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  1. Contrary to all the pages hitherto discussed, it may be that these glyphs are to be read from right to left.

  2. Mr. Gates has materially advanced this study by his reproduction of the glyphs in type.

  3. Many of the glyphs are the same as those on pages 2 to 11, reversed right for left.

  4. Down to the very end of the various revisions I found myself able to add glyphs which at first seemed hopeless, and yet when once seen became clear and plain.

  5. With the exceptions noted, none of the above glyphs occur at all on the reverse side of the MS.

  6. The glyphs must be determined, compared and classified, and what I have called the “syntax” of their composition, studied.

  7. His concluding paragraph forcibly presents the hope that the understanding of the Maya glyphs will furnish new and important data in the life history of man.

  8. Oc-glyphs with subfix, and with prefixes.

  9. The various Tun-glyphs occur 45 times, on the two sides.

  10. These glyphs are all necessitated by their different series, and hence can cause no confusions; while it seemed advantageous to have them before the eye.

  11. The glyphs restored on the upper part of page 7 would seem hopeless at first sight; but they are well-known and common forms, and the characteristic traces shown on the photographs belong to these and to no others known.

  12. Whether these are in fact men glyphs is a question not yet determined.

  13. Copies of glyphs from the codices 242 LXVII.

  14. The two glyphs on the mat figure are unquestionably imix symbols, though of the two different types shown in plate LXIV, 1 and 5.

  15. Copies of glyphs from the codices 226 LXVI.

  16. These two glyphs are, in fact, combined to form the symbol for the month Kayab.

  17. The third section consists of three rows of day glyphs with red numbers attached to them.

  18. He advances theories, based on the positions of the pictures in the series, to show that the series also referred to the siderial periods of Saturn and Jupiter, and discusses the meaning of the glyphs found on these pages.

  19. In the pages under discussion these day names appear as glyphs preceded by the necessary number.

  20. The interval between the glyphs in successive rows can, of course, be mathematically obtained.

  21. There are other obliterated glyphs in these pages of the manuscript, but few in which the surface, although unbroken, still contains a faint, almost continuous outline of a glyph.

  22. One of these, 12 Lamat, is the zero day of the day series, but is associated with the middle line of day glyphs and not the upper line, as might be expected.

  23. I shall discuss these glyphs in this place, although each group seems to relate not merely to the top picture, but to the whole page.

  24. On each page these signs consist of but one line containing 5, 6, 3 and 3 glyphs respectively.

  25. Fragments of two other series of picture-glyphs are to be found at Copan amongst the disjointed remains of the Hieroglyphic Stairway.

  26. Between the glyphs of the carved inscriptions and the codices it may be stated roughly that there is not more difference than might naturally be looked for between a carved and written script.

  27. On the next page is given a drawing of the carved panel from the Temple of the Foliated Cross, in which the beautifully-cut glyphs of the inscription are only lightly sketched, so as to give prominence to the central design.

  28. The five following glyphs are not yet satisfactorily deciphered, and it is not until the 12th glyph that the month sign is arrived at.

  29. The glyphs are read downwards in double columns from left to right.

  30. In the illustrations of this history, will be figured the original glyphs or symbols, and the original songs, with a literal translation, word for word.

  31. Knowing then that the Mayan year consisted of eighteen 20-day months, the glyphs to represent these days and months have been looked for, and it is believed they have been found.

  32. They have detected similarities in glyphs which no other person can detect.

  33. In this manuscript was included an alphabet of the Mayan glyphs with their equivalents in Spanish.

  34. In most cases the Mexican writings are pictographic rather than hieroglyphic, though Mayan glyphs do occur.

  35. They are always found on the "initial" or cycle glyphs at Copan, Quirigua, and Palenque.

  36. Their astronomers studied the course of the Milky Way and the sun was figured in the glyphs in various forms.

  37. There is no doubt that these three glyphs are variations of B 3; but V 12 is an entirely new character bearing not the slightest resemblance except in Professor Forstemann's own imagination.

  38. He believes that he found traces of glyphs on the facings of the steps; and the edges of many of the stairways were elaborately carved, usually with entwining snakes.

  39. Are they simply all calendar signs interlaced with a few other glyphs appertaining to deities; or are they records of Mayan history?

  40. We do not believe it, we never shall be able to believe it; and in the chapter on the glyphs we shall attempt to show that the Professor has been run away with by his own theories.

  41. For the moment this "find" was regarded as a Central American "Rosetta Stone," and every one believed the glyphs would offer no further difficulties.

