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Example sentences for "drawled"

Lexicographically close words:
drawing; drawinge; drawingroom; drawings; drawl; drawling; drawls; drawly; drawn; drawne
  1. I drawled as unconcernedly as I could, stretching myself at the same time, `That's a pretty question to ask me.

  2. I reckon I'll just mosey over to the desert," drawled the fidgety man.

  3. First thing my mother always done for us was to make us a bib," drawled one fidgety fellow, tentatively.

  4. And his answer defensively drawled out: "Halo!

  5. Ah done reckon dat am a fac', for shuah," drawled Rand in the negro dialect, of which he was master.

  6. I don't know," drawled Rand, "except he was just born that way.

  7. I'd like to know what you are now," drawled Hortense, trying to draw attention from her cousin, who was becoming altogether too popular.

  8. But it served its purpose all right," drawled Southbourne, strolling forward.

  9. Waal, I'd never hev been hankerin' fur sech,' drawled the moralist.

  10. Percisely so,' drawled the blacksmith, with a sub-current of elation in his tone.

  11. That sounds so simple," drawled Roger, "it might be tough.

  12. I was a gunner on a deep spacer," he drawled confidently.

  13. And of all charms," drawled Lieutenant the Honorable Blank, "we know that golden ones are the most to your taste, Cavendish.

  14. I didn't mean to come down so fast as that," drawled Jack, rubbing his back.

  15. You'll be in it here directly, same as I was," drawled Jack.

  16. I could noose him," drawled Jack Penny coolly.

  17. He won't stop till he gets back to the village," drawled Jack.

  18. Let me see," drawled Jack Penny; "what did I do next?

  19. I'm glad to feel you," drawled a well-known voice.

  20. Well, I hadn't time to measure him," drawled Jack.

  21. I say," drawled Jack Penny, "mind what you're after.

  22. Ye-as; especially when a big grizzly shows hisself," drawled Watson, and there the conversation dropped.

  23. Ye-as, I'm Ike Watson," drawled the old hunter.

  24. The gol durned breeze snatched it often my haid, and lit out with it for foreign parts," he drawled sadly as he smoothed down his wildly blown locks.

  25. Well," drawled Silver, who was hovering near, dressed so carefully that he looked more of a foxy, neat bounder than ever.

  26. Well," drawled Miss Greeby with a pensive look on her masculine features, "he looked at Agnes when he spoke.

  27. Oh, I guess I could put you up," drawled the man.

  28. Blue drawled these last words, as if he enjoyed remembrance of his keen reasoning.

  29. Wal, I reckon only aboot five hundred good hoss steps are separatin' us from that outfit," drawled Blaisdell.

  30. Shore," drawled this gaunt-faced Texan, "old Gass lives aboot a mile down heah.

  31. Gall dinged if yeou don’t seem to know jest haow to do these things, Texas,” drawled Crane.

  32. No, I wasn't much scared," drawled Stubbs, contorting his features drolly.

  33. I asked the alcalde where they had cleared to; but the old chap only shook his head, and drawled out his eternal `Quien sabe?

  34. Ya-as," drawled Deppy, with a look which was meant to convey the impression that he did not know who the deuce he was addressing.

  35. Yes, they say he really wrote it himself," drawled Baggs, puffing away.

  36. Spooney, I should say," drawled out the hussar, caressing his moustache.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "drawled" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.