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Example sentences for "forefather"

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  1. Kusay bin Kilab, governor of Meccah and fifth forefather of the Prophet, built the seventh house, according to Abraham’s plan.

  2. There is no reason why a man should presume upon his long standing as a forefather to become insolent to other forefathers who are far his seniors.

  3. But why should we, here in the West, take readily to all other institutions common to the cultured East and ignore the forefather industry?

  4. At that time our ancestors had but timidly embarked in the forefather business.

  5. Though this reply will not reach you for a long time, perhaps, I desire to express to you my deep appreciation of your kindness, and, though I can hardly be regarded as a forefather myself, I assure you that I sympathize with you.

  6. If a forefather allows his dues to get in arrears, go to him kindly and ask him like a brother to put up.

  7. I forget, Macumazahn, who have had it a great number of years, ever since it descended to me from a forefather of mine, who was fashioned in the same mould as I am.

  8. Look at it well, Rezu, Giant and Wizard, and say whether it is not that which your forefather lost, that which is destined to bring you to your doom?

  9. Shansi, became the forefather of almost all the noble families, including that of the imperial house of the Chou.

  10. The supreme god of the official worship was called Shang Ti; he was a god of vegetation who guided all growth and birth and was later conceived as a forefather of the races of mankind.

  11. As it is written, "I have appointed you to be the forefather of many nations.

  12. Thus in the sight of God in whom he believed, who gives life to the dead and makes reference to things that do not exist, as though they did, Abraham is the forefather of all of us.

  13. Under utterly hopeless circumstances he hopefully believed, so that he might become the forefather of many nations, in agreement with the words "Equally numerous shall your posterity be.

  14. What then shall we say[5] that Abraham, our forefather according to the flesh, hath found?

  15. Or 'of Abraham, our forefather according to the flesh' (margin).

  16. The seventh house was built by Kusay bin Kilab, a forefather of Mohammed, and I have reason to believe that he was the first who filled it with the idols which now disgrace its walls.

  17. He will have you righteous men, after the pattern of your forefather Abraham.

  18. This Laomedon was descended, through Dardanus (the forefather of the Trojan race), from Jupiter and the Pleiad Electra.

  19. It seems idolatry with some excuse, When our forefather druids in their oaks Imagined sanctity.

  20. Be wiser thou--like our forefather Donne, Seek heavenly wealth, and work for God alone.

  21. The Eighth Deep is the Forefather from whom and by whom all forefathers exist.

  22. O Forefather of Light, more excellent than every Forefather, I praise Thee.

  23. The oldest and best of all Sanskrit dramas, Hanuman-Natak, is ascribed to this talented forefather of ours.

  24. No doubt Sir William Jones's soft heart ached, when translating from the Sanskrit such humiliating sentences as the following: "Hanuman is said to be the forefather of the Europeans.

  25. The amateur forefather of 1620 must have felt proud yet anxious about the clam-yield also, as each new mouth opened on the prospect.

  26. The early settlers were so stern even with their own children that if the Indian had not given the forefather something to attract his attention, the boy crop would have been very light.

  27. Then our forefather hoof did its work in the wood, By right of the better in kind.

  28. But I felt no inpulse to sing it--simply a deeper, kindlier sympathy for forefather in the good old days before stoves and furnaces.

  29. In Chikula's yard there is a small roughly cut image, which I believe represents the spirit of a forefather of his.

  30. A group gathered round, and declared that the spirit of Chikula's forefather had taken possession of this man and woman, and was about to speak through them.

  31. I am of a white race, and our forefather was named Adam.

  32. Twixt dawning of day and noon would thy great forefather slay three hundred red-eyed wolves--one hundred shuffling bears!

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