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Example sentences for "forefathers"

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  1. The Chairman intimated that, having read the clause twice, he would read it no more.

  2. But the nature of the powers for which Mr. Forster would ask, was a well-guarded secret.

  3. It aint by no means sartin that we, any on us, ever had any forefathers afore the old Shoemaker, that we've jest been a telling on; but he was a hull team and horse to boot.

  4. If it warn't for that, we Yankees, that had forefathers in the Revolutionary war, have as good a right to brag about our pure blood, as the greatest and oldest line of proud England.

  5. I wonder if their forefathers were, once on a time, the hooligans and yeggmen of some very ancient Babylon Bowery or the East End of some pre-Nimrodic Nineveh?

  6. For our forefathers and the prophets learned the benefits of Christ, both out of the promise given to Abraham and from other parts of those histories.

  7. The old customs, domestic habits, and dress of our forefathers described in these chapters are too much neglected by historians, and a study of them will while away a leisure hour very pleasantly.

  8. Surely it does not consist in the number of generations merely which separate the individual from his forefathers who first settled here.

  9. So our forefathers teach us; so the harpers sing.

  10. Our own boys and girls who in the fall leaped over the bonfire of burning leaves were unpremeditatedly imitating in a playful manner and with risk what their forefathers had done religiously.

  11. Many Tahitians, he said, had never seen such a fabulous brute, and T'yonni had stirred in them a mood of dissatisfaction by telling that their forefathers had descended from similar beings.

  12. The stevedores and roustabouts of the waterfront made ballads of happenings as their forefathers had chants of the fierce adventures of their constant warfare.

  13. Well, 't is like our savage forefathers of Britain challenging Julius C├Žsar and the Roman power.

  14. False and corrupt innovations of literature, a compound of facts and fiction, intermingling the old and the new in heterogeneous assemblage, would persuade us to think much more of our forefathers than they thought of themselves.

  15. Our Anglo-Saxon forefathers have left a curious testimony to this view of the question in their word "holy" or wholesome.

  16. Now sharpen our spears, well prove each tough bow, And the swords of our forefathers wield.

  17. The Saxon gentlemen, who had held the forefathers of Hyla in thrall, were stern and hard, but life had been possible with them.

  18. He was a Jew, too, and his forefathers had scourged God Incarnate.

  19. Science has lifted up the veil, and rolled away all the fantastic horrors in which our forefathers shrouded these and similar cases.

  20. It is not possible that human beings can be wearied with what they have not done--that the labours of their forefathers can fatigue them.

  21. Whereas, before, our forefathers had no other books but the score and the tally, thou hast caused printing to be used.

  22. As who should say, it were a very dangerous matter if a man in any point should be found wiser than his forefathers were.

  23. They speak the language of their forefathers as closely as do the English, although no written documents have aided them in keeping it alive.

  24. By these two pomps of the carroccio and of the bell was maintained the lordly pride of the people of old and of our forefathers in their expeditions.

  25. This carroccio was used by our forefathers in triumphs and solemnities, and when they went out with the host, the neighbouring counts and knights brought it from the armoury of S.

  26. And Virgil the poet confirms it in his book of the Aeneid, when the gods said to Aeneas that he should seek the country of Italy, whence had come his forefathers which had built Troy; and this was true.

  27. If so, they contradict those signs which we confess to be true signs, those which have signified to us and to our forefathers that all life is in Him, that all light is from Him.

  28. Jerusalem had fallen, or was about to fall; nowhere, perhaps, would he be more likely to find a colony of men attached to the customs of his forefathers than in that city.

  29. During lunar eclipses they still believe in the tradition of their forefathers to make their dogs howl or cry by pinching them either in the body or ears, or else they will beat on boards, benches, and doors.

  30. Here you will be among your own, for my forefathers also came from Athens.

  31. Every day you should learn a month of the calendar which our forefathers made.

  32. We are prosperous because our forefathers bequeathed to us a land of marvellous resources still unexhausted.

  33. This Nation has decided to do away with government by money for profit and return to the government our forefathers died for and gave to us--government by men for human welfare and human progress.

  34. But up from the sea the ground rose gradually for a mile, and along this slope that faced the tide, wind and storm had partly cleared the ground, and on the hillsides our forefathers made their homes.

  35. It is rather a humbling confession to make, but our worthy forefathers chiefly prized an education for the fact that it caused the fortunate possessor to be exempt from manual labor.

  36. Of course, the Church is really more necessary there than among the small Communities; still, there is the sentiment, the old association of the old Parish Church and the churchyard in which "the rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep.

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