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  1. Diuretics are often not satisfactory in cardiac insufficiency.

  2. Diuretics often do not act well when most needed.

  3. One or more of the vegetable, nonirritant diuretics may be tried if preferred.

  4. Dear SIR, The following cases are selected from many others in which I have given the Digitalis purpurea; and from repeated experience of its efficacy after other diuretics have failed.

  5. Other diuretics were tried to as little purpose.

  6. Alkaline salts, and other diuretics failing of their effects, I ordered him to take an infus.

  7. If the asthma be of the kind mentioned at (§§ 9 and 11,) diuretics can only remove the accompanying anasarca.

  8. Other diuretics failing, on the 12th of April I was induced to give her the Digitalis in small doses.

  9. Mercurial medicines, diuretics of different kinds, and bitters, had been trying for the last three months, but with little advantage.

  10. Purges and diuretics of different kinds affording him no relief, my assistance was desired.

  11. He had taken the more usual diuretics before I saw him.

  12. That various diuretics had long been given in many of these cases before I was consulted.

  13. After a month's trial of cordials and diuretics of different kinds, the surgeon who had scarified her legs apprehended they would mortify; she had very great pain in them, they were very red and black by places, and extremely tense.

  14. The Digitalis, and that failing, other diuretics were used, in hopes of gaining some relief from the distress occasioned by the dropsical symptoms; but none of them were effectual.

  15. Having tried the usual diuretics to no purpose, I directed a scruple of Fol.

  16. In every other situation the disease yields to diuretics and tonics.

  17. Diuretics of every kind I could think of were used with very little or no advantage.

  18. Diuretics are medicines which promote an increased secretion of urine.

  19. Strong purgatives and diuretics are to be especially avoided, unless it is in the very last days of gestation in very plethoric cows.

  20. Powerful purgatives or diuretics should never be administered to the pregnant cow.

  21. Among the causes of spasm of the neck of the bladder may be named the lodgment of small stones or gravel, the feeding on irritant diuretics (see "Bloody urine," p.

  22. To promote the absorption of the accumulated fluids, diuretics are commonly resorted to.

  23. All the above are used as diuretics in dropsy.

  24. The above are used as diuretics in dropsy; the last, also in scurvy, and in the incontinence of urine of children.

  25. The copious use of diluents is recommended in all acute inflammatory diseases not of a congestive character, and to promote the action of diuretics and sudorifics.

  26. If there be any feverish symptoms, saline diuretics should be administered; and as a lowering treatment is objectionable, tonics and stimulants should be had recourse to at an early stage of the disease.

  27. Though all true Diuretics pass into the urine, the converse of this, i.

  28. But as Diuretics are generally given, as in dropsies, for the purpose of eliminating fluid out of the system, this object would be clearly defeated by the introduction of a large quantity of water into the system.

  29. Diuretics may be somewhat loosely arranged in four groups:--1.

  30. As evacuants, Cathartics are employed in diseases of the brain especially; and Diuretics are made use of in dropsies to diminish the amount of fluid in the blood, and in this way to promote absorption.

  31. Diuretics in general are useful in all cases of urinary deposit, for they increase the quantity of the fluid part of the urine.

  32. It can hardly be said that Diuretics are of very extensive application in the treatment of disease, or that they are medicines which can ever be much relied upon.

  33. Diuretics are soluble in water, and they pass through into a watery fluid.

  34. Water is the best medicine for this purpose, and all Diuretics that are given with such an object should be freely diluted with water.

  35. This probably is the rational explanation of the use of Diaphoretics and Diuretics in Fevers, Gout, and Rheumatism, and of purgative medicines in a great number of disorders.

  36. A large number of Diuretics are themselves secreted by the kidneys, and have been proved to pass out into the urine.

  37. The acrid Diuretics are perhaps the most powerful medicines in the order.

  38. We refer to diuretics and hydragogue cathartics.

  39. When it becomes necessary to check the diarrhoea because excessive or on account of failing strength, diuretics subsequently prove serviceable.

  40. Cathartics and diuretics are alike useless, and the former injurious.

  41. If the condition of the patient's stomach is such as to permit this practice, copious diluent drinks and diuretics should be given.

  42. Diuretics which do not stimulate the kidneys are proper at an early as well as late period of the renal malady, and digitalis is the one usually prescribed.

  43. Diuretics are indicated for the same reason as cathartics, and any of the more active are productive of good results.

  44. In the renal form dry, and in some cases cut, cups should be applied externally and saline diuretics given internally.

  45. If there is at the same time suppression or diminution of urine, diuretics should be administered in the hope of stimulating the kidneys to increased secretion.

  46. If employed when the surface is cool, they act rather as diuretics than diaphoretics.

  47. The urine should also be examined, and if the quantity be insufficient diuretics should be given.

  48. The purpose of the test is to find out to what extent and in what manner the diseased kidney under stimulation by the various diuretics taken in the food reacts in putting out the varying amounts of salt.

  49. Amongst the diuretics in ascites, Wilks places the resin of copaiba first.

  50. Where it is desired to introduce these salts into the circulation for their solvent action, as diuretics or to assist the process of sanguification, they should be given three or four hours after meals and largely diluted with water.

  51. The saline diuretics and digitalis are most in favor with some.

  52. The form of ascites that most resists diuretics is that which originates in cirrhosis.

  53. If under these circumstances the abdominal effusion increases, the remedies must consist of diuretics and diaphoretics rather than purgatives.

  54. Careful alimentation, saline laxatives, and diuretics are the most efficient measures.

  55. The elimination of the urates is accomplished chiefly {134} by diuretics and moderate catharsis.

  56. It has often been observed in dropsies of all kinds that diuretics act better after a little mercurial action is set up in the system.

  57. Such a case was brought to me two or three months ago, and after four weeks of treatment by tonics and diuretics the health was re-established.

  58. Such arguments as that “laxatives, tonics, carminatives, diuretics are combined with distinct advantage” have led to the use of irrational mixtures such as the compound syrup of hypophosphites and the electuary of theriaca.

  59. The diuretics may need to be continued for some time and their frequency increased.

  60. If the constitutional symptoms demand it, diuretics should be given.

  61. Laxatives, diaphoretics, and diuretics must be used to stimulate the emunctories so that they may carry off the large amount of the products of decomposition which result from the stagnated effusions of anasarca.

  62. Diuretics operate through the kidneys in the same way.

  63. Then, if the liquid is not reabsorbed under diuretics and tonics, it may be drawn off through the nozzle of a hypodermic syringe which has been first passed through carbolic acid.

  64. As in the former case, diuretics and laxatives were employed.

  65. By means of diuretics and laxatives the kidneys and bowels were encouraged to eliminate as much of the poison as possible.

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