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Example sentences for "abortionists"

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  1. These abortionists include a few unprincipled doctors and chemists, a few women with varying degrees of nursing training, and a number of unskilled people.

  2. The very serious statement has been made that-- "In many cases professional abortionists have the assistance of one particular doctor who attends their patients when medical skill becomes necessary.

  3. I am well aware that criminal abortionists are in the habit of deceiving their patrons by assuring them that there is no danger or bad results to be feared from their criminal operations.

  4. The Council of Lerida, in Catalonia, in the year 524, decreed that abortionists of any kind must do penance all their lives, and if they are clerics they are to be suspended perpetually from all ecclesiastical ministration.

  5. Some moralists hold that those who order abortion are direct abortionists and fall under this excommunication; other moralists oppose this opinion.

  6. Another midwife--one of the class to which the professional abortionists belong--assured us that miscarriage resulted more frequently from distress of mind at the discovery of pregnancy than from the drugs that were taken.

  7. Waterhouse mentions that professional abortionists were sent in the train of every lady who married out of the tribe, with instructions to procure the miscarriage of her mistress.

  8. The number of female abortionists in New York City is a disgrace and a ridicule upon the laws for the prevention of such inhuman proceedings.

  9. The block above the Cathedral is occupied by the Male Orphan Asylum of the same church, next door to which is the mansion of Madame Restelle, one of the most noted abortionists of New York.

  10. According to the evidence given before the Lexow Committee by an expert there were about two hundred abortionists who advertised every day in New York their readiness to kill the unborn child.

  11. There was a regular raid on the abortionists at that time, was there not?

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