the housekeeper's long narrative as she followed him caught his attention only by intervals.

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