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Example sentences for "drawl"

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drawin; drawing; drawinge; drawingroom; drawings; drawled; drawling; drawls; drawly; drawn
  1. In March of this year his mesmerizing Southern drawl took over the 4 to 7 p.

  2. His nasal drawl had come back, and now seemed to be the cue for all the others to affect laughter.

  3. Moreover, the stranger spoke with a nasal drawl never heard off the stage.

  4. To Shelton, bending above those sketches, that drawl of the well-bred maiden aunt intoning the well-bred paper was the most pleasant sound that he had ever listened to.

  5. He curled his thin lips, and spoke again with a faint drawl in his tone, whilst Cestus, above at his post, ground his teeth in suppressed rage.

  6. The languid gaze, and the lifeless drawl of her salutation, were even more devoid of the sense of politeness; but he, nevertheless, drew nearer to her.

  7. That slow drawl of hers has entirely gone.

  8. A moment afterward she went on, with renewed vehemence, all her native drawl flurriedly quickened by excitement.

  9. He imitated the soft drawl of Dan with his last words and raised another yell of delight from the crowd.

  10. His voice had changed--not greatly, for its pitch was the same and the drawl was the same--but there was a purr in it that made every man stiffen in his chair and make sure that his right hand was free.

  11. I am so jaded with my dirty long journey that I was afraid to drawl into the essence of dulness with anything larger than a quarto, and so I must leave out another rhyme of this morning's manufacture.

  12. I once said to a lady, "Why do you drawl out your words in that way?

  13. I'm stiff, Whistler," said one of them in the broad drawl of the city gamin.

  14. She was prepared for the drawl with which he addressed her, and even guessed at what his first words would be.

  15. Then in his quaint slow drawl my husband obtained leave to address the magistrate.

  16. But if you were separated you'd get to know the girls so much better," Miss Hull's soft Southern drawl protested.

  17. A 'knut' is a fellow with a drawl and an eyeglass," said someone.

  18. And the drawl seemed to catch horribly in his throat.

  19. The President's voice was a dull, meaningless drawl to me.

  20. The drawl had been the reading of the cahier; now they were voting on it.

  21. It was the voice of Hayhurst, no longer high-pitched in the affected drawl that was assumed and discarded with the wonderful golden wig, but the sharp clear tones of the young engineer as he had heard them in Cape Town.

  22. And Denzil in a sleepy drawl replied: "Don't believe in luck.

  23. When sober," suggested the younger speaker, in that melodious Southern drawl so effective in dry satire; but the older voice did not laugh.

  24. Boston had not removed that odd, winning drawl so common in the South, and which a Southerner learns to miss so in the East.

  25. He sat down and built a cigarette, and when it was lighted began to drawl between puffs.

  26. I am sick of blind leaders of the blind, of respectable preachers to the respectable, who drawl out second-hand trivialities, which they neither practise nor wish to see practised.

  27. But the drawl of the light voice with its rising inflection became distinctly a whine.

  28. The drawl of the light voice with its rising inflection was so engaging, no one called it nasal.

  29. The drawl of the light voice with its rising inflection was only gently plaintive.

  30. The voice seemed to die away into a drawl as weariness overcame me.

  31. Captain Wheeler, who spoke in the affected drawl of our public schools and universities.

  32. Agatha was amused by the long, sweet-sounding drawl of the last monosyllable, which seemed formed out of all the five vowels rolled into one.

  33. Her imagination committed itself to the words, musical drawl and all; but negatived this sort of thing in her own case.

  34. Then the two go out of hearing; but the drawl is there, in the distance still.

  35. Inspector Herrion entered, immaculately clad, as usual, but without the drawl in his speech which he used principally at society functions, and when he felt it would serve him in his work.

  36. Slowly, and with the aggravated drawl of the period, he said: "By what right do you make that request?

  37. The apparent young sprig of aristocracy, with the deliciously insipid drawl and the grotesque monocle, was none other than Herrion, the one man of all others whom Doctor Malsano dreaded.

  38. A husky softness succeeded the usual penetrating drawl in his tones.

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