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Example sentences for "disfranchise"

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  1. This proposal had Lord Durham's full approval, and he noted the fact that according to his calculation it would disfranchise all boroughs having a population of not more than 1400.

  2. He denounced Russell's proposal to disfranchise the small nomination boroughs, and he used an argument which was employed in the same debate and by much wiser men than he in defence of the pocket boroughs and the whole system of nomination.

  3. He wanted a special commission to disfranchise such persons.

  4. It should be rejected, he said, because it would disfranchise the very best of the respectable whites, the beloved leaders of the people.

  5. Congress had no power to interfere or to disfranchise any man, nor to regulate the suffrage in any way.

  6. Haughey of Scotland wanted to disfranchise all Confederates above the rank of captain, and all who had held any civil office anywhere, or who had voted for secession.

  7. The Republicans declared against a new constitution as meant to destroy the school system, provide imprisonment for debt, abolish exemption from taxation, disfranchise and otherwise degrade the blacks.

  8. Skinner of Franklin wanted to disfranchise enough rebels to hold the balance of power.

  9. It was preposterous to suppose that the sudden illness of a deputy, or the failure of an official to qualify, could disfranchise the voters of a whole county.

  10. The question is, whether you are allowed to disfranchise freemen on account of color,--whether you are allowed to deny freemen rights as citizens.

  11. But now it is proposed to ingraft upon this revered instrument a principle implying that a State may decree that all men are not born equal, and may disfranchise a majority of her citizens and their sons and their sons’ sons forever!

  12. In other words, he was prepared to veto any bill to legalize the collecting of salaries that did not disfranchise the small landholder and restrict the right to sit in the House to the well-to-do.

  13. Hence New York can get no power from that source to disfranchise one entire half of her members.

  14. The proposal, therefore, to disfranchise any class of men is as criminal as the proposal to take away property.

  15. The clauses of the United States Constitution cited by our opponents as giving power to the States to disfranchise any classes of citizens they please, are contained in Sections 2 and 4, Article I.

  16. Miss Anthony wished to know if it would not be a good thing then, to disfranchise the ministers and let them depend entirely on their moral influence.

  17. I admit that, prior to the rebellion, by common consent, the right to enslave, as well as to disfranchise both native and foreign born persons, was conceded to the States.

  18. It will not always be the men combining to disfranchise all women; native born men combining to abridge the rights of all naturalized citizens, as in Rhode Island.

  19. The resolutions scored the bill before Congress proposing to disfranchise all Utah women, both Gentile and Mormon, to punish the crime of polygamy.

  20. Even when fairly administered, this section operated to disfranchise more negroes than whites, for fewer can read and fewer can understand a legal instrument.

  21. The possibility of the negro's holding the balance of power seemed dangerous and ultimately led to attempts to disfranchise him by law, which will be considered in another chapter.

  22. An attempt was made permanently to disfranchise the illiterate negro by the "grandfather clause," while allowing illiterate white voters to vote forever.

  23. As a Senator from North Carolina put it: "The disfranchising amendment would disfranchise ignorant negroes and not disfranchise any white man.

  24. It is manifestly and avowedly the object of these laws to confer upon negroes the privilege of voting and to disfranchise such a number of white citizens as will give the former a clear majority at all elections in the Southern States.

  25. To disfranchise this class and leave the degraded whites in possession of the ballot would, as we see the matter, be a blunder, if not a crime.

  26. Mr. Boyer, a Democratic member from Pennsylvania, declared that the effect of the amendment if adopted would be to disfranchise for a period of four years nine-tenths of the voting population of eleven States.

  27. If the stability of a government depends upon the morality and intelligence of its voting citizens, how long can the foundations of ours remain secure if we continue to enfranchise ignorance and vice and disfranchise intelligence and virtue?

  28. If we must disfranchise somebody, it would better be many of the men than the women.

  29. If the elective franchise is property, if to disfranchise voters without a crime proved, or a compensation given, be robbery, was there ever such an act of robbery as the disfranchising of the Irish forty-shilling freeholders?

  30. You tell the people that it is as unjust to disfranchise a great lord's nomination borough as to confiscate his estate.

  31. But, even if it could be held to recognize a right on the part of the State to disfranchise any one, it would only extend to "males," not to females.

  32. Now, gentlemen, it seems to me if you could disfranchise every foreigner to-day who was not intelligent, or if you could make intelligence the test of voting, you would have ten barns burned where you have one now.

  33. Yet it proposes to disfranchise those women as a punishment for their religious belief; it proposes to make social outcasts of them, as it has already done with the wives of some of its black soldier voters.

  34. It seems, in this point of view, a righteous retribution upon American men, that the disfranchisement of woman has put such a weapon into the hands of those who would disfranchise the negro also.

  35. Could a State disfranchise and deprive of the right to a vote all citizens who have red hair; or all citizens under six feet in height?

  36. The Democrats seeing this, are now determined to again disfranchise the women.

  37. So when gentlemen talk with me, and say we have too many voters already, I reply, do not disfranchise these men, enlighten them, for God has sent them here for a purpose of His own.

  38. As capital has ever ground labor to the dust, is it just and generous to disfranchise the poor and ignorant because they are so?

  39. I admit that prior to the rebellion, by common consent, the right to enslave, as well as to disfranchise both native and foreign born citizens, was conceded to the States.

  40. The clauses of the United States Constitution, cited by our opponents as giving power to the States to disfranchise any classes of citizens they shall please, are contained in sections 2d and 4th of article 1st.

  41. Scarcely a session of Congress but some politician introduces a bill to disfranchise the women of these Territories.

  42. Amendment that shall prohibit any State to disfranchise any of its citizens on account of sex.

  43. Assuming that a State may regulate the elections without the intervention of Congress, it is insisted that it may disfranchise a race.

  44. In the convention were proposed the most stringent of all suffrage laws which would practically disfranchise many whites.

  45. He cannot then disfranchise any portion of the electoral people of a State that seceded, even though there is no doubt that they have taken part in the rebellion, and may still be suspected of disloyal sentiments.

  46. If it is possible for a minority of the people of Alabama to disfranchise one class of citizens on account of race without the consent of the majority, what is to prevent the disfranchisement of any other class on account of political views?

  47. How to disfranchise the Negro by an educational test without at the same time disfranchising a very large number of white men, was at first a problem that presented many difficulties to the framers of the Mississippi document.

  48. Although they had assembled for no other purpose than to disfranchise the Negro, yet out of fear of the Fifteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution, they failed to do all they purposed.

  49. But still this is no reason to disfranchise them.

  50. There are millions of workingmen, too, who vote for candidates of bourgeois and religious parties against their own class interest and thereby prove their political ignorance, yet no one would propose to disfranchise them for this reason.

  51. If another complained of their venality, we replied, "Disfranchise them or put them in jail.

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