  42. Mr. Maudslay, his numeration of the glyphs has been followed.

  43. Glyphs representing Initial Series, showing use of bar and dot numerals and head-variant period glyphs 167 8.

  44. Some errors in the inscriptions, however, can not be detected by inspection, and develop only after the calculations indicated have been performed, and the results are found to disagree with the glyphs recorded.

  45. It signified time in general, while the succeeding 7 glyphs denoted what particular day of time was designated in the inscription.

  46. The uinal and kin glyphs have been crowded together into one glyph-block, B4, the uinal appearing in B4a and the kin in B4b.

  47. In reading glyphs in a horizontal band, the order is from left to right in pairs.

  48. The groups of four or six glyphs above each of the pictures.

  49. The date found on Stela 9 of Copan, which is the earliest date of these stelae of that place, in which the numbers preceding the period glyphs are given by the line-and-dot method, is 54.

  50. The uppermost and narrowest zone contains, between a broad red band above and two narrow black bands below, a row of 10 glyphs surrounding the edge of the vase.

  51. Both animals and glyphs are very carefully executed in red, black, and brown, on a yellow background.

  52. Inscribed on the forehead in shallow lines are the glyphs shown in figure 35, somewhat enlarged from the actual size.

  53. Some of the glyphs in the codices for the month Kankin show the same element (text figs.

  54. The identifications of the head-forming glyphs in the Nuttall and the Aubin manuscripts are certainly correct as the Nahua day sign (Oçomatli) means ape.

  55. One of the eighteen Maya months is named Muan, and some of the glyphs appearing for this month in the codices certainly represent the Moan or screech owl.

  56. There are two interesting glyphs which occur on the eastern façade of the Monjas at Chichen Itza.

  57. Under each pair of red and black numbers there is usually a human form and over each pair a group of four glyphs belonging to the figure below.

  58. This stone monument is remarkable from the fact that the glyphs are all more or less realistic representations of human and animal forms.

  59. There are other glyphs which seem to show the black vulture, although it is quite possible that no sharp distinction was made between the two in regard to the glyphs at least.

  60. The glyphs associated with the dog are interesting as we have, as in the case with the deer, one showing a realistic drawing of a dog's head in Tro-Cortesianus 91d (Pl.

  61. In many instances the common offerings shown by glyphs are found associated with the signs for the four cardinal points but there does not seem to be any strict uniformity as to the special offering associated with each direction.

  62. Another point in this connection may be made if we consider the head of the centipede in the head-dress and in the glyphs as representing the day sign Akbal (Pl.

  63. The bat does not seem to occur in the Maya manuscripts as a god, although there are glyphs which seem to refer to this god (Dresden 17b), as pointed out by Seler, when there is no other representation of this deity.

  64. There are several glyphs representing the Moan bird or screech owl; the first type is easily identifiable, as the head of the bird is clearly pictured (Pl.

  65. The form of the number glyph cannot fail to recall that of the similar glyphs in the Dresden Codex.

  66. This, I think, is clear, although the Xul glyph is not exactly like the other glyphs of this month.

  67. In the majority of foregoing cases the glyphs are single and comparatively simple.

  68. On the east side of Stela P, it is succeeded by 22 glyphs and a carved design which seems to indicate the beginning or end of the count.

  69. Four stars and also four star-groups or planets which seem to have been associated with the cardinal points and are indicated by four discs exhibiting two concentric circles and four glyphs placed around them.

  70. The eight glyphs associated with this added to the twelve glyph-figures, complete the numeric organization into twenty.

  71. As Landa tells us that they erected stelae to commemorate the 20-year period, the inference to which the Copan Stela F leads us is that it is a katun and that the twenty glyphs carved on it are year-signs.

  72. On each side of the great Stela F is carved the initial followed by 6x6=36 glyphs, which fact seems to indicate that six glyphs pertained to each of the six regions and recorded facts relating thereunto.

  73. On this we again find columns of glyphs and a personage at each side of a central figure.

  74. Examination, however, shows that, whereas the Maya Calendar had but four year-signs which would naturally be bound to repeat themselves in each group of four years, no two glyphs on the Stela F are alike.

  75. Behind each figure are rows of glyphs and in the upper corner to the left of the spectator is the septenary series headed by the initial-sign.

  76. It looks very much as though the glyphs on which the chieftains on Altar K are seated also express tribal names.

  77. The space was vast, with carved and colored glyphs all around the walls, while the air was filled with clouds of incense from pots along the floor.

  78. I felt along the side, wondering how to open it, till I noticed that one of the little "stone" glyphs gave way when I pressed it.

  79. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "glyphs" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